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She only wanted people to love and acknowledge her, was it too much to ask for?

Romance / Drama
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Two words, One finger, Bitch it’s simple

"Get up fat ass!! you will be late for school" I heard my little sibling yelling her lungs out. I could see the sun rays entering my room, another beautiful daylight light.

Getting away from my love,' my bed' I took a few steps towards the bathroom, ugh I am tired. I groaned and looked at my reflection in the mirror and a sigh of frustrated left my body

I may have beautiful green eyes and spotless skin, but there is only one problem-"why am I so fat?". I kept my eyes on my thighs and then the extra fat I have in my arms which make them jingle with my every movement. I tried every possible diet, exercise, the gym I could, but no change, I guess this curse would never go. I glanced at my extra-large body and went to take a bath.

I quickly changed into a red sweatshirt which says 'TWO WORDS. ONE FINGER. BITCH IT'S SIMPLE' and normal denim. which took me a while to put on because it's difficult for a person like me to hook up the buttons of my pants!

Without sparing a glance at my breakfast. I walked towards my car. "YEAH. IT'S TIME TO ATTEND HELL''.

I reached my school after a 10 mins ride making my way towards the parking lot. "So. where should I park my baby?".. not that I was given an option.. if you get a space then it's your lucky day!

At last, after a long 15 seconds of searching, I found a spot. I quickly drove towards it but I guess just like every day I will still be miserable as fuck .

The school's queen /my ex-best friend/the ultimate bitch pushed her car at the spot I was supposed to use. I stood there dumbly looking at her and the rest of them. their gorgeous body, perfect jaw-line, skinny long legs makes them look so "BEAUTIFUL" . I admired them for far. not long enough they caught me staring at them and got down off their very expensive Bugatti.

"Oh look who we have here" Audrey Hunter, the leader, the Goddess .etc.. guys gave her many names.. so you can call her anything except 'Rey'.. which I used to call her when she practically held every piece of my heart.she said while fake gasping while looking at me . scanning me from head to toe.

"El the Elephant or should I say 'EXTRA LARGE'. how are you doing? Still following the diet plans Aud gave you ?" Clair Cooper the head in charge after Audrey said.

I am in no mood to face them today. I started my engine again.. but soon the roar of the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita was heard.

Well it was like when the king used to arrive the trumpets were blown.. yes! it's the roar of the most expensive car in the world.

I sighed . another group of people who screamed 'PERFECTION' arrived.

I quickly picked up the pace of my car and went away from the scene. I feel so stupid with my existence.. It makes me angry.. like "why me?.. Why me? .. why do I have to be soo fat, ugly that I got no friends, no siblings to share my feelings of being 'EXTRA LARGE'. WHY ME LORD WHY ME?" I sobbed while heading on the steering wheel of my car.

"Hey, kid. there is an empty spot there.. just go park your car.. or you'll be late" the old man said and walked away. I pulled my head up.. wiping my tears with the sleeve of my hood and parked my car.

The corridors were busy as usual.I was walking towards my locker when "Hey Extra Large. I see you got your jingles before Christmas" . said some random kid. I bit my lower lip looking at my jingling thighs as I made my way towards the locker.

The moment I opened my locker a pool of chips and sweets fell from it. everyone in the corridor just gasped at the amount of food that was lying on the floor.

Suddenly people started taking pictures of the scene and posting them online. I didn't like wasting food.. so I started picking up every packet of food from the floor. not that I eat all this. I just know who did it.. everyone does. but who will stand with the ugly when they already have a Goddess walking around the school.

"Hey Eva have you ever been to a pig farm?". I heard Audrey ask Eva one of the members of her soo called beautiful group. she replied no.

I knew where this conversation was leading. "So see it now itself. Do you think our extra-large Eleanor is any less than a fucking pig. please don't think that way or else our little extra-large will get offended. Am I right El?".

My blood was boiling from all the insults she was throwing at me.But she was right anyways. I am fat. and no one in the world can change that.

I decided to ignore her presence. and quickly shoved all the food in my locker .. everyone was still standing there and Audrey kept her mouth on blabbing some more insults at me . I had enough

I didn't dare to look at their faces and walked away from there. I wish I could just run away from everyone. just me alone. breathing the air without someone judging me on my outer looks.

"Hey El the Ele-" before Audrey could continue . I bumped into a really hard chest. I know this cologne. I lifted my head just to meet the eyes of Zachary Kingston. his dark blue eyes are just boring into my green ones. I realised the whole corridor had gone silent.

I momentarily stopped breathing as my hands were on his chest. And his eyes scanning my face.

"Hey Zachy". Audrey screamed in her high pitched voice. It's her "boyfriend" I bumped into.

"Get away from my boyfriend, your fat ass".She yelled at my face while pulling me away from him.

Zach blinked twice before turning his attention to her.

"Common guys the show is over" yelled one of Zach's friends and I assume his name is Aiden .

I shook my head moving away from them. But someone held my elbow making me stop in my tracks .

I met my gaze with Levi "You got a cool sweatshirt there Geller". He said smirking while looking at the words on it. Practically staring at my chest.

I pulled my hand from his touch harshly and walked to my class.

The classes were okay except for the fact that except for Zachary and two of his other friends, no one attends the class. This means at least peace for me.

Thinking about my encounter with the 'most handsome boy walking on earth' I kind of was behind the notes the teacher in front of me was giving.

"Stop thinking about him El. He will never like you" I reminded myself. About my obesity.!

Currently, I am in my school library catching up with notes I missed.

Suddenly my mind drifted to my life. I have no one that will understand my pain. I sighed looking at my notebook.

"Will you understand if I tell you my feelings ?" I chuckled. And started writing about the things I feel lately on the last page of my book.


Dear Anonymous,

You know I have always suffered from ugliness. Never in my life, I thought someone called me "Beautiful". It's a very deep word for me. I have always been called ugly, pig, stupid, etc..etc. But never beautiful! My mom thinks I am a disgrace to her family because she has won several beauty pageants. And her daughter *scoff. My mom hates me. At least she still has hopes for my little sister. I try hard to do things other girls do. But I can't. It's like a curse on me. I wish one day. Just for one day, I can experience what it is like to be called beautiful. Getting compliments. But that will happen when the sun rises from the east! .

That's it I guess for today. See ya soon!


I kept staring at that page. Maybe it's a stupid idea to share my feelings in a book. I placed the book on the chair beside me.

*Ring Ring.

"Hey mom.. Right now. No- .. I mean.- okay I'll be there". I rushed out, placing my things in my bag and headed home.

*Anonymous' pov

I headed towards the library. The moment I sat on one of the chairs, I felt something beneath me.

I got up to see a notebook. "Who left their notebook here?" I looked around to see. But the whole library was empty.

Maybe there is a name inside. I looked through the pages.. but it had notes of the AP class we had today. But the moment I came across the last page.

"Dear Anonymous," it said.
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