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Stealing Her Love

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Finn can’t stop thinking about his best friend’s wife, Hannah. When she comes onto him, he doesn’t have the will to deny her even when his best friend’s in the same room. His most sinful fantasy becomes a reality, and it’s more than he ever dreamed. But when he admits he wants more than a brief one-night stand, Hannah reveals she’s just having fun. Finn doesn’t mind. He’ll steal her love ‘one-night-stand’ at a time.

Romance / Erotica
M.C. Rivera
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The wife

Short sexy novella that starts off the series of Finn and Hannah. Thank you for joining me. Please follow for updates and check out my array of books on my page.

A question Finn never thought he’d ask himself: How to bang his buddy’s wife? He was nearly thirty and never thought this question would come about. Finn liked to believe he was a semi-decent person. He gave the common twenty cents to round to the nearest dollar charity. He wore his mask in public despite thinking it didn’t matter. And he supported gay rights and BLM despite being straight and white.

But yet, here he was possibly trying to seduce his best friend’s girl.

The worst part about it was his best friend, Luis, was a great guy. Perhaps it was why he got so lucky with a woman like Hannah.

Hannah was a thirty-five-year-old financial advisor for Bank of America. She wore these skirts that shaped her round ass. Black stockings that outlined her thick calves. Blouses that exposed just the tops of her plump breasts. And the heels, the fucking heels that tapped against the tile, forcing everyone to turn and stare at her when she walked.

Finn always admired her beauty. He pathetically hoped they’d break up, silently, of course. Now, five years later, watching them get engaged, then married, buy a house together, he faced the fact that it was a lost cause.

Until last week.

They were sitting outside by the fire pit, drinking beer, talking shit like they usually do. Hannah always hung around because she was cool like that. One of the guys. He caught her eye several times simply because he couldn’t stop staring at her. Maybe she caught on. Perhaps she was trying to meet his eye too. Anytime she spoke to him, it felt like she was flirting.

The first few times, he convinced himself it was hopeful thinking.

By the end of the night, everyone was a little drunk. Luis and the rest were inside playing Nintendo Switch while he stayed out by the fire with her. They were talking about their childhood.

“I was a fucking nerd.” He admitted. “Dragon Ball Z. Naruto. Used to collect the shit.”

“I was too!” Hannah squealed, laughing, hiding her face. “But I wasn’t a nerd. I was awesome.”

“You’re still awesome.” The compliment slipped out but she didn’t get awkward.

“I know.” She grinned, standing, stretching. She wore tummy shirts, exposing her flat stomach. When she walked by him, he subtly admired her ass from afar. Her short shorts rode up her buttcheeks. He imaged what it would be like to smack it. Hannah slightly turned, looking down at him, “And I had a thing for nerds.” She winked, stepping by him.

Finn sat out there for an hour, trying to decide if she was insinuating something or just making conversation.

Now a week later, he was positive she wanted him too. Next time, no matter if it cost him everything, he was going to find out.


On Saturday, he called Luis to find out what was going on for the weekend and like Finn knew he would, Luis invited him over. Luis and Hannah had a nice big house with a pool. Compared to his small ass apartment, it was a freaking mansion. He had money in the bank to afford his own estate but with no one to share it with, seemed like a waste of money. He was sure Luis and Hannah felt bad for him being unable to find a woman to share his life with. But, they were always glad to have him over.

Guilt was a motherfucker.

But it didn’t stop him from throwing on his swimming shorts and rushing over.

It’s not like he hadn’t met some nice girls over the years. And some naughty ones too. There were some that lasted more than a week and others that couldn’t last a night. In college being dominately aggressive in bed wasn’t a bad thing but with older women, they want romance, loving touches, and sensual shit. Maybe with a wife, he’d have no problem rubbing feet and watching rom-coms. But meeting up at a bar and coming home with random man, they should be ready for up-against-the-wall, hand-cuffs, and hours of fucking.

Luis and Hannah were already sitting by the pool when he got there. Finn dropped his keys on the patio table, took a beer out of the cooler, and walked up between their lounge chairs. He smacked hands with Luis, fist-bumped Hannah, “No party tonight?” He kept his eyes on Luis, despite the desire to peek at all of Hannah’s goodies. She wore a hot pink two-piece that screamed for attention.

“No. I’m getting a beer gut.”

“Work out with me.” Finn lifted up his tank, exposing his abs, “I’ll get you looking like that.”

Hannah whistled, “Yes, please.”

Finn proudly took off his shirt to expose all his muscles. Hannah didn’t hide her appreciation, her eyes looking him over with an approving smile.

“Skinny ass.” Luis snorted, “Don’t you eat?”

“Seventeen hundred calories. No drive-thru.”

Hannah pointed at Finn, “That’s what I’ve been telling you.”

“I already got you to marry me. What do I need to look good for?” He stood and took off his shirt. A chubby gut but not entirely out of shape. Luis stood beside Finn, “Who’s the better-looking one?”

Hannah cackled, grabbing the suntan lotion and tossing it at him, “Shut up and put sunscreen on me.”

Luis sat beside her, kissing her.

Finn took a seat in the vacant lounge chair, staring at the pool, envious of lips he may never get to touch.

“I’m sexier, right?” Luis murmured into her skin, nibbling at her neck.

“Of course, baby.”

Luis’s cell phone rang, and he broke away quickly, “I got to take this, I’ll be back.”

Finn watched Luis dodge into the house. He glanced at Hannah, who stared after him. Luis was an architect, and it took up a chunk of his time. But he felt the emptiness Luis left behind. Finn kept quiet, unsure what to say.

Until there was a tap on his arm.

Hannah held out the lotion. “Can you do my back?”

He stuttered as he reached for it but eventually got out a squealed, “Sure.”

Hannah rolled on her back, and his eyes went right to her ass. The bathing suit barely covered a third of her ass cheeks. She did squats; there was no question. Her butt was sculptured like a marble statue—Round, firm, and perfect for a beautiful sounding slap.

This was his chance. Handed to him on a fucking silver platter. He was taking in. The pounding of his heart wouldn’t stop him. His adrenaline spiked, his palms were sweating, his fingers were shaking.

He stood over her with the lotion in his hands. He imagined what it would feel like to jerk off on her ass. His cock was getting harder with each passing second. Finn looked toward the house, searching for Luis. The dumb fuck didn’t know what he was doing, leaving his gorgeous wife alone with him.

Finn sat beside her, squirting the lotion into his hands. He rubbed them slowly, trying to calm down. He felt like a fucking virgin, full of excitement and hesitation. In all honesty, this was new to him. He’s never tried to seduce a woman before, especially one already taken. Women at bars are ready to fuck. They don’t take much work. But Hannah was worth so much effort.

“I’m back!” Luis announced happily, bouncing down the stairs. “No more phone calls, I promise.” He smiled at Finn, “She tried to recruit you, huh? I got it.”

Finn stood, smoothly rubbing the lotion on his arms, “She’s all yours.” He sat down, cursing, chugging the can of beer till it was empty and crunched in his fist.

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