Stealing Her Love

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Under the Covers

Chapter 2

It was a missed opportunity, and for hours afterward, it felt like Finn would never get his chance again. There were brief moments where he felt Hannah looking at him. A glint in her eye that could be desire or just the light from the fire. Being around her was naturally fun. He loved making her laugh. Most of his jokes were for her benefit. But it was stupid to pursue her. She loved Luis. She may find him attractive, but it didn’t mean she was willing to risk her marriage. Despite wanting to fuck her, he had no intention of taking her from Luis. It was lust.

After tonight, he vowed, he wouldn’t come back till he could handle being around her without a boner.

They sat on the couch in the basement to watch a movie on their projection screen. Hannah laid between them, her head on Luis’ lap. For the first half of the film, her legs were tucked up into her body, a blanket over them, but now, she stretched out, resting them on Finn’s lap. It was situations like this that were common that led to his overthinking. If she didn’t want him, why put him in awkward situations like this?

First, he struggled to put his hands somewhere. He put one up on the back end of the couch, the other on the armrest. His heart was pounding again because ideas were forming. Sinful, dirty thoughts that were guaranteed to make his dick hard. She’d feel it, under her calves. There would be no hiding it.

It was an inevitability when he felt his boner rise. He thought about getting up and leaving but this was a chance for him to show her how he feels without having to say a goddamn word. He put a hand over his mouth to hide his panic. Hannah felt it now. He had a big dick; it would feel like a brick between his legs.

What would she do?

Her legs shifted.

Rubbing him.

He closed his eyes, first believing it was an accident or his imagination.

Then she did it again, bending her legs, so her feet were at his crotch. Finn kept that hand wrapped around his mouth. There was no doubt about it now, she was playing his dick. One foot caressed his length while the other toed his balls.

Finn swallowed hard. A hand dove under the blanket, gripping Hannah’s foot, pressing her harder against his length. He was too horny to go slow, or careful. The excitement made him shiver.

Finn shifted as he slid his hand into his swim shorts, grabbed his cock, and brought it out. Thankfully the blanket laid over him. Her bent knees blocked a lot of movement from Luis. Her foot braced against his cock, willingly and eagerly. Up and down like she was painting with her toes. Her big toe played with the tip, smearing precum.

Finn’s hand rode along the underside of her smooth leg. His fingertips traveled along her thigh. He was nearly hyperventilating. Any moment Luis could find out what they were doing. But that made the temptation thick. He could taste it on his lips.

Finn flattened his hand on her thigh so his thumb could touch her. Hannah’s panties were silky but wet. Just like his desire was no longer hidden, neither was hers. She was hoping for this moment just as much as he was.

He pressed his thumb against the fabric, right where her clit should be. Up and down, he stroked, feeling a slight, suppressed buck.

Luis looked down at her. All their movements ceased. “You cold?”

“Mhm.” She shook her head.

He leaned over, kissing her lips, “Your nipples tell me otherwise.” He smiled as he pinched her nipple through her shirt.

Hannah slapped him, cackling, “Stop, your friend’s here.”

“He can’t see.”

“Don’t.” She hissed, pushing his hand away.

“Okay, okay.” Luis looked at Finn with a roll of his eyes.

Finn continued his movement with his thumb as he looked Luis right in the eyes. There was something powerful about fingering his wife without him knowing. An addicting spark. He wanted to see just how far he could take it.

Her hand was on his. Their fingers for a moment, twirling, greeting each other as they kept their eyes on the TV. They finally had a chance to show what they’ve been hiding. In the dark, under the covers, it was overwhelming.

Finn kept his hand on top of hers, feeling as she pulled her panties to the side. His pointer finger followed the line of her pussy lips. It got wetter the closer he got to her entrance. He slipped it in. Her body shifted, and a soft sigh escaped her. He was slow, moving in and out. Liquid soaked his finger. He wondered what it would taste like. Her legs parted further, one resting high on the back of the couch. Finn twisted his hand, his palm now facing upward. He slid another finger inside, and his thumb pressed on her clit. His fingers dug in deep, to the knuckle, and he wiggled the tips of his fingers up against her womb.

Hannah flexed again, and Luis looked down at her, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just uncomfortable.”

“Then sit up.”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Could you get me some water?”

With a roll of his eyes, Luis stood up, “Need anything, bro?”

Finn shook his head.

“We need to buy a fridge for down here,” Luis grumbled, climbing the steps.

The moment he disappeared, Finn stood over her with his cock out. Their eyes connected, words unspoken, the lust apparent. He leaned down and kissed her. She gripped the back of his head, her tongue very eager to caress his. He pumped his fingers into her pussy. It squished with each thrust. He ripped his fingers out and broke from her mouth. She watched with wild fascination as he sucked on those same fingers, groaning as the delicious taste drowned his senses.

Hannah gripped his cock, her mouth open.

Footsteps fastened toward the steps, and they broke apart. Finn dived back for his spot, covering himself with the blanket as she did the same. They were still and silent when Luis came back downstairs with a bottle of water.

Finn was dying. His cock was so fucking hard it was painful. He needed relief but didn’t dare touch it. He folded a knee to his chest to hide his erection. He could barely contain his breathing. It was only a matter of time before Luis noticed.

“Anybody hungry?” Hannah wondered as she sat up. “Kind of want a snack.”

“I’ll take a sandwich,” Luis said.

“What about you, Finn?”

He couldn’t look at her. “I’m good.” Finn watched her go up the steps, wondering what she was thinking. Should he find a way to follow her? What could he say? There was a bathroom down here.

“I think I’m gonna head out.”

“Alright, man.” They smacked hands before Finn rounded the couch so he wouldn’t have to go in front of the TV with a raging boner. He rushed up the stairs.

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