Stealing Her Love

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Dreams cum true

Hannah was making a sandwich on the counter. It almost seemed unreal, their hidden touches. For a moment, Finn wondered if it had only been a fantasy. Did he fall asleep on the couch and have all his desires unfold? But no matter how good his imagination, there was one thing that was clear. The smell of her pussy on his fingers. He ran his tongue along his lips, the taste of her still so potent.

It was real. Finn wasn’t going to let this chance slip by him.

Hannah was so sexy in her long shirt. It covered the best parts of her. These were the parts he never got to feel before and now, there was hope.

Finn came up behind her, his hands on her arms as he kissed the side of her neck. His erection pressed into her. There were so many things he wanted to say, to ask. He wondered what she felt about him. If she’s been feeling the same things he has. But in the back of his head, he worried she didn’t understand what she was doing. She was cheating on Luis and their future wasn’t going to be pleasant, despite the pleasures.

“It’s not nice playing games.”

“Who’s playing?” She replied, arching her back, pushing her ass further into him.

Finn cupped her breasts then, squeezing them like he thought about doing for months now. His thumb and forefinger pinched her hard nipples through her shirt, and he groaned into her skin, “I could cum right now.”

“Not yet.” She whispered back.

“Why?” He desperately groaned in her skin, “What are you going to do about it?”

He slid a hand down her stomach. He slowly gathered up her shirt till it revealed the rim of her panties and then he slipped his hand inside. Her shaved pussy was like a welcome mat. He pressed his finger against her clit. A gasp released from her lips, and she dropped her hands on the table. She shifted her legs, spreading wider, and he buried two fingers into her.

Finn gripped her jaw, forcing her to turn her head to look at him. The pleasure in her face caused another wave of pleasure through him. He stuck out his tongue, and she met it with her own. “I want to fuck you right now.”

“Wait till he goes to bed.”

He wiggled his fingers around like bait on a hook. Her strained breath was against his lips. “I’m not waiting that long.” He dropped to his knees behind her. He gripped her bathing suit, pulling it away to expose her asshole and pussy. It was clean-shaven and tanned, just like the rest of her. Why had he never found her sunbathing naked? What a wonderful sight that would have been.

He buried his face between her cheeks, his tongue stretching between her pussy lips. He lapped up all her juices and even dragged his tongue up to her puckered entrance, testing the waters, unsure if she was into anal. But when she reached behind her to pull her ass cheeks further apart, it answered his question. He pushed his tongue into her hole, listening to her pleasurable, erratic breathing. He squeezed her buttcheeks, dying to slap it. The sound would make him cum in an instant. He rubbed himself through his shorts, feeling the wetness from his precum.

“Wait wait wait.” She panted, pushing him back, fixing her bathing suit. He stood, kissing her. “Later, later,” Hannah whispered against his lips.

“I told him I was leaving.”

She thought for a moment before she put a hand up, “Wait here.” She took the sandwich and a bag of chips before going back down the stairs. Finn leaned against the counter, uncomfortable from his hard dick. His heart was pounding from adrenaline. He gripped his dick to stop cumming.

When footsteps sounded again, Finn turned around, just in case it was Luis. He watched her come up the steps. She very gently shut the door and then tiptoed away from it, grabbing his hand. “I told him I was going to bed,” Hannah admitted. She directed him outside, and the moment the sliding glass door shut, Finn whipped her around and kissed her.

“Oh fuck,” He moaned against her lips. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for months.”

“Me too.” She panted back. His hands dove in her hair, down her back, gripping her ass. He slapped her then for the first time, and it was exactly what he imagined.

“What about your neighbors?”

“It’s too dark; they can’t see us.”

Finn needed no other permission; he pushed her down to her knees as he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock.

Hannah gripped it with eyes full of amazement and desire. He tried not to smile, but he knew that look. His size was pornstar material. Her tongue splashed over his tip, tasting precum. She licked her lips as she looked up at him before taking him into her mouth. The image was better than anything he could have imagined. He held the back of her head, her hair in a ball in his hand as he guided her in a steady rhythm. But it wasn’t long.

“Ahh fuck, I’m cumming.” Her hands went to his thighs to pull away, but he forced her to stay, “Swallow it.” He ordered. He kept her head still and fucked her face till his climax hit. He cursed and panted, jerking into her mouth, feeling the muscles of her throat as she swallowed all his cum.

He released her then, his knees nearly weak. He held himself up on the side of the house.

Hannah got up, wiping her mouth, “I haven’t swallowed cum in years.” She admitted. “You better not be done.”

“Done? I’m fucking harder than I was.” Finn pushed his hard dick back in his shorts. They both unconsciously looked back inside. The door to the basement was still shut. He pulled Hannah to him, kissing her. “We got to be careful.” He pressed her back against the wall, his hands on her hips. “Try to keep from screaming.”

“You think you can make me scream?”

Finn didn’t bother answering. She’d find out soon enough.

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