Stealing Her Love

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Finn kissed along her neck, over her collarbone, to the tops of her breasts. Even in the dark, he could make out the tips of her nipples, pressing against the fabric of her suit. He wanted to admire them, take a picture of them, the perfection that they were. He gently bit her nipple through the cloth, loving the sharp intake of breath. He went back to her neck, teasing her ear, “Does he eat your pussy?”


“Does he make you cum?”


Finn smirked into her skin. Now he knew why she was out here. “Does he fuck you in the ass?”


Another strike against him. But it gave Finn an edge. “Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

She was silent. Finn leaned back, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. Her mouth dropped open.

“Answer me.”


He released her, kissing her lips, apologizing for getting rough. “I’ll save that for last.” Finn dotted kisses along her skin till he was back at her nipple. His tongue pressed into the hard nub. Her back arched, and her nails dug into his skin just from the simple stimulation. He couldn’t imagine how she’s going to be when his dick is all the way inside her. He was dying to find out.

Lowering to his knees, he kissed each thigh, looking up at her as he pulled her bathing suit aside. She watched with desperation in her eyes. He eyed her pussy lips, the beautiful shaved rose petals that they were. His tongue stretched out over her clit, and her body jolted like an electric shock. He kissed her vagina. Soft little touches. He kissed her thighs. His tongue followed the path downward, closer and yet so far. She gripped his hair, pushing him into her pussy.

His tongue boldly lapped her up like dripping chocolate. Hannah gasped, bucking.

Finn chuckled, loving how needy she was. Burying his nose into her soft folds, he got to work. His tongue danced like a figure skater against her pussy. Twists and turns, figure eights and loops. Her juices slathered all over his face. It was a feast fit for a king. He put one of her legs upon his shoulder, getting his tongue deeper as he tongued her from the inside. But he noticed her absolute pleasure was right on her clit, and he pulled out just to play with the nub. Her hold got tighter and soft, breathless whisper, “Keep going. I’m cumming” was all he needed to increase his dedication, concentrating solely on her clit, the main attraction. His tongue rolled like a 20 ft wave in Hawaii, and when she crashed, it was violent and powerful. She shuttered, clamping her legs around his head.

He stood up, admiring her satisfaction as she rested back against the house, barely keeping her legs under her.

“Oh fuck.” She panted, smiling. She looked at him, “How do you eat pussy so well?”

“Practice.” Finn pulled his dick out of his pants before he grabbed her by the thighs, lifting her. She wrapped her legs around his waist with his dick pressed up between them. “You ready for me?” He kissed her, playing with her tongue like he played with her clit. He walked them to the chair she sat on earlier. Who knew only hours later he’d be fucking her on it.

“Not here. Luis can see if he looks out the window.”

He searched for another place, but the only thing available was down the deck stairs and on the grass. Finn walked down the steps, sitting on the last one, keeping her straddled on his lap. He pulled her bathing suit down from her breasts, finally letting her beautiful tits out to the cool air. Finn sucked on one, her back arched as all her nerve endings tingled. She gripped his hair, keeping him there while his tongue flickered over her hard nipple.

“Please.” She begged. It didn’t sway him. He had another breast to taste.

As he busied himself with her tit, his hand dipped inside her panty. His middle finger slid down her asscrack. It was a tease, just to see how she would react. Her breath picked up the closer he got to her back entrance. She was desperate for anal. It was stupid that Luis failed to please her in all her wants.

“I didn’t bring a condom.”

“I don’t care.” Hannah grabbed his cock, tired of waiting for him. She rubbed his tip against her wet bathing suit, playing with clit over the fabric, easing some of the pressure. “I want you in me.” She murmured.

It was the words he was waiting for.

Finn leaned back on the step, and though the step behind him dug into his back, he didn’t care. He grabbed ahold of his dick as she leaned up on her knees, pulling aside her bathing suit. With his tip right at her entrance, she lowered, her eyes on him and his eyes on her watching every expression on her face as she was filled with his dick. Her mouth fell open and a struggled breath escaped. She sat on him, with him fully inside her.

“Beautiful fucking pussy.” He whispered into her lips. “Now ride me.”

She gently swayed her hips with her hands on his shoulders, feeling his cock rotate against her ovaries. He gripped her ass, slapping it once and then again, gritting his teeth. He wanted her faster, harder, but he knew he needed to go slow. He didn’t want to fuck her like a slut. He wanted to fuck her like he had all the time in the world to dedicate to her vagina. He wanted her to cum so many times, and going at it at full speed would wear her out too quickly. So for now, Finn let her set the pace.

Hannah increased her speed, little by little. First, she swayed back and forth, and now she bounced on his cock, making her titties flop. When her knees began to hurt, she put her feet on the floor. The position got deeper, and so did the pleasure. She was opening up, taking all of his cock into her dripping cavern. She came with her nails digging into his shoulders.

Finn watched her, amazed by her, hypnotized by her pleasure. She was so eager for cock, he hadn’t even pulled out any tricks. His fingertip glided down her back as she rested against his shoulder. He waited too long for this, for her, and now he didn’t want to end it. He put no thought into her husband, who could interrupt them at any minute. They were in their own little bubble, and there was no popping it.

When she started moving again, Finn dug his fingers into her hair, kissing her. He was done going slow. She was ready to take him.

“Go lay in the grass.” He smacked her.

Hannah got off, clinging to the railing. She hadn’t been prepared for her legs to be weak from the workout. She dropped to her hands and knees, looking back at him, a silent request.

Finn took off his shirt and pulled off his pants. He knew what she wanted, but they weren’t there yet. He dropped to his knees behind her but pushed her to her side, rolling her on her back. His fingers hooked into her panties and pulled them off her legs. She let them fall open, spread wide. The sight of her lying before him nearly naked was only in his sinful fantasies. It was a surreal moment that he committed to memory. He pushed her knees up to her chest with a hand under each knee, so her pussy was fully exposed. He licked her; her juices got over his face like watermelon pizzas. He slipped his tongue lower till he was teasing her asshole and her moans got loud and careless.

Finn had to stop before she woke the neighbors, but he worried about how much noise she would make when he’s pounding her. He lined up his cock, “Be quiet.”

“I’m trying.”

He smirked in the dark. Then, as slow as he could, he slipped into her.

“Oh god.” She whimpered.

Finn kept sinking till he was encased entirely inside her. He slapped her thigh, “How’s that dick?”


He knew that but having her say it made him feel like a king.

He thrust once, and her gasp was music to his ears. He dropped her legs, and she wrapped them around his waist as he lowered, laying on her, kissing her. He fucked her fast and crazily, their slapping skin like clapping. He covered her mouth, trying to stop her screams. It took only minutes for her to reach her third orgasm. “Cum.” He ordered. “Cum.”

Hannah gave in, her head thrown back, her mouth wide, and his fingers in her mouth.

Finn panted, leaning back on his knees. What position did he want to fuck her in now?

The kitchen light flicked on.

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