Stealing Her Love

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Until Next Time

Finn and Hannah looked up the stairs. Light poured out onto the deck. They detached from each other. “Where’s my suit?”

Finn struggled to find them in his panic.

“Shit. I told him I was going to bed.” Hannah peaked up on the steps. “Stay here.” She climbed the stairs. Finn stayed back, moving around the deck. He watched her remove the last of her bikini and slip into the pool. A minute later, Luis stuck his head out, “Hannah, you out here?”

“Yeah, babe, I’m here.”

Luis exited, looking down at her in the water. The light from the kitchen shined on her, “Skinny dipping again?”

“You know I like it.”

“Want me to join you.”

“Aren’t you tired? You’ve been up since 3 in the morning.”

“Yeah. I was about to go to bed. But a swim sounds good.” Luis pushed his pants down and stepped out of them, rubbing on his dick and balls. He dived in. Hannah looked to the steps, searching for Finn in a slight panic. She found his eyes through the wooden planks.

Maybe Finn could help. He could pretend he forgot his phone or wallet. He could say his car didn’t start. So many excuses popped into his head, but he wanted to see what she would do. He wanted to see how much she resisted. But maybe, a small, secret part of him wondered what it would be like to watch her get fucked.

Luis swam to her, wrapping her up, kissing her, “You’re so gorgeous.”

“Luis, stop.”

“Why? Come on, baby.” he kissed her cheeks, her chin. “We haven’t done it in a while.”

“Who’s fault is that?”

“I know you don’t like how much I work.”

“Or who you work with.” She bitterly responded, resting her hands on his shoulders.

Finn knew exactly who she was talking about. His secretary was a college intern and ridiculously sexy. But eleven years younger. Luis wasn’t discreet on her attractive qualities and though he was adamant about never screwing around with a younger woman, it was a problem for Hannah.

Luis nibbled on her ear, “You jealous? No woman has what you got. Come on. You feel me? You like what you feel?”

Finn gripped the deck in front of him. He was jealous and yet curious to watch Hannah get fucked by her husband. Would she enjoy him as much as she was enjoying Finn?

“I’m on my period.”

“I don’t care.”

“It hurts.”

Luis sighed, resting his forehead on her shoulder, “Alright.”

Hannah rested her head on his shoulder, “Now I feel guilty.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He detached somewhat harshly, “I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.”

Hannah watched him go into the house, leaning over the pool, resting her head in her hands. Finn hated it. She said she felt guilty. He was damn sure not a mistake, and he was going to make her say it.

When Luis shut off the light to the kitchen, Finn climbed the steps. He was naked, with a hard-on, and he stood in front of her, blocking her view of the house. She stood up, her breasts out of the water, glistening in the moonlight. He sat down before sinking into the water. He approached her slowly, watching as the sadness faded and turned into desire. He was an inch away from her. Every breath she inhaled, her hard nipples nearly touched his chest. Just standing here, she was overcome with want. He loved the power he had over her.

Finn gripped her hips and lifted her up on the edge of the pool. He stepped between her legs. Every place Luis had touched, Finn touched, replacing his fingers with his own. He held her heavy breast in his hand, his thumb brushing over her nipple as they made out.

“Next time.” He whispered into her, “Let him.”

She mischievously grinned, “Let him fuck me. You want to watch?”

“Maybe I do.”

“Why should I?”

“I want him to taste my cum in your mouth.”

She cackled into his lips, “You’re evil.”

Finn stuck out his tongue, meeting her own. They teased each other. “It doesn’t turn you on? Being fucked without him knowing?”

“Maybe a little.”

“That’s why you’re so fucking horny, isn’t it?” Finn twirled her tongue with his, “Admit it.”

“Yes.” She replied breathlessly.

“Bad girl.” He forcefully turned her so her belly was on the ground and her legs dangled in the water. It exposed her round ass. A hand traveled down, cupping the plump piece of meat before he slapped it. It was a gentle slap, a warning. Finn pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her beautiful asshole to his view. She was ready, he knew, to be fucked in the ass, but the question was, could her ass handle what he had in store? How long had it been since she’s had a dick in her back door? How much could she take? Finn lowered his face to press his tongue against it. He rotated around the rim before pressing the tip inside. “Ah, fuck,” She cried, slapping the cement. That’s when he slapped her hard. Her body jerked, but she arched her back, sticking her ass in the air, begging for another hit.

He bit the back of her thigh, “You think you can take me?”

“Not too deep. I use a vibrator sometimes.”

“Videotape it. Send it to me.”

“Send you a video of me masturbating?”

He slapped her again. “Yes.”

“Why didn’t I know you were so perverted?”

Finn stuck two fingers into her pussy. She gasped and moaned. He fucked her with them brutally, making her ass jiggle with the movement. But it was only build-up. When her breathing stalled, he removed his fingers, rubbed them against her anus, and then slipped his middle finger inside. He rotated his finger as he pulled it in and out. Her moans were purely animalistic, unrestrained, and getting louder by the second. He wasn’t sure he could fuck her if she was going to be so noisy. Especially outside, it felt like her voice echoed.

Finn pulled out, rubbing her back, “Let’s go to the basement.”

“Inside?” She panted, nearly exhausted.

“You’re too loud.”

“Luis might hear us.

“Out here, he definitely will, along with all your neighbors.”

Hannah surrendered, falling back in the water one last time before swimming to the steps. Finn went and grabbed all their clothes before he followed her in. They tiptoed, full of excitement, hiding from the monster upstairs. Finn made sure to shut the door, but there was no way to block it; it locked from the other side. He dropped the clothes on the floor before he snatched her arm, spinning her around and holding her face as they made out again. Her breasts were flush against his chest. He imagined what it would be like to have her for the rest of his life. He couldn’t think of a better dream. Could he convince her to leave Luis for him? Was that even in the cards?

Maybe someday. But right now, the only thing he wanted was to fuck her in the ass.

Finn pulled her behind the couch, laying her down on the floor as he kneeled above her, kissing her breasts, stomach, and legs. He worshiped her body the way it deserved. How could Luis take her for granted? Didn’t he realize the goddess he managed to ensnare?

Finn wouldn’t make that mistake. He devoted all his attention to every part of her.

Finn laid behind her now as she propped up on her side. He held her leg up to get his dick wet with her pussy. He fucked her gently, his fingers rotating around her clit. He didn’t want to stop, but he couldn’t leave here tonight without sticking his cock in Hannah’s ass at least once.

Finn pushed her on her belly as he got up on his knees between her legs. He spat on her asshole, rubbing the salvia into her entrance. He spat on his dick for the extra lubrication. Then he pressed his mushroom tip against her asshole. He smacked her a few times, working the muscles of her ass, getting her to relax. The moment he noticed her muscles unclench, he pushed in.

She fisted the carpet, wide mouth with eyes squeezed tight.

“Fuck.” He groaned, “You alright?”

She could barely not her head.

Finn rocked his hips softly, testing it.

“Oh god.” Came her deep guttural moan.

He smiled, relieved. It was only the tip, but the grip around him told him she couldn’t take it deeper yet. But they had all night to work it. And if not tonight, then next time, till he could bury his dick into her asshole like a whore.

Finn rocked back and forth, popping his dick in and out, right on the rim of her asshole where most of her pleasure stemmed from. He loved her noisy panting, the whispers of ‘oh god’ and the hissing ‘yes’. Just her voice alone would have been enough for him.

When he felt his orgasm approaching, Finn pulled out, leaning back on his heels. Hannah twisted her body so she could see him, her head on the floor too exhausted to move. “Cum in me.”

“You sure?”

“I’m on birth control.”

“Thought we could go a little longer.”

“I got to get to bed, or Luis is gonna come looking for me.”

“What about next time?”

“You think there will be a next time?”

Finn smacked her ass, squeezing the fat. He bit his lip, watching her face. “Many fucking times.”

“I’ve never done this.”

“Me either.”

“Is it bad that I don’t feel guilty?”

“You told Luis you did.”

“I also told him I was on my period.” She wickedly smiled. “Do you feel guilty?”

Finn pushed her hip and rolled her over. With her legs spread, he shoved his cock into her pussy and laid on her. He met her lips, kissing her, tonguing her. He pounded the fuck out of her, hard, fast, at a crazy speed that seemed humanly impossible. She cried out as she came. Finn groaned into her neck, cumming deep inside her. He jerked once, twice before he nearly collapsed from exhaustion, panting. He held himself on his elbow, just resting halfway on her. His dick kept buried in her warmth. He kissed her cheek and then her lips. “How can I feel guilty when I’ve been dreaming about this moment? But I want more.”

“Me too.”

“No, I mean,” He kissed her ear, “Come home with me.”

“Finn.” When she pushed against his chest, he knew it was a lost cause, but he had to try. She used a blanket to stop the flow of cum that leaked out of her. He laid on the floor, trying to get his energy back. He’d love to sleep right here. Finn was spread eagle with his flaccid dick laying on his thigh and Hannah’s dried fluids on his cock.

Imagine Luis’ look.

Poor guy.

Finn felt bad, not because he fucked Hannah but because the dumbass had no fucking clue.

Hannah tossed his clothes on him. “Come on, you got to go.”

He sat up and looked at her. Why was he surprised? What woman would cheat on her husband while he was in the house? She was a cold-hearted bitch, but for some reason, that didn’t bother him. He’d tame her. He’d know to keep her on a tight leash.

Finn stood, and when she went to walk away, he grabbed her arm, pulling her against him. She tried to fight, but he grabbed her other hand and held it behind her back. “Watch who you talk to. I just got done fucking your ass. Don’t you shove me out like your teenage boyfriend when your parents come home. I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.”

The look on her face said it all. She wanted more.

Finn spun her around and bent her over the couch. He pulled her panties down to her knees, and then he shoved his dick in her. He was barely hard enough, and his dick bent, but he shoved it in any way. A few good thrusts, and he was rock solid again, diving deep into her pussy. He gripped her hair, pulling her up. He held her by the neck, “You gonna behave now?”

Speechless, she nodded, submitting. Finn released her, and she gripped the couch cushions, burying her face into the fabric to hide her loud, unfiltered moans. He slapped her with every thrust till she came.

He pulled out, “Get on your knees.”

She collapsed on the floor. With her mouth open, he jerked himself off. He cursed and huffed as he came, squirting on her face and breasts. His legs shook, and he caught himself on the couch. When Hannah went to get up, he stopped her. He ran a finger down her neck, scooping up his cum on his finger, and held it in front of her face.

Hannah shook her head, turning, but he gripped her chin.

“Do it.” He ordered. “Or I’ll wipe it on the couch. Think Luis won’t notice a big fucking cum stain he didn’t do himself?”

Hannah was hesitant, but she opened her mouth. He shoved it in, watching her. No matter how she protested, she loved it. Her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked. “Good girl.” He walked away, snatching up his clothes. She cleaned off with the blanket again and then promptly stuffed it into the washing machine. She can hide it all she wants. The better they get at hiding it, the longer they can go on fucking.

Finn caught her before she went upstairs. He slipped his fingers through her hair. She leaned in and kissed him.

Hannah gripped his shirt, looking up at him, “We’re just having fun, right?”

“Why are you doing this?”


“Don’t you love him?”


“Then why are you doing this?”

“Does it matter?”

“I wouldn’t ask if it didn’t.”

“I don’t know.”

Finn didn’t like that answer. It meant at any moment she could change her mind. He kissed her then, with passion, with all the desire he felt. He had more to give her then Luis. If he had to fight for her, then he was going to give it his all. “Until next time.” He panted against her lips. Her cheeks were red, her eyes full of excitement. He left her like that, wanting more. It wouldn’t be too hard, he realized, stealing her love. But it would be a whole lot of fucking fun.

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