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Having to hide her identity at a young age, Arcadia learns that life in disguise was hard and cruel. After a incident leading to her being exposed to the humans. Without shelter or food Hemia becomes determined to find her father in an unknown fantasy realm she hardly believes in. Will she succeed and save her baby siblings? Or will she die in the hands of the wolfs? Will she survive behind the fog.. Lycaon He was a monster, an Alpha. Stronger than any werewolf and older than time.But he hadn’t yet found his mate, his equal. After years of despair and loneliness the werewolf king finds her with two children, he finds her behind the fog… (Story not finished) last update: juli 2021 enjoy!

Romance / Fantasy
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To be able to understand me we must travel back to a moment in my life that changed everything.

At age ten kids would play outside and throw tantrums. At age fourteen girls would show their makeup to their friends and talk about boys. At age seventeen teens would work a part time job to make money for shopping or other needs. But at age seventeen I had never had a group of friends, never had a boy I was interested in, and never had the freedom of exploring life on my own.

I was different, i had to show my parents I was just as strong as them and that meant doing chores hard enough for adults. I cleaned, cooked, took care of my baby siblings and my mom at a young age. That was hard on its own but having to hide your wolf was what bugged me the most. My father, a strong werewolf was who taught me about my hidden power. Only I had it since my mother was human and my siblings shared only her blood, and my father had made it clear that he hadn’t wanted a weak daughter so I hid and learnt the ways of our true form in secret. He, my dad, never came back. And sooner or later his imaginary world full of people like us vanished deep in my mind, my secrets would soon be out…

It was freezing cold and dark out, I was walking on a familiar path, holding my younger brother in my hand and pushing my sisters stroller as we clear the street that lead to school. My brother, Sam and my sister Clara, weren’t such a burden. Although they were crying almost every time and despite being my step siblings I still cared for them and to my surprise they were rather quiet since birth, both of them. They’re father was a drug addicted lunatic who my mom strangely loved although he acted like a fool. He would hit her when we weren’t around I knew that because of the many bruises I saw on my mom. I didn’t do anything because every time I brought it up she would complain about it not being my business, it felt unsettling in a way.

As we near the school I loosen my grasp on my siblings and led them to their daycare. I ignore pity stares from moms and make my way to a close building.

Before I get to sit down in my chair a teacher nudges by my shoulder.

“Arcadia, sweetie” my teacher said with a worry written on her face, as she moved her hands to clasp mine my concern rises as well “ I got a call from the hospital Im- im sorry sweetie but your mother”

Shocked from the mention of my mother I question
“What ?” Sudden anxiety washing over me. It didn’t take long for the rest of the class to notice the teachers concern and I try to seem unbothered but my concern takes over.

“What happened to her ?”

No answer..

When the woman doesn’t talk I think about all the things that could’ve happened to her. When my mom was angry or sad she would take it out on me or my siblings. She would also try hitting Sam and Clara to bother me. She was always drunk I mean what if she drank too much, or worse got run over.

“What happened to my mother !” I scream as I jump up after throwing the teacher hands off from mine my possessives loud and clear.

This can’t be happening, what did she do?! I- im such a coward.

I feel my anger rising by the moment and the teacher shows no effort of calming me. Instead she gasp as I snarl loudly with my teeth showing. They all screamed in fear and ran for their life’s as I changed into my beast but my target was set right in front of me.

The teacher just stares in complete horror but before she can react I jump on her and pull my fangs deep into her flesh.

I had transform into a wolf that day, I had showed everyone what I was hiding all these years. I had disappointed my father. I had killed a person.

It was all her fault! This was her doing! She will pay…

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