Saving Fenley

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Chapter Two


The bell signals the end of third period and I scurry to my locker to put my things away before lunch. Keeping my head down, I walk at a fast pace to avoid all my new classmates stares and whispers. Why did I have to come to this new school? Why couldn't I of just done everything online? Aunt May insisted that I just had to be apart of all the senior year festivities and that my mom would've wanted me to continue going to school. I could care less though. My life should've ended the night my parents died, but yet I'm still here.

Once I'm through the lunch line, I find my way to an empty table in the back of the cafeteria. Sensing all of the students' eyes on me, I avoid their gazes. I don't want friends. I don't need friends. Taking my seat, head hanging low, vision unfocused, I let my thoughts wander to the darkest places of my mind.

I must have been completely out of it because I didn't notice I had company until they cleared their throat. Looking up, I'm greeted by a pretty blonde, peering down at me.

"Hi," She chirps, her voice dripping with enthusiasm.

Um, what? Do I look like I want to talk to anyone?

"My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Liz or lizzie or Liza," She smiles. "It really doesn't matter."

Face set with an emotionless expression, I let my eyes wander over her face, taking in her features, her beauty. She has shoulder length curly hair, green eyes, a button nose, and round cheeks with very prominent dimples.

She's really pretty.

"Are you going to tell me your name, or are you going to keep staring at me," She teases.

Why do I have a feeling this girl isn't going to leave me alone? Like I said before, I don't need friends.

Mumbling, "I'm Fenley, but I prefer Fen," I say.

"Well it's nice to meet you Fen. You looked a little lonely over here so I thought I'd come join you. I thought maybe I could show you around." She sets her tray next to mine, plopping into the seat, like it's the most natural thing to make friends with a stranger.

Is she serious?

I arch my brow at her, giving her my signature 'I don't fucking believe you look', and what happens next surprises me.

She throws her head back and laughs, "I knew I would like you. You just give off this 'if you fuck with me I'll rip your head off' vibe and I dig it. We're going to be great friends, I can already tell!"

Unable to keep it to myself, a smile creeps onto my face. This girl doesn't even know me and she wants to be my friend. She's different from the other students, with their whispers and stares, looking at me without entirely acknowledging my presence.

"I didn't know I gave off that vibe but I guess that explains why everyone's staring at me."

Elizabeth glances around the large room and grunts, "Oh girl, please. Everyone's staring at you because you're gorgeous and you're new. People at this school are nosey as hell and when someone new makes an appearance they want to know any and every thing about them."

My insides cringe at the sound of her calling me gorgeous. Me? Broken and damaged, yes. But gorgeous? I wouldn't go that far.

"And what about you," I ask, "Are you nosey?"

She thinks for a moment, a smirk covering her lips before she answers, "Of course I'm nosey. Who wouldn't be? You're new and gorgeous! But, unlike everyone else here, I'm an honest person. I won't steal your boyfriend like Becky with the big ass over there." Her thumb points at a table one over from us.

I follow the direction of her finger and my eyes land on a girl. Her arms are slung over a large brunette, her breasts pushed into the side of his arm, who very clearly has a girlfriend seated right next to him. I can't help but grunt out a small laugh.

Well, she did say she was honest.

"So what are you doing right now?"

Finding her question odd, I give her a perplexed look. "Uh, eating lunch?"

"Do you wanna get out of here?"

"You mean like- the cafeteria or the school," I ask, scrunching my nose and pointing towards the exit.

"The school. This place is such a drag and my friends are at our favorite spot in town. You should come, it'll be fun! And I promise they're a lot cooler than everyone else here." She gives me her a wide smile and bats her lashes.

I pause to think for a second and weigh my options. Obviously being here in general fucking sucks, and although it's slightly weird to leave with a girl I've known for five seconds, maybe going with her would suck a little less.

"Sure" I say, finally making my decision.

"Yay! Let me grab some things from my locker and then we can head out!"


We're in Liz's car on the way to, as she said, "their favorite spot". I have no idea where we're going and honestly I don't really care. I'll go anywhere, do anything, to take me away from the ceaseless torment inside my head.

Thinking of things to break the cumbersome silence, I ask, "So what are your friends like,"

Immediately, a grin takes over her face, eyes bright, her body twisting with excitement, "Hmm well there's Jake, he's the football quarterback at our school. He's funny, smart, so so handsome, and probably the sweetest guy I've ever met."

Noticing my eyes on her, she blushes a deep red. "Any-anyways, there's Matt who is pretty chill and doesn't talk much. There's Alex, he loves to party and let me tell you, he throws the BEST ones in Laguna."

"That's cool," I said, trying to seem interested.

She inhales sharply, the tension in the air slightly spiking. "Oh um, and then there's Reed," she mumbles under her breath rolling her eyes.

"What's he like," I question, my curiosity peaked by the dramatic change in her tone.

We pull into a parking lot towards the coast of Laguna Beach. Palm trees surround it, lush and tall, along with a few old street lamps, and two vehicles.

Liz shuts off the car and turns to me with a grimace. "Reed is Reed. He's Jake's older brother. He's twenty-one and hangs around sometimes but stay away from him. He's an awful person and he's not a good friend to have. Okay?"

"Okay," I shrug, not really understanding the big deal.

We walk to the right side of her car, towards a small opening in the lush palm trees, and start down a rocky path of stairs. When we finally step off the last rock there's a small clearing that leads to a secluded beach.

Closing my eyes, I take in my surroundings. The salty smell of the air, the gentle breeze that caresses my face, and the crash of the waves against the sandy shore. Looking around, I admire the beauty, the simplicity before me. The last time I went to the beach, I was with my parents. A darkness creeps into my mind at the thought of them, the loss.

"Hey Fen, over here," Liz yells, waving her hand. Unaware of being lost in my own world, I regain my consciousness, and walk towards her. Her friends are seated in mismatched chairs, straggled around in a semi circle, right in front of a small cave.

Walking up, all their eyes land on me. "Guys, this is Fenley but you can call her Fen. She's new and I thought we could show her around," Liz says cheerfully, "Fen this everyone."

I give a small wave at everyone, awkward, and visibly forced. One of them stands and extends his hand out to me. He's tall and thin, but semi muscular, his jaw is square with a softness to it, and he has light brown hair. "Hey, I'm Jake. It's nice to meet you," he says, but his eyes aren't on me.

My eyes float to Liz, who's practically a puddle underneath his gaze, her eyes unmoving from his attractive figure, and I get it. "You too," I say, understanding their connection.

Then, Alex introduced himself next. He has a complexion to die for, short curly black hair with the edges trimmed, and a bright smile. Matt was the last to introduce himself, shy and timid, blonde hair covering his forehead, and a cute round face.

I take my seat next to Liz, the group chatting amongst themselves, when I notice a tall figure, leaning against the wall at the front of the cave. I squint my eyes, the sun being a little too bright to see, when suddenly, the figure takes steady strides until they're standing right in front of me.

A man about 6'1 glares down at me. He has a jawline so keen it could cut you, dark tousled hair with slight curls, and blue green eyes I could get swept away in. He's tan and exudes masculinity. His shoulders are broad, a chest rippled with edges, and his muscles are defined to a god-like perfection.

"Reed," Liz says in a monotone voice, snapping me from my daze.

Oh shit.
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