From Riches to Rags

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Elora Winters visits the small town of Pasuri all the way on the other side of the country in order to get a fresh taste of life. Growing up surrounded by wealth and fortune, everything was handed to her in a silver platter. While she has been loving the lavish lifestyle, the summer before her last year in high school has her reflecting on her entertaining but unfulfilling life. Determined to get a better sense of what she was meant to do in the world, she's unprepared for the twists and turns that Pasuri brings for her, and all the new people that shatters the privileged bubble she has lived in for the past 18 years. Especially Collin Salotto and his older brother Kai Salotto.

Romance / Drama
JJ. Cilleon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Oh my god, so you know how Johny was like literally obsessing over me the whole time I was there at Mike’s party right? Well, turns out he’s spreading a rumor that we slept together at that party.”

“Holy shit, that’s fucking crazy. What a dick!”

“No like seriously, he’s like such a perv. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had like every STD that’s ever existed. He’s not even hot. Like why would anyone sleep with that sleezebag.”

The rest of the conversation was tuned out by my ears, my mind having had enough of my two friends rattling on about some guy they have or haven’t been seeing. With a red solo cup gripped loosely in my right hand, I mindlessly stared at my reflection within the swirling red liquid. It hasn’t even been an hour since I’ve arrived at this party, and I already had the overwhelming urge to leave.

This was the third party this week that I’ve been to, and at some point, one blends in with another. Even the hardest partygoers would be tired by now, and I sure as hell was. But missing these end of the summer parties was a huge blow to one’s social standing. Anyone that wasn’t invited to one of these blowouts were the social rejects, and no one wanted to be associated with them. It was worse than social suicide.

“—Elora? Hello? Are you still here bitch?”

My mind was brought back to the thundering music and the chatter of the hundreds of people either drunk or high out of their minds. Lifting my eyes to meet the green ones of my friend Amanda who was currently snapping her manicured fingers in front of my face, I smiled as I responded, “Yeah, I’m listening. Johny sounds like an asshole.”

Rolling her emerald eyes, Amanda shakes her head at my response. Swiping her phone in my direction, she addresses Nicole who was sat right beside me. They were both wearing matching purple bikinis, Nicole’s being a lighter shade than Amanda’s.

“I swear Elora’s been out of it since summer started. We moved on from Johny, we’re talking about Nicole’s boyfriend. Apparently he was seen making out with some blonde bitch at Mike’s party.”

I moved my gaze to Nicole, who was currently seething with clenched teeth and furious thumbs that worked at lightening pace to type on her phone, no doubt to confront her boyfriend. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure why she was so mad to begin with. From what I know, they only became official a few days before that party, and I swore she was telling us about another guy she made out with at tonight's party.

Still trying to be a good friend, I place a comforting hand on her exposed shoulder when a muscular arm roughly swings across my shoulders and pulls me backwards. Letting out an unattractive shriek, I came colliding with a solid chest that was rumbling with laughter. Water was dripping from the arm locked around my neck and onto my white tee, making it see-through.

“Ugh,” I groan out, pulling harshly at the arm and whipping around to deliver a harsh glare at the perpetrator.

Unperturbed by my annoyance, Evan Meyers continue to crack up at what he must think is a funny prank. I cross my arms as I wait for him to find his bearing, my patience slowly running out.

“Oh come on, ” he snickers out, lightly pushing at my arm. “Don’t be so glum. Shouldn’t you be jumping with joy at seeing your boyfriend?”

I can only roll my eyes at his teasing remarks, refusing to let a smile slip through and let him win. But my serious facade broke as he took ahold of my chin and brought me closer to his lips that were still wet from playing around the pool. Molding his lips over mine, he swiped a tongue across my bottom lip to deepen the kiss, and I let him. Pushing myself closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck to lose myself in the familiarity of kissing him. Haven dated each other for nearly three years, he was not only my only boyfriend but my first. He’s all I’ve known.

When we part our lips to come up for air, he smiles against my flushed lips. Giving me a quick peck he asks, “Do you wanna get out of here?”

I know what he means by that—he only means one thing when he says that. He’s incredibly horny right now and wants to take me upstairs and fuck me.

Evan must have failed to realize that I wasn’t as nearly as drunk as he was, nor was I nearly as horny. But seeing the glossy look in his eyes, I had a hard time resisting. Reluctantly relenting, he let out a huge smile at my consent. Getting up, he didn’t let go of his hold on my hand as he maneuvered us through throngs of people, the music slowly fading to the background as we walk up the giant marble steps. The sheer size of the house takes us about five minutes to make it upstairs and into an empty bedroom.

Locking the door behind me, I’m not even given a chance to study the room we’ve entered before he slams me against the door, leaving a trail of rough, wet kisses down my neck. I try to place a hand on his chest to slow him down, but it seems that the alcohol has taken over as he doesn’t register my silent plea to calm down.

He grabs hold of the ends of my oversized white shirt and hastily pulls it off me, leaving me in my matching red two piece swimwear. At the sight of the flimsy material, he gives me a lustful grin before cupping my breasts through the thin fabric.

Voice hoarse from desire he says to me, “Have I ever told you how sexy you look in red?”

I only offer a small smile in return, not finding it in me to say anything else. But he seems unbothered by my silence, and continues his perusal down my body. Pulling down my top until my breasts spill out from its restraints, he rolls my nipples between his fingers, and they rise from his attention. Leaning down to take one into his mouth, I moan out at the warmth that spreads from his mouth and travels right down to my core.

While one hand was preoccupied with teasing my nipple, the other one travels down the expanse of my chest and slip past the small bit of material covering my pussy. Pushing aside the bit of triangle covering my lower lips, he plays around my entrance, drawing moisture. Moving his finger across my wet folds until he found the protruding bud at the crest of them, he circles the bundle of nerves, eliciting another string of moans from me.

Just as I was about to get into it, two fingers roughly enter my glistening hole, and I wince at the sudden intrusion. His fingers pull back only briefly before sharply entering me again until I feel his knuckles rubbing against my entrance. Breathing in and out to ease the pain shooting up from my core, I stand on the tips of my toes to relieve some of the stinging sensation.

Releasing my erect nipple from his mouth, he smirks at me as he whispers, “Are you already this wet for me baby?”

Again, I offer no vocal reply, only a weak smile that I hope is convincing enough.

Wounding his arms around my waist, he carries me over to the soft king-sized bed resting in the middle of the rather sparse room. Laying me down so that my hair splays around me like a makeshift halo, he claims my mouth once more. This time he didn’t give me time to breathe as he rips off my bikini from my scantily clad body, leaving me breathless and naked underneath him.

He’s impatient to get his own swim trunks off, and he carelessly tosses it to the side before resuming his place between my legs. Not bothering for any more foreplay, he positions his dick at my entrance, and I feel his head nestling between my pussy lips. Without waiting a beat, he pushes in. His hard member slowly enters me, but the lack of wetness between my legs makes the process painful.

I grimace as he continues on until all of him was in me, and I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from screaming out. The burning sensation wears off only a bit as he stays buried inside me, his head resting at my shoulder. He stays unmoving for a moment, and I abruptly worry that he may have passed out. A breath of relief escapes me when he shudders on top of me, a heady breath of air releasing between his reddened lips.

Lifting himself until he towers over me, he pulls back before slamming into me again, my face contorting from the twinges of pain that result. Not wanting him to see my hurt expression, I pull him towards me again until he’s nestled between my breasts.

His slow rhythm picks up until he’s pounding into me at a pace that makes the bed move with him. My body has gotten used to him now and the ache has lessened, but I know there’s no hope left for me to take pleasure from this. So I lay there, eyes clear and free of any lust, staring up at the empty ceiling. At this point, the only option left is to count the seconds until he’s done.

Turns out he only needed thirty more seconds before he released inside of me, his back muscles twitching at his orgasm. He lets out a small moan as he came, collapsing on top of me as the last of him is emptied within me.

We both lie there in silence, him almost suffocating me with his heavy weight. When I can’t stand him on top of me anymore, I push at his chest, making him fall over and land beside me.

Wrapping a possessive arm around me, he pulls me in until his face is nuzzled in my hair.

“You’re still on birth control, right baby?”

Too fucking late for that question.

“Yeah, I am,” I answer, barely containing the eye roll.

“Perfect,” he responds, delivering a small kiss to my lips before passing out.

Observing Evan’s sleeping form, I can’t help the sigh that leaves my lips. He was a handsome guy, there was no denying that. With a straight nose bridge that had a slight curve to the end of it, it complimented his sculpted jaws and cheekbones. The long lashes, accompanied by the unruly mass of soft brown curls, gave him the perfect image of the goofy playboy. Even in school he was quite popular.

I still remember the first time I ever saw him, and how helpless I had been to his flirtatious advances. He was such a smooth talker, and I fell right into his palms. I used to be obsessed with him, the only thoughts I would have was filled with Evan. The first two years was like a picture-perfect dream, and he was truly the perfect boyfriend.

It all changed when we entered our third year of high school when all of my friends was talking nonstop of their sexual escapades, and I started to feel the pressure to give up my virginity. Then Evan started to constantly bring up the topic of us having sex, and I guess one night I gave into his wishes. That night went about as well as tonight went.

Now, as I’m lying on a stranger’s bed with my boyfriend snoring right next to my ear, all I could think about was one thing.

Was this all my life would entail?

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