Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 11: Police

“W-why are you here?”

I am out of breath even more now that he’s in front of me.

Wearing an all-black suit, even though we’re outside the hotel and the lights are not sufficient, I can still tell that he’s rocking the attire.

“You ran after me just to ask that?” He asked me in a teasing tone.

I cleared my throat and fixed myself. I forgot that I’m wearing a gown tonight because of him. I put my hair in front because I suddenly felt conscious.

“You didn’t answer my question,” I pointed out.

“You didn’t tell me they were your parents.”

I looked at him and remembered the conversation we had at his property.

I looked away. “Was there a need to tell you? You’re basically a stranger to me.”

I landed my eyes on my heels. Good thing, Auntie Elaine bought me the same heels I wanted the most. But when she gave this to me, the excitement was gone. They’re the same heels, but it doesn’t feel the same anymore.

“Exactly... why run after a stranger?”

I snapped at him for whispering things at himself.

“So, why are you here? This is my brother’s inauguration. It’s not open to the public, so you have to be-”

“I have my ways, kid. No more questions.”

I was speechless because of it.

“Going back to the topic. I didn’t know you sing-”

“Of course, you didn’t know. You just act and talk like you knew everything,” I cut him and added words that are appropriate.

He went silent. Seemed irritated.

Because of his attire and his hair, he intimidates me.

“Who exactly are you? You always appear where-”

“The shoe store was a coincidence. You trespassed on my property. Tonight was-”

“You came to me,” I continued.

He stopped and licked his lower lip before shifting his gaze for a second and looked back at me immediately.

“I came with a friend,” he said.

“Is that friend of yours has something to do with our company?” I asked.

“Yes,” he insisted.

“Care to tell me the name of that friend of yours?”

“Why? You wouldn’t be able to do something, though. You’re not yet part of the company-”

“But I’m a Valmonte!”

“So? That’s an abuse of power-”

“What? This is stalking, Mister! You’re obviously following me!”

“I told you I came with a friend.”

I saw him clenched his jaw. I stopped to breathe for air.

He’s right. I’m always triggered whenever someone treats me like a child. Just like what he said earlier. And hate it because I know that should not affect me but it always does.

Go and ask my siblings. Whenever we fight about something so shallow or petty, I always let them get their way but when they start to point out that I’m still a kid, I suddenly felt the need to stand up for myself because I know I’m not.

I don’t even understand why am I so excited to grow up, to be an adult.

I lift my gown and turned my back to him. I want to go back inside and forget the result of my reckless actions.

I wasn’t even that far from him when I heard his footsteps toward me, and he held my arm so that I could face him.

“You’re wearing the same shoes?”

I’m baffled about this guy’s personality. He just never fails to surprise me.

“Was that the one from the store?” He asked again.

“No,” I answered shortly. “I ask someone to buy it for me.”

“Your boyfriend?”

I faced him with disbelief.

“Honestly, what’s your deal?”

He managed to chuckle in front of me.

“I was waiting for you to come back that day. You never did.”

I rolled my eyes and removed his hand from me.

“Liar,” I whispered. “You were able to buy it because I disappeared like a bubble.”

He stood straight and kept his hands in his pocket.

“I did not buy it,” he lazily said.

“What? Why?” My eyes blinked several times as I ask him those.

He twitched his lips and acted like he was thinking.

“Why would I buy it?”

He asked me like I knew the answer?!

“Why didn’t you? So, you insulted me for being a kid back there because of nothing?”

The side of his lip went up.

“Hey, I did not insult you. You’re just sensitive when someone calls you that. That’s all. I didn’t mean to insult you...”


“I’m going inside now. Don’t go in there!” I warned him.

“I’m not. My friend and I will leave-”

“Then suit yourselves!”

I don’t know why I have such a temper tonight. Maybe he really makes my blood boil. Ugh!

I did not look back at him. I stormed the path from outside to the hall with my heavy steps. I can’t believe my night just got ruined!

I stopped walking because I saw that the number of guards outside doubled. One even went to me and asked me to go inside immediately.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, confused.


My brother is walking fast in my direction. Behind him were my cousins, Aaron and David. They looked at me before going to separate ways.

“Where have you been?”

“Just outside,” I said.

“Go inside now. Do not leave the room unless you are told so.”

“But why-”

“Just do it, Jael. Uncle Lucas will explain everything to us later.”

I did what he told me. I sat beside Abigail and Sara. They were shocked by the sudden changes, too. Even the number of guards inside the room increased in number, too.

“Maybe it’s just for security purposes. Calm down,” Sara said.

Auntie Irene and Auntie Elaine joined our table. Nami and the twins were brought in, too.

“How long should we wait, Irene? Our children’s lives are at risk if what the police said is true!”

Auntie Elaine is panicking. It is undeniable even if she tried to hide it. Auntie Irene, on the other hand, is making sure that all of us are in her sight.

I was about to stand up to go to Uncle Lucas or William to have an answer right now, but Hana held my hand.

“Don’t add to their burden, Jael. You’ll have your questions answered. Later.”

Uncle Lucas went on the stage to announce that the event will be soon finished because of security problems. The guests were escorted accordingly to their cars, and I don’t know who is responsible for it, but he/she made sure that the media won’t feast on this.

When we were the only ones left in the big room, David went to our table with some guards.

“Let’s go. Follow me,” he said and carried Nami.

“Where’s Aaron and Rueben?” Hana asked while we were walking.

“They will follow.”

I held hands with Abigail because I saw her panic. The low temperature in here might be adding to what she’s feeling. That’s why I covered her back with myself and assisted her till we reach the place where David is referring to.

“Auntie, we have to send the twins for a while-”

“They will stay with me, David.”

Before they opened the door, Uncle William had to convince Aunti Elaine several times for her to send the twins away. They will stay in a separate room.

Auntie Elaine says she’ll be where her twins are, but she is needed in the conversation we’ll about to have with the police.

“The police are here? This late?” Sara asked.

This is some serious stuff.

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