Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 13: Dream

We had breakfast before leaving the hotel. Uncle Lucas, Uncle William, and Rueben already left when I woke up. We shared a long rectangular table.

“I hope all of you had a good sleep. Lack of enough sleep might affect your daily activities. Don’t let what the police said get inside you. We will find the one who did this to them so, you don’t have to do anything... just carry one with your everyday life. We want you to live your normal life just like before.”

Aunt Irene gave us a speech as soon as she sat beside my grandmother.

We tried to forget about what happened last night and just focused on the food and had a talk with our grandparents.

“I don’t think I can leave my family like this...”

Little did we know, Uncle Lucas has been persuading my grandparents to go back to Canada in the meantime. They’re old and they’re not safe. About the latter part, we don’t know it for sure but we have to be very careful. They were the reason why Valmonte Group is standing right before the eyes of everyone. It could be them, it could be just my parents, or it could be all of us.

“Your health will only deteriorate if you stay here,” Aunt Irene gave a fact.

“We will keep you updated. We have to prioritize your health, Dad,” Aunt Elaine said.

My grandparents are very old. They’re in their early 80′s. They have difficulty in walking so they’re both either with their wheelchairs or canes.

As much as we want to bond longer with them, we can’t. Uncle William told us to refrain from going outside. We can still do what we want but they informed us that there will be bodyguards that will be following us and they made sure they won’t inconvenience us or make us uncomfortable.

“I doubt that they will wake up soon. Especially, Arthur...”

I saw Sara stopped eating. Aunt Irene immediately changed the topic as soon as my grandparents left.

“Your father suffered from a traumatic brain injury. A cranial CT scan was done last week... he might not wake up for weeks or months. Worst, years... Z

I breathed heavily.

“How about Mom?” I asked.

“Your mom’s condition is better than your father’s. She did bump her head but not with the same intensity as your father did. She’s in a coma, too but as a medical professional speaking, she will regain her consciousness. We just have to wait.”

After finishing our breakfast, we went back to our rooms and prepare to leave. I notified my sister that I will not yet come home because Rueben summoned me to his office.

I heard a knock on my door and saw Aaron leaning there.

“You okay?”

“You’re still here? I thought you left with them already?” I said while making sure that I will not leave any of my belongings.

“We’re waiting for our ride,” he answered.

I nodded and sat down at the end of the bed to wear my sneakers.

“If you need help with anything or... you want to do something you usually do with Aunt Harriett and Uncle Arthur, you can always call me and David...”

I cleared my throat and smiled. Trying my best not to cry.

“Your brother will be busy managing what your father left. You know Sara’s chosen course has a strict schedule, too...”

“I know... I want to keep myself busy, too so I don’t have the time to think about it...”

Aaron sat beside me and hugged me from the side.

“You are too young for this...”

I snapped at him. “Hey!”

When I entered the building the staff greeted me immediately. Someone went to me and assisted me to my brother’s office.

“Should I order lunch for you and Sir Rueben, Ma’am?”

What time is it? It’s already lunch? But I just had breakfast back at the hotel.

“Yes. Anything will do,” I said.

He might be hungry because he left earlier than I do.

When I opened the door of his office, a pile of paper works welcomed me. He has three monitors on his side and a laptop in front of him and he was looking at all four of them.

He didn’t even notice me when I entered. Didn’t even lift his head when I shut the door closed.

“Are you the only one working here in this building? Why does your office look like Sara’s room? Do you have exams, too?”

I caught his attention for a while but eventually, he went back with his papers.

“I’m almost done...”

By the situation inside his office, I do not buy it. I put down my bag at his couch that has a pile of papers, too, and started to look at what the papers are all about.

“Are these the successful deals the company has closed?” I asked. Continued to wander around.

“Yes. Some of those have begun already, some are still for preparations and the rest will either start next month or months or next year, depending on how big the project is.”

“These much?” I surprisingly asked.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Without these deals, Jael you wouldn’t be able to buy those Saint Laurent heels.”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Get the isolated paper there at the counter,” he referred to his mini pantry inside his office.

“Can I read it?”

“You should read it,” he seriously said.

I started turning its pages and saw who’s the owner of the building that was renovated last year.

“Gabriel de Silva...”

“I think it’s that one,” my brother pointed out.

I was about to read more of what’s inside but someone suddenly came in. It’s Angela, my brother’s secretary with our lunch in her hands.

“Sir, Mr. Barreto has arrived. Do you want me to let him in or should I prepare the meeting room?”

She bowed a bit to me when she saw me.

“We’ll talk there. Order lunch for us and-”

“I already did. I didn’t know someone’s coming-”

“It’s okay, Ma’am. I ordered three servings,” Angela politely said.

“A-alright. Thanks.”

“We’ll see him in ten. Thank you, Angela.”

I saw Angela looked at my brother multiples times before finally seeing the way outside.

“Seriously? You should change your secretary,” I said without doubt.

“Why?” He asked and stood up.

“You should bever hire female secretaries. They will never get their works done. You should hire me instead.”

He gets his coat from the back of his chair and wore it.

“You don’t even know how to wash the dishes, Jael. Your hands are too precious, right?” He teased me.

“I wasn’t able to wash it because we have maids!”

“Right. Just use it to play beautiful music. Come with me,” he said and opened the door.

“To where?” I stood up.

“To achieve your dream.”

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