Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 14: Artists

My face is full of questions when my brother asked me if it’s okay if someone will join us for lunch. At first, I thought he’s asking permission from me because I cannot come with him but it isn’t.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Ramos. This is my sister, Jael Valmonte.”

A man that seems older than my father lend his hand in front of me and I immediately shook it with mine.

“Jael, this is Mr. Ramos, CEO of August Entertainment.”

My eyes widened at the thought that this person might be the one he’s referring to back at his inauguration. The one in the entertainment industry!

“G-good afternoon, S-sir,” I stuttered.

We sat at a long rectangular table even if it’s just the three of us. The food came and they immediately dived in. I took my time eating just bites because I just had brunch back at the hotel.

“So, Ms. Valmonte… I can’t believe Rueben has a talented sister like you,” he complimented me after finishing his food.

I smiled politely. “Thank you, Sir.”

“I believe she has the talent to sell out tickets in the biggest arena here in the country,” Rueben butted in.

I smacked him under the table but he just pretended that nothing happened and continued to converse with Mr. Ramos.

I understand that I’m his sister and he’s just being very supportive but being able to perform in such a crowd is out of my league!

“When are you available to go to my company and discuss the contract with my people?”

I looked at him with incredulity.

Is this for real?

I looked at my brother and he just smirked at me and sipped on his juice.

“Anytime, Mr. Ramos,” Rueben answered for me.

“Great! We’ll be expecting you then.”

Mr. Ramos already left but everything still feels like a dream to me.

“Did I just received an offer from a CEO of an entertainment company?” I already asked myself this question several times.

Rueben got tired of listening to all of my thoughts. After eating lunch, we immediately went back to his office so he can finish some paper files before the day ends. He told me that I can stay as long as I won’t bother him.

I volunteered to organize some of his documents that I can understand by just reading but the offer really bothers me a lot.

August Entertainment? Never heard of it.

I’m into music and artists but I never searched about what company they came from because I don’t care about those. What I care about is their talent and their styles when they’re singing.

I left the papers I was currently organizing and searched August Entertainment on my brother’s spare computer which he is not using at the moment.

“Careful not to close any documents. I’m not sure if I saved everything,” Rueben told me.

“Yes, yes.”

The Internet gave me a list of artists who are currently signed with them. My hand flew to my mouth to cover it because I saw a lot of famous artists with great songs. I also saw actors and actresses with their projects that specifically gave them a big break.

“Izek Jaimenacho Valderama.”

He is signed with them?! He’s my ultimate crush! He gets hundred thousand views immediately whenever he uploads a new cover! Will I able to see him every day if I agreed to sign with them?

“This entertainment must be one of the “

“Not one of the best, Jael. They’re the best,” Rueben said. “I already made my secretary search for different companies and agencies that are included on the Top 10 here in the country and August Entertainment is the best option. I hope you decide soon so I can-“

“But isn’t it too, early? And too sudden?”

He took his eyes off his computer and faced me.

“What do you mean? You don’t want it?”

I continued scrolling down the list of artists while I gave it a thought.

Our parents haven’t regained consciousness yet. The truth behind their car accident isn’t revealed yet. People who are involved might still be wandering and enjoying their lives while my parents are fighting for it. To sum it all, my family is not in the best situation for me to accept this. I know Rueben can be all out when it comes to my dream and Sara’s dream but… I just don’t want to be selfish right now.

“Instead of signing this contract, I can use my time to know more about the de Silvas…”

I heard a sigh from him.

“And I’m graduating this year. I will be very busy. I don’t think I could meet the demands. After all… there’s a lot that needs to be done before… this.”

I didn’t hear a word from him. Maybe he’s thinking why I have to have thoughts like these. I did not bother him. I know he’s busy and to disturb him is the last thing that’s on my list.

I was about to close the browser when a familiar name popped up from an article on their main website.

“Lucille de Silva donated half a million to the victims of the super typhoon.”

Wait… is she…

I went back to the list of signed artists with them and typed her name.

I thought I was mistaken but, no. She is under this entertainment company.

“What a small world,” I whispered to myself.

I tried clicking her name and she’s been signed with them ever since she started her career. There was no personal information about her on the website, just about the awards she received, the generous acts she was known for, and how good she is an actress.

Is this an opportunity? Does Rueben know about this?

He went out for a second to go to the restroom. I continued browsing names that might be related to her and her family but gave up, too.

They have a part on their website where there’s an album of pictures about the company’s gigs, out-of-town vacations, celebrations, workshops, and everything that an entertainment company might profit from.


I clicked on a specific picture and saw his face again. He’s with three more guys and they were named “Blank Pages”.

Hold on. Does he have a band? Is he signed with them? It says here that he is!

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