Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 15: Destined

My cousins and I decided to visit my parents at the hospital today. We gave Auntie Irene a heads up so she will know what time we’ll go. I found Sara shaving Daddy’s facial hair. Rueben hired a private nurse and other assistants but Sara insisted on doing stuff like these especially when she has free time or she has no exams.

“Any progress?” I asked as I give my father a kiss on his forehead.

“None,” she sighed.

I glanced at my mother who’s just beside my father. She’s still unconscious, too. Until now.

I sat beside her and leaned my head on her chest. I hugged her. I miss them so much. It’s hard when they’re not around. I hope they could open their eyes as soon as they can. I know they won’t leave us. They can’t leave us.

The sisters, Hana and Abigail came in with cooked breakfast from a near fast food store. The boys are not around because Rueben and Aaron are checking the security while David said he’ll just buy flowers for her mother.

“Let’s eat! I’m so hungry!”

In a swift, Abigail already set up the table. Hana is still fixing and arranging the plastic bags so the table will look clean and free of trash. We left Mom and Dad for a while so we can join them for breakfast. After praying, we immediately dive into the food.

“Where should I drop you off, Jael? I’m off to a café near here. My group mates are waiting for me there”, Sara said.

I gave it a thought. What are my itineraries for today?

“Shouldn’t you go to school for your enrollment?” Hana asked.

“I’ll go tomorrow for that,” I answered.

“Wanna go with me? I’ll buy some stuff for school?” Abi asked.

I shook my head. I already ordered online for my stuff. I am more comfortable shopping online than going to physical stores. Although my cousin is fun to be with, I just like buying things from the comfort of my room.

“I’m confused...” I started.

I don’t know if it’s safe to share this with them. I mean, we’re all girls. I’m sure they’ll understand. I don’t want to talk about this with my brother and my guy cousins because they’ll just tease me. I should grab this opportunity while they’re not here.

“About what?” My sister swallowed five fries altogether.

“Remember the... the guy that I told you about... back at Saint Laurent?”

“Yes. Mr. Arrogant?”

I twitched my lips at Abigail’s remark.

Well, he is arrogant.

“Yes,” I breathed. Trying to hide the shyness from my voice.

I am trying my best not to sound like I’m interested in him or else they might’ve got the wrong idea.

“What about it?” Sara looked at me.

I sipped on my hot chocolate before finally dropping the bomb.

“I met him again-”

“What? Where?! When?!”

Abigail didn’t even let me finish.


“WHAT?!” This time it’s both my sister and Abigail.

Hana is just silent at the side, eating her pancakes.

“And you didn’t even tell me?!” Abigail exclaimed in a dramatic tone like it’s a big deal.

“You didn’t tell me, Jael!”

Oh, my sister, too?

“Was it the one when Rueben fetched you back at Laguna?” Hana asked casually.

“You knew?”

“Aaron told me,” she answered.

“Aaron knew?” Now I’m surprised.

“Those two always chitchat. They always leave David behind,” Sara accused them.

“David’s just not the type to stick his nose into other people’s business,” I defended.

“Whatever, Jael. You’re changing the topic! When’s the third time?”

I bit my lip and my eyes went down to my food.

“Back at Rueben’s inauguration?”

My eyes widened when Hana told them that.

“You also knew that?”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“I was looking at you the whole time you’re singing and then I noticed something made you look surprised so I looked towards that direction and...”

“AND?” Sara and Abi can’t just wait.

“And I saw him. Mr. Arrogant. In a suit,” she finished.

“IN A SUIT?” Abi is still in shock.

“Wait, he had access? That’s a very private event. Does he have something to do with the company?”

That’s what I want to know, too.

“He said he came with a friend,” I answered, not even sure about it.

“Is this considered that you two are destined to meet?” Abigail blurted.

“Ciara Abigail, stop with your nonsense,” her sister glared at him. “You are too much engaged with the idea of them meeting at the same place for three consecutive times. Can’t it just be a coincidence?”

“So much for a coincidence...” Abi whispered.

Hana is always strict when it comes to intimate relationships. Rueben and Aaron share the same view with her. Sara is in the middle. She’s fine with it but also not at the same time.

“Coincidence? I don’t buy it-”

“He said it is,” I butted in.


I nodded.

“Well... the guy had spoken up. We should stop arguing about this,” Sara said.

“Fine,” Abi gave up when Hana didn’t stop staring at her.

We all finished eating. They were about to stand up when I decided to tell them about what I knew last day.

“Rueben and I met with the CEO of August Entertainment.”

“No way! Really?!”

“What happened?” Sara excitingly asked.

“I said I’ll think about it. I went to their site to know more and saw... him.”

“Him?” It’s Hana.

“Mr. Arrogant,” then I immediately covered my ears with my hands. Preparing so I would not hear their gasps and disbelief.

Abigail covered her mouth. Hana just stood there, shocked. Sara sat down again and leaned on the table towards me.

“You saw Mr. Arrogant on their website?”


“Is he an artist?” Hana followed Sara’s question.

“Yes. He’s the lead vocalist of their band-”

“You’re both singers?!”

I know right. I didn’t expect a guy like him to share the same passion I have. But let’s not judge him. Maybe... he has the voice. We do not know for now.

“You don’t have any plans for today right?” Sara suddenly stood up and cleaned her mess on the table.

“Yes. Why?” I’m confused.

“I’ll drop you off at August Entertainment. You should go and meet him!”

“Sara!” Hana disagreed.

“What? Let’s hear his voice. Maybe he has real talent behind his arrogant personality? We never know. If Jael and him fits perfectly-”

“They won’t! I’m going to tell Rueben about this!”

“I want them to do a duet!” Abigail joined the chaos.

“Stop it, you two!”

I watched the three of them as they argue about this. I’m curious, too. He and I keep meeting at unexpected places and times. I want to know what the world has been telling me all this time.

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