Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 16: Exposure

I thought my sister was just joking back at the hospital but look at where I am facing now. The huge letters of August Entertainment that are very visible at the top of their building welcomed my eyes as my sister rolled down the window of her car.

Billboards near here featuring their artists are countless. I’m not sure what exact event they have today but fans are waiting outside the building, organized in lines. I can’t see who’s artist/s is/are on their banner because they’re facing towards the other direction.

“Why did you drop me off here?!”

She just smiled and open the door of her car.

“Get out. I need to study with my friends,” she insensitively said.

“Just drop me off thereafter we take a left and-”

“Jael, come on. This company wants you to join them. Isn’t this your dream?”

I eyed her. She just wants me to meet that guy again. She’s lowkey rooting for our meeting again.

“If Rueben knows that you’re giving out your sister to some random stranger-”

“You shouldn’t consider him as a stranger when you’ll meet him for the fourth time already,” she said with a teasing smile.

Honestly, what is wrong with my sister?

She pushed me hard and I don’t want to make a scene with her here so I can still look decent that’s why I didn’t even bother to stop her. I gave her a death glare when she winked at me before rolling the window of her car up.

She left me in front of the building, standing here, don’t even know what to do or where to start.

Should I call Rueben? Should I ask him to fetch me or could I go to his office? But he’s busy. And he’ll just question me anyway what am I doing here.

The screams of the girls outside, mostly teens filled my ears again so I decided to go inside the building and leave them.

I went to the lady where I saw a counter and ask him if Mr. Ramos is in his office today. The audacity of me to go here unannounced and ask for the CEO.

“May I know your name, Ma’am?” She politely asked with a big smile.

“Elizabeth Jael Valmonte.”

I’m not a star yet but I think he’ll recognize me. After all, we just met last day at my brother’s company.

“Do you have any appointment with Mr. Ramos, Ma’am?”

I bit my lower lip.

“Uhm, honestly, none. I met Mr. Ramos at the Valmonte Development and Designs last day. He offered me to join his entertainment company. I just drop by today wondering if I could go look around so I can weigh my options?”

I am getting good at creating reasonable excuses.

“Let me check for a second, Ma’am.”

She phoned someone and I heard her say my full name. I think she was directed to Mr. Ramos’ secretary because I kinda guessed how their conversation went.

“Can you wait here at our lobby, Ma’am? Mr. Ramos will send someone to personally assist and guide you so you can reach him in his office.”

“No, problem. Thanks,” I said and sat at the couch beside the counter.

From here I can still see those fans outside. The artist they must be supporting might be a known one. It’s hard to have a fan base nowadays with a lot of incredible artists rising from different places.

The elevator in front of me opened and was shocked to see Mr. Arrogant.

His eyes directly went to mine too because he’s about to get off the elevator and I sense the amusement in his face, too.

I even unconsciously stood up!

His face of disbelief suddenly turned into a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Now that’s his vibe.

“This is just... wow...”

I rolled my eyes at his remark.

“What brings you here, kid?”

There he goes again.

I am not aware that I would meet him this early. I just got in the building. I could have met more random people while looking around, why him immediately among everyone?!

“I’m here to talk with Mr. Ramos,” I proudly said.

Wearing black jeans, a white shirt, and black and white flannel on top of it, he suddenly looked like he was younger. I don’t know how old he is but he looks young in this kind of outfit. Or his stylist prefers it for his fans?

“So you’re the girl he asked me to pick up?”

“Why would he make you pick me up? It’s probably another girl!”

I don’t want to come with him to Mr. Ramos’ office!

“There are no artists present here on the ground floor except for the two of us,” he said.

So he sings. He sings. He has a deep voice and I heard it when we met back at the shoe store but his looks were never the type to be a singer. Sometimes, you can tell or guess someone’s profession. There are just professions that speak for themselves.

“Just tell me what floor so I can-”

“You don’t want me as a company? Again?”

This is his naughty side. Always picks on me. I never saw his cold side again. Except on the first day we met.

“I just don’t want to be seen with you!”

He chuckled hard. The lady I talked to earlier looked at us. Even the guards.

“I should be the one who shouldn’t be seen with just a random girl,” he said that with an annoying smile and eyes that pierced right through me.

Random girl?


Just wow.

“Then maybe you should probably look around. I’m pretty sure this random girl isn’t who Mr. Ramos wants to summon in his office.”

I passed through him. I made sure I’ll bump him intentionally. I immediately pressed the button and wait for the elevator but he suddenly held my hand and pulled me outside the building.

“Let go! What are you doing?”

He did not speak. The guards were alarmed by the sight of us. They went to us because I signaled them that I need help but one hand dictation from him, they all remained in their places.

Who does he think he is?!

The glass door automatically opened and I heard someone shouted. What she shouted wasn’t even clear but the girls I saw earlier started to run to us.

The artist who’s in their banner started to look clear to me. It’s him. He with his band members, I guess.

“I said let go! What do you think you’re doing?!”

His hold on my hand is tight. He even let go of it for a second just to intertwine it with my hand. My eyes widened and I heard the gasps of everyone around us.

He pulled me closer to him. To his front actually, and he stood behind me. He lowered himself so his lips could reach my ears.

“Giving you your first exposure.”

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