Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 17: Lucille

The three of us are sitting at the living space Mr. Ramos had in his office. Zaron and I are facing each other while Mr. Ramos is in the middle.

Back when I visited their website I’m not sure which is his name from the list of members of his band, Blank Pages. Their names are not organized below their faces so I did not care to search his identity because I knew this day would happen, that we will meet again.

And unfortunately, I am right.

“Zaron...” the old man breathed. “We just had a conversation earlier about your naughty tricks and impulsive actions, did we not?”

That’s why he was asked to pick me up from the lobby? Maybe he was currently talking to Zaron that time when the lady from the counter called him.

“Isn’t she going to be a part of the family, too? Might as well give her an advance gift, Sir,” he said while looking at me.

Advance gift?


“I never asked for a gift from anyone,” I hissed.

“Trust me. You’ll need this.”

What? What was that? He said it like he was so sure that I can’t create my name in this industry.

“Still full of yourself?”

“Stop it, you two,” Mr. Ramos butted in in the middle of our fight. “What you did was very unprofessional, Zaron. You know how your fans are like. Now that they saw a girl holding hands with you, they will search for her on every social media accounts.”

“You just ruined my life,” I added.

He just raised an eyebrow at me.

Fans are very aggressive nowadays. Some of them are being so unreasonable. It just pisses me off.

“I can stop the articles from going online but your fans who are present here today will not stop until you confirm who she is. And what would you say to them?”

He leaned his back on the couch.

“It’s just easy. Let’s just do what we always do. Tell them she’s my fling. A crazy random girl who keeps on following me and-”

I splashed my water on his face. I am not yet contented that’s why I splashed Mr. Ramos’ water on his face, too.

He even had the confidence to smirk. After running his fingers through his hair to prevent the drops of water from falling to his pants, he looked at me.

“You can’t be this unprofessional, Ms. Valmonte.”

I am unprofessional?

“How would you be able to handle issues and despicable rumors when you became an artist? Would you just cry it off? Like a kid?”

Whatever he’s saying, it is not related to the issue.

“Are you happy stepping on someone’s dignity just like that? What did you say? Tell them I’m you’re fling? That I’m a random crazy girl who always follows you? Maybe you’re the one who’s crazy? I never expected something good from you the moment we first met. Guess what? I am so right. Just because your famous doesn’t mean you have the right to just choose people whom you will ruin lives like they were scheduled to be destroyed by you.”

He nodded several times and acted like what I said didn’t get his attention.

“I expected much of this speech from a kid like you. Driven by emotions.”

“I do not exist for you, Mr. Samaniego.”

I made sure I’ll look serious to him. Whatever crazy thinking he has, I do not care anymore. I am so done with this today. Too many unbelievable people and behaviors.

I bowed down to Mr. Ramos and gently brought back his glass that is now empty.

“I will stop my family from calling you. They’ll be furious but I assure you that I do not blame you for this. About the offer, I will decline for now. I am still studying. I don’t think I could do everything, especially with our family’s situation. I’m grateful that you have noticed my talent, Mr. Ramos. I am hoping to work with you in the future.”

I turned my back to them. I immediately leave the office before my tears would fell.

I hate it when I’m in a situation where I am the only one who is young and I know I had to fight for myself.

I am not just a random girl. I’m a Valmonte. My whole clan raised me and my cousins to have a mindset like that. I am not born to be used by other people. Especially for those whose personalities are out of this world.

My chest is heavy. It felt like something is stabbing my heart. I pressed the button and luckily, it opened immediately. I rode it and leaned on the very back part. When it was about to close, a hand came in between the doors so it opened again. Zaron Samaniego with his dark eyes pierced right through my soul as he entered and ride the same elevator.

I attempted to leave but he covered the pathway with his body.

“Don’t let your immaturity control you. You were doing fine earlier acting all strong and mighty. Why cry now?”

My tears automatically fell. I faced the other direction so he won’t see me while crying. I tried my best not to cry with any sound coming from my mouth.

I just can’t predict him at all. Earlier he was being so rude and now, he’s supporting my self-claimed independence and my almost-adult attitude?

“If you want to sign with this entertainment, go ahead. You don’t have to think of not doing it because I’m here. My band’s contract will end this week anyway. We will not see each other again.”

I also wished for that back when we were on his property but it never came true!

“Then why drag me in front of your fans? Why insult me and call me a crazy girl who always follows you-”

“Because you always show up wherever I am...”

“I said I didn’t mean it! I don’t want to see you either!”

“Me, too...”

The elevator made a sound and it opened on the right floor.

“I’ll clear the issues I made. You’ll thank me for the exposure I gave you. You might not understand for now but you will. I wish for your success.”

There’s a big mirror at the very back part of the elevator. Because I was facing it, I saw him looked back at me. We looked at each other in the mirror.

“Let’s not meet each other again.”

He left me like that. Right. We should not meet again. Abigail and Sara are wrong. This is not destiny. Because whenever I see him, I am always in a mess.

I got off the elevator before the door closed. I saw Zaron standing at the entrance like he was waiting for someone.

This building has huge glass windows and doors so the outside from here is very transparent.

A car parked in front and bodyguards got off it. After that, a lady got off next. They surrounded her even when there’s no paparazzi present. When they entered the building, the lady took off her shades.

“Lucille de Silva...”

Is that her? The woman who messed with my family?

But what shocks me the most is the fact that she went to Zaron and kissed him in the cheeks. She clung onto Zaron’s arms and they both went to the other side of the building.

What’s his relationship to that mistress?

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