Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 18: Crazy

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“What happened?”

My brother, Rueben came to me like lightning. He called me several times earlier because he wants to know my whereabouts but I couldn’t speak properly to him on the phone because of what I just saw.

I was so close to her. I could’ve gone to her and ask her if she’s my father’s mistress. But when she clung onto Zaron’s arms, it’s like I was trapped between prioritizing my anger or understanding what is going on.

“I saw Lucille de Silva...” I said without looking at him.

“What? Where?”

I was sitting at a cafe in front of August Entertainment. He told me to wait here, instead of riding a taxi. I glanced at the building. He immediately understood what I was trying to say.

“Let’s get in the car first.”

I followed what he suggested. Maybe if I try to move from my position right now my mind will be sent back to reality.

I visited their official website again. I am aware that she’s signed with this agency. I just didn’t expect that I’ll see her... with Zaron.

I made my brother looked at my phone. He parked the car somewhere peaceful.

“I’m sorry. I was too preoccupied with all the meetings. I didn’t get to do a background check on the artists under them,” he said in a sincere voice.

I shook my head. “It’s okay.”

I’m starting to think now that maybe Zaron and I always meet because he has something to do with me. Yes, he is. Now. Now that I saw what I saw earlier.

“I’ll make my secretary search for”

“There’s no need to,” I cut him off. “Rueben, that woman is working there. I have to be there, too. Leave it to me-”

He handed me a folder. I immediately opened it to know what’s inside and saw some sort of schedule of flights and places in the United States of America.

“There’s no point of staying there. She’ll be abroad for three to four months. Your classes will start next, next week. You have to prioritize your studies or else my hard work will not pay off.”

I knew it! I should’ve gone to her. If only Zaron is not there...

“When will she leave?” I asked.

“The day after tomorrow. Stop hoping. There’s nothing we can do for now.”

I let out a sigh violently. I can’t waste my time like this. Before my parents could regain their consciousness Rueben and I should have sorted everything out.

“Maybe there is...” I said to myself.


“Zaron’s with her earlier,” I admitted to him.

He could not understand anything of what I say. I guess he’s not that meticulous enough? I thought he already did a background check on Zaron when I told him about the guy I met back in Laguna.

“Can you do a background check on someone?”

“Who is it?”

“Zaron Samaniego.”

I got home early. I decided to get my guitar located at the side of my bed and go to my parent’s room.

I asked the maids if they could maintain everything inside like how it is on the day they got into the accident. Aside from cleaning and keeping the room free of dust, of course.

I placed my camera in front of me. I was so used before to sing in front of them whenever I successfully learned the chords and strumming pattern back when I was a kid. I struggled singing and playing the guitar before, too like anyone else. But thanks to the support and motivation my family has been giving me all these years, I knew I could do anything as long as they’re by my side.

“Another day has almost come and gone”
“Can’t imagine what else could go wrong”
“Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door”
“A single battle lost but not the war”

I remembered one time, one of my subscribers asked me if I could do a cover of this song. He said that his mother died and he found strength whenever he listens to this song.

Maybe this is the perfect time to grant him his wish.

“’Cause, tomorrow’s another day”
“And I’m thirsty anyway”
“So bring on the rain”

“It’s almost like the hard times circle ’round”
“A couple drops and they all start coming down”
“Yeah, I might feel defeated and I might hang my head”
“I might be barely breathing but I’m not dead, no”

A tear escaped my eye. I managed to stay still until I finish the third chorus.

“I’m not gonna let it get me down”
“I’m not gonna cry”
“And I’m not gonna lose any sleep tonight”

“’Cause, tomorrow’s another day”
“And I’m thirsty anyway”
“So bring on the rain”

After finishing, I recorded a short intro. And immediately uploaded it on my Youtube channel. Most of my uploads are raw videos. I do not edit it because I don’t think there’s a need to. I just start the camera, sing, and record for an introduction. That’s it.

My phone rang and it was my brother who’s calling.


“I sent what you asked for in your email. Go check it now.”

I grabbed my laptop and opened what he sent. I am still holding my phone, still placed on my left ear.

“The generous couple, Gabriel and Lucille de Silva is talking about legally adopting Lazarus Orson Samaniego, known as “Zaron Samaniego”, the lead vocalist of the band “Blank Pages” and also the teen who went viral in 2018 after uploading his original composition on Facebook and has reached 7 million views in a week.”

I almost read everything in a minute. From what age he became an orphan until the present including his current information and whereabouts.

“You’re not going to do it, Jael, are you?”

I heard my brother’s stressed voice on the other line.

“No, if I’m sane. Yes, if I’m crazy.”

I have to do it. I have to know the truth.

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