Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 19: Lunch

I went to the university as early as I can to proceed with everything I need to do for the enrollment of incoming Grade 12 students.

Abigail is already enrolled and she chose a different specialization so it doesn’t matter at all.

The procedure was easy. I was guided by kind and considerate staff. I’m familiar with how it works because I finished my 11th year here.

I submitted my requirements, took my photo for ID, fit some uniforms, and had a short conversation with my classmates. I am not really close with them. Abigail and I are classmates last year so we did everything together. I considered them acquaintances, not friends. Most of them are just after my family’s popularity. Abigail and all of my other cousins are so used to it.

I told my brother everything I will do today. He strictly told me to always text and call him if it’s really important. He wouldn’t mind dismissing a meeting just so he could answer my call.

I know Rueben thinks what I’m doing is dangerous. But it’s not. I can handle this. I’ll just be friends with Zaron. Nothing’s wrong with being friendly, right?

“I’m here to see Mr. Zaron Samaniego. Please, tell her Jael Valmonte is waiting at the lobby for him.”

The lady at the counter in the lobby was quite shocked by my entrance.

Wearing a casual outfit today, black jeans paired with a white button-down and flats, I am ready to discuss a negotiation with him.

I was all smiles until the lady from the counter approached me.

“Ma’am? Mr. Zaron Samaniego said that he is not available to meet with you right now. Would you like to wait for him or should I get you a ride?”


I gritted my teeth because of irritation. I faked a smile at the lady.

“It’s okay. I’m at fault for not giving him a heads up that I’ll visit him today. I can wait. I’m fine here.”

She looks hesitant but I assured her with a wide smile.

She was about to leave me when she suddenly popped a question.

“May I ask what’s your relationship with Mr. Samaniego, Ma’am?”


What should I tell her? That we’re friends? Are we friends? I splashed two glasses of water yesterday on his face but it’s because it’s his fault for insulting me!

“We’re friends,” I answered.

I wish for her to buy that.

I waited for a couple of minutes more. I’m sure he’ll go here to meet me. He should. I will demand an apology from him. I never heard him say sorry or apologize with a gesture. If he’ll apologize, I will apologize for my rude behavior, too yesterday. I admit that I got carried away.

“I’m not usually like that,” I whispered to myself. “He keeps on pushing me.”

It’s already lunchtime because I saw a lot of staff and artists going in and out of the building carrying nothing with them and going back with sorts of food.

I’m hungry, too. I had breakfast at home but I wasn’t full because I’m after the time to get here immediately.

“Ma’am, would you like to order anything for lunch? Should I notify Mr. Ramos that you’re here?”

Oh, about that.

After the articles about me and Zaron went online, my brother immediately called Mr. Ramos to settle the issue. I told my brother to not do anything that will humiliate me. Even Uncle Lucas wants to be involved but I said that there’s no need to make a big deal out of it.

Thanks to him I got fifty thousand people subscribed on my channel in just a day. The exposure he gave to me was worth it. That’s why I’m here to say sorry.

My latest upload got the people bombarding the comments sections with questions like:

“Is she Zaron Samaniego’s girlfriend?”

“Didn’t know Zaron has a girlfriend? She has a nice voice, too!”

“They should do a collab! That’s a given! They’re in a relationship!”

I haven’t had enough sleep because I was reading comments from both supporters and bashers. I stared at the picture of us that went viral where he’s holding my hand and looking at me. This one is a good shot for the paparazzi.

But we are just strangers. If they only knew that.

I waited for him near the entrance so he won’t have the chance to not meet me. Just as I was expecting, he’s with his bandmates.

The four of them got off the elevator and headed to the exit where I was standing. The lady approached Zaron and pointed at me. I flashed a smile when our eyes met but he gave me a poker face.

He just nodded at the lady and headed for the exit like he saw no one.


I stopped him from going outside.

“I was waiting for you-”

“Why are you here?”

His bandmates were all looking at me. I was a bit ashamed of my confidence to stop him. Some are looking at us. They probably think I’m a fan and I’m stalking him in daylight.

“I came to say something-”

“Didn’t I tell you that I don’t want to meet you again? You want the same thing, right? Or are you doing this on purpose because you want more subscribers for your Youtube channel-”

“Zaron, that’s enough,” one of his bandmates said.

A different one went to us and get in between Zaron and me.

“Chill, dude. She’s just...” he glanced at me before continuing his sentence. “Maybe she’s a fan, bro. Treat her nicely.”

“I am not,” I said with my eyes completely focused on him.

“Get lost,” he said with finality and left me with his bandmates.

The duality of this guy makes it hard for me to prevent myself from blowing up.

“I’m Nico Rilveria,” the guy in front of me lends his hand.

“Jael Valmonte,” I said in return.

“The rumored girlfriend?” A different guy butted in. “Oh, I’m Eli Carvajal.”

I nodded at him.

“Kit Navarro here. Do you want to join us for lunch?” Finally, the last member of their band introduced his name.

“Zaron will kill you,” the guy named Eli said.

Kit Navarro smiled and then his eyes disappeared.

“He won’t. I’m leaving the band. He’ll do whatever I want. Let’s go?”

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