Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 2: Kid

What a coincidence. Maybe her girlfriend and I have the same size?

The sales lady he just asked to assist him entered the same door where the lady who asked for my size entered earlier. I sat down on the couch, and he did, too, at the sofa across me.

When he removed his cap and ran his fingers through his hair, I heard the gasps of the other staff behind the counter. Wearing a black polo shirt and maong pants paired with white shoes, he looks young, but I’m not sure.

He sat and looked so manly in front of me. I pursued my lips, preventing myself from smiling as I saw how the female staff gushed over him. I get that he’s handsome, but how can they be head over heels over a stranger? Unless he’s a regular customer?

He suddenly lifts his face, and our eyes met. He looked at me with strange eyes, so I raised my eyebrow at him and looked away.

He might assume I am checking him. Boys nowadays are very unpredictable.

The sales lady who assists me came back with a box in her hands, and she went to me with a wide smile.

“This is our last stock for size 9, Ma’am.”

I happily removed my sneakers and fit them. The sales lady who assists the guy in front of me went back and looked disappointed.

Oh, I think I know what will happen.

“I’m sorry, Sir. We just ran out of size 9 stocks. Would you like to see our size 10?”

I saw in the corner of my eye that the guy looked at me, so I looked back at him, too.

What are you staring at? This is mine. I got my hands on this first.

“No. I need a size 9,” he said in a serious voice.

“Sir, if you like, we can place an order for you. You can come back next week-”

“I need it today,” he cut her off.

“We’re sorry, Sir,” they all looked scared because of him.

I don’t know who he is but a woman wearing a suit in her late 20′s came to him and asked him if he wants to look at the other designs.

Maybe he’s a big shot?

“Did you see me looked at other designs except for this?” It’s like he pointed a sword at the shoes I’m wearing with his eyes.

I put back the heels inside the box and placed them beside me.

“Go to another store and find a pair that looks exactly like what you need. It is very inappropriate to create a fuss over something this small. Stop making them feel like it’s their fault,” I said to myself while wearing my sneakers.

I really hate it when people like him use their authority or power to get what they want.

I might not know who he is, but I know exactly what he’s like. I’ve encountered a lot like him before.

“Checking inventories of products that are fast-moving in a store is a must. Of course, a lazy businesswoman wouldn’t think of that.”

All of the staff looked at me. When I looked at him, his eyes are focused on me, but he suddenly switched it to the manager.

“I’m talking to you,” he said to her.

I gritted my teeth and licked my lower lip before biting it and running my fingers through my hair abruptly because I just felt annoyed.

“We’re sorry, Sir. We’ll keep it in mind.”

After scolding the manager, I thought he’ll leave immediately, but he stayed and just sat there. Everyone in the store except him is confused.

“A-are you interested in looking at other designs, Sir?” One of the salesladies nervously asked when they realized what is going on.

He looked straight at me. “I told you before. I’m not interested in those. I. Want. That. Only.”

His stares are giving me the chills.

“Besides, you cannot tell me that you’re out of stock because I still see a pair of them in my desired size,” he added.

This guy is just unbelievable!

“I already have it. It’s mine! What else are you after for?” I scowled.

I failed to keep those thoughts inside my head because he pisses me even more.

“I haven’t seen you pay for it,” he answered back.

“I will pay for it! I’ll choose a couple more shoes, and I’ll pay for everything at the counter!”

“Then let me see it with my own two eyes. After that, I’d be more willing to leave,” he said with a smirk.

Let’s see whose time will go to waste, then.

I checked every shoe from shelf to shelf and in every single corner of the store. I picked out everything that meets my preference, and I made sure to waste time. I asked the sales lady to get a size 9 for every pair of shoes I picked. It will not be a waste because I can give this a gift for Hana, Sara, and Abi. For my Mom and my Aunties, too. I want to prove to this guy in front of me that I’ll definitely buy the pair he wanted the most!

“How old are you?” Someone asked while I fit a pair of flats.

When I looked at the sales lady beside me, she shook her head and used her lips to point the guy in front of me. My eyebrows meet when I saw him looking down at his cellphone.

What? Who asked the question?

“We’re the only customers here. None of the staff here are interested in your age. They only want your money,” he suddenly said.

I squinted my eyes before answering his question. If I tell him that I’m still a minor, maybe he’ll belittle me and take advantage of me.

I have to outsmart him.

“I’m 22,” I proudly lied.

I heard him chuckled. My forehead creased. The staff near me smiled, too.

“You look like a kid to me,” and then he scanned me from head to toe.

“Stop staring!” I shouted.

“And you act like a kid, too....”

Seventeen is already a teen, not a kid, Mister.

“If I’m still a kid, my parents will not let me buy all of these shoes in a single visit,” I answered back. “That would make me a brat.”


He stopped for a moment.

“So, where are your parents?” He asked.

I remembered the scene earlier at our house. I wonder where my parents are right now. Are they back at home? Are they still fighting? I erased all of those thoughts in my head and stood up.

“You should leave. I’m going to pay for these now, and it might hurt you, so....”

He smirked and licked his lower lip because of the insult I gave him.

He didn’t leave as I expected, so I ignored him and paid attention to my shoes while they fall in line towards the counter. Everything was going well when my phone rang, and it’s Abigail who’s calling.

“Where are you? We have to leave,” Abigail sounds different.

“What? Why?”

“I’ll tell you once you got here. Just come here-”

“Wait, I can’t understand. What exactly is going-”

“Now, Jael! I need you to leave now!”

I panicked out of the blue. I gathered my things and was about to pass by everyone, but I stumble on a pile of shoeboxes, and my face almost hit the poor, but the guy in front of me was able to catch me.

I felt his firm hold on my hand and the other on my waist.

“I-I have to go....”

“What about the-”

“I said I have to go!” I pushed him and left the store immediately.

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