Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 22: Fall

Rueben drove me to school today. The three of us had breakfast in the hospital before he drove us to our schools. We dropped off Sara first at her school before coming here.

It’s still early. We just wanted to visit our parents together at the hospital because this is the only time Rueben is free. After this, he’ll go back to the company to finish his work.

“How’s school?” He asked.

“Fine,” I answered while finishing my drink. “Zaron’s here, too.”

He looked at me for a while. I’m sure he has the same questions I have. But isn’t life making it easy for me? I mean, I don’t have to worry about not meeting him again or joining the band because whatever happens, I can always find and meet him in school.

“So... are you, two friends, already?”

I shook my head.

“He’s so cold... and rude to me. But sometimes he isn’t. I’m not sure what kind of person he is yet.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t continue and just trust me on this,” he said in a soft voice.

I stopped sipping on my drink and faced him.

“You said Lucille is currently in the States. I can’t sit and just wait for her to come back after three or four months. What if Daddy and Mommy already regain their consciousness that time-”

“It’ll be better. We can just ask Dad directly-”

“And you think he’ll tell us the truth? You and I shouldn’t be here in the first place if Dad told us everything in the first place. Do you still think he will? He changed...”

He looked away. His grasp on the steering wheel tightened.

“I know Dad’s your role model... but I love Mom, too... and what he did is just wrong.”

“I know, Jael. I just don’t want you to be so attached to that Samaniego. We never know what might happen. You might-”

“I might fall in love with him? Oh, come on!”

I laughed at his remark. That only happens in books and movies!

“The possibility of me falling in love with the enemy is zero-”

“He’s not an enemy, Jael. The de Silvas is our target-”

“He will be. Soon. When the adoption process is finalized. Besides, I don’t think I can like someone who doesn’t like me back. That’s just unrealistic and... tiring?”

He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Girls your age often fall for boys who ignore you. You like the bad boy type. The one that breaks the rules for you. One that challenges you and triggers the potential in you. And usually, the one that you won’t end up with.”

Right. You don’t end up with your first love.

“Go inside and study hard. Do not prioritize Zaron. I’ll do the best I can at my end.”

I watched Rueben’s car disappear before heading to my classroom. It feels like just another day. It starts to feel boring now that I don’t have someone by my side. Abigail and I often meet up when we have the chance but most of the time, she’s with her classmates and that’s fine.

I haven’t seen Zaron for the past few days. But today’s Friday so I guess I’ll see him.

Valmonte Family Group Chat

David Lawrence: Who wants to go to the movies?

Movies? Why does it have to be today?

Me: Can’t we just go tomorrow? I can’t come today. :(((

David Lawrence: Why?

Iris Johannah: Jael’s busy. She can just watch it some other time. What mall?

Aaron Vaugh: We’ll leave Jael behind?

Ciara Abigail: I can’t come, too. I have a group activity.

Samira Allison: I’m free. Don’t you dare back out. My schedule is full next week, this is the only time I can go out. Please.

Rueben Thiago: Aaron, you’re coming? Don’t you have work? Should I tell your father that you’re slacking off?

I put down my phone and waited for Zaron. I hope my cousins will have a good time and not bicker too much so they can enjoy the movies.

Zaron suddenly sat in front of me. A group of college students that wears the same uniform as him sat at the table beside us.

“They’re with me. We have to finish a presentation for next week so-”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. You don’t have to explain, I didn’t ask,” I said without a pause.


Zaron and I started. He started asking about the topics I have in mind. If what I want to write is about love, dream or family.

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly.


“I don’t know. You suddenly asked me for original composition and my life’s been a roller coaster ride lately so...”

Every time I don’t know what to answer Zaron’s questions, I always glance at his classmates at the next table. They’re all serious and quiet. I feel uncomfortable but it’s inevitable.

“Focus,” Zaron caught my attention.


“Do you like someone right now?”

“Huh? I-i don’t...”

“Impossible,” he commented.

My forehead creased. What’s impossible about that? Promise, I don’t. I might have crushes on the showbiz industry like actors and singers but in real life, I have no one to look up to.

I looked at him again while he’s seriously explaining to me the tips on how I can start.

I have no one to look up to maybe because no other guys teach me things aside from my family.

Zaron’s the first.

“You can write about your first meeting with him and narrate how you exactly felt. Love songs are easy to create. You just have to be true to yourself.”

Do I just have to be true?

Should I write a song about my plan?

I lifted my eyes to Zaron who is currently facing his laptop when one of his classmates ask a favor from him to send something.

Should I write a song about him?

Should I make him believe that it’s him who I like? Will there be an increase in chances when I made him believe that I want him?

Should I make him fall for me, too? You open up and talk with your partner all the time right? Is this the easiest way available?

No way... there should be another way. I’m here to be friends with him and join the band.

“Valmonte,” he called.


“Are you listening? I already told you what you need to do. Reminisce the past and start writing.”

What came to my mind is our meeting at the shoe store. That’s the first time I felt so intimated and furious at the same time. When he shows up where I am and his duality became visible, I always felt like I need to prove myself to him. He ignores me. He’s not a bad boy but he’s rude.

This is literally what Rueben said earlier.

I think I will have to like someone now. Even if it’s fake liking.

He looked at me intently before speaking up again.

“Stop staring at me. Write the first sentences you’ll think of and I’ll check it later,” he stood up and went to the table where his classmates are to check on something.

I dialed Rueben’s number so I can call him.

But when I thought of it, I know he will not agree so I erased it instead and focus on the composition.

What should I do to make him fall for me? Should I sing for him?

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