Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 3: Saudade

I was running so fast to get to where my cousins are. I bumped into many persons, and I didn’t have the chance to say sorry because I was so nervous to the point I couldn’t breathe properly.

Why is Abigail like that? What happened?

The tips of my hair are pounding against my shoulder because of my high pony. From afar, I saw Aaron and Rueben waiting for me outside the car. They looked disturbed, and it made me scared even more.

“W-what’s happening?”

“Get inside now,” Rueben commanded.

Aaron opened the door for me. Abigail is crying, and Sara immediately hugged me.

“H-hey... what’s wrong? Why are y-you all being like this?!”

No one’s answering me. I feel like I’m about to go crazy!

“Drive now, David!”

I started crying. Hana is comforting Abigail because she keeps on sobbing even though my cousins already told her to stop.

They all rushed inside the house when the car stopped. Rueben held me because my knees are weak to even walk. What on earth is happening? No one is even summarizing it for me!

“Go, go, go!”

Rueben and I were the last to enter the house because of my small steps.

He opened the door, and darkness welcomed us.


The light was suddenly lit, and a giant banner that’s hanging across the whole living room shouts, “Happy 100 000 subscribers!“.

I don’t know what to feel. It felt like something gigantic fell from the sky and hit my head.

The maids were positioned in a straight line. Some of them hold cakes with single big letters on them that say, “100 000”. Others are holding balloons.

“You guys are so...” I couldn’t finish my statement because I’m about to burst out in laughter.

They all clapped and laughed. David even jumped from couch to couch.

“I didn’t know I’ll be needing these many tears just to make you happy, Jael,” Abigail said sarcastically while wiping off the tears from her face.

“I was about to laugh when I saw her tearing up,” my sister said.


“Have you seen Aaron’s face when he shouted, “Drive now, David!” Hana narrated and burst into laughter, too.

My brother hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead.

“Congratulations. We are all proud of you.”

I am so grateful I get to share this achievement with them. My life would probably be so dull without them.

It turned out I already reached my goal while we’re at the mall, and they prepared everything, including their acting behind my back.

We shared the food with all the household helpers, and I sang a song for them, too. After having a great time, we all just stayed in the living room. We honestly occupy the whole of it when we are complete because we are everywhere.

“Oh, shoot!”

I suddenly remembered the shoes. My precious heels!

“Why? What’s the matter?” They asked.

I told them everything. From how that guy spits his arrogant aura to the staffs to looking down on me because I looked like a kid to him

“You should’ve called me,” David said.

“Stop it, David. It’s all over now,” Sara stopped him.

“Maybe the heels were for her girlfriend,” Hana commented.

“But I liked it first! I asked for assistance first, but I’m sure he already bought it because I left the store....”

I assured them that it’s not their fault. I can order those heels anytime online, but the surprise they prepared for me is, of course, irreplaceable.

“Hana, is that a new book?” Aaron suddenly asked.

“Yes...” Hana answered.

“When did you buy that?” I asked.

“Earlier at the mall when I managed to escape from your sister,” she said it out loud for Sara to hear.

“Haha,” my sister rolled her eyes.

“Title?” It’s Aaron again.


“Saudade?” We all asked together.

Is that even a word? Surprisingly, I haven’t heard of it.

“It means both happy and sad at the same time,” David gave the answer.

Sara put down what she’s eating and looked at David to confirm what he just said.

“There’s a word for that?”

I pouted my lips and think about it. I turned to Hana and gave her a confusing look.

“Is that possible? To be happy and sad at the same time? One of the two should weigh more, right?”

Hana closed her eyes and the book.

“That is exactly why I’m reading it. Silence people!”

We let Hana have some time alone with her new book. They decided to watch a movie before going home, but I insisted on watching a Korean drama instead. They were all busy browsing on Netflix, so I decided to go to Rueben and ask him if he knew what Mom and Dad might be fighting about.

“Where’s Mom and Dad?” I asked while eating the cake.

“They haven’t replied to my texts yet.”

“Did you try calling them?” I asked.

“Not yet,” Rueben said.

I glanced at Sara, and she’s just sitting behind David waiting for my cousins to pick out a drama.

“Earlier... before I left the house, Mom seemed mad about something. They look like they’re fighting.”

Rueben checked his phone for any replies, but still, he received none.

“Are you sure? Maybe you just misunderstood her actions?”

I shrugged my shoulders and get my phone to dial Dad’s number.

“I think he will not pick up, Jael. I’ve been trying-”

Surprisingly, he answered the call in no time. Rueben went near me because of it.

“Hello? Dad? Where are you?”

“May I ask what’s your relationship to Mr. Arthur Valmonte, Ma’am?”

An unfamiliar voice of a girl enveloped my ear.

“I... I’m his daughter. Who’s this? Where’s my father?”

I didn’t know my voice went loud a little bit because of shock. All of my cousins turned their heads to me.

“Mr. Arthur and Ms. Harriett Valmonte are inside the operating rooms. They are brought here after their car crashed on a tree. Will you be able to go here, Ma’am or do you have someone in your family that is available to fill in the necessary details?”

“Who’s that, Jael?” Sara asked.

My cellphone fell to the ground.

Rueben acted immediately. He picked up my phone to continue talking to the nurse and get his keys to start the car’s engine.

The boys joined him while the girls went to me and ask endless questions. Abigail is panicking. Sara is shaking me to spill the situation while Hana is just standing in front of me, observing me and trying to grasp the situation.

So this is what saudade feels like, huh?

I don’t like the feeling it gives.

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