Perfect Harmony

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Chapter 8: Help

Because of the tears, my eyesight started to blur. I couldn’t see anything, so I use my hand to wipe off the tears, but I forgot that I threw that guy some dirt with my hands, so it eventually went inside my eyes that just added to the pain.

I cried louder and wished that Rueben and my cousins would be here anytime, but I cannot reach for my phone because my eyes hurt so much. Someone held my arm from behind and made me faced him.

“Stop running away from me,” he whispered, and I knew it’s him again.

His hand was firm, holding me to stop me from doing anything impulsive again.

“W-what’s that?” I asked because I still cannot fully open my eyes.

I felt and heard water. That’s when I knew that it was bottled water he was holding. He made me form my hands into a position where he could pour the water there, and I can use it to wash off the dirt from my eyes.

I washed my entire face, and bits of my hair in front got wet and. While I’m still making sure that there is no dirt left in my eyes, he suddenly placed the strands of my in front behind my ears so it won’t get in my way.

Our eyes met, and I glared at him.

I removed his hand from my face. “Do you have multiple personalities?”

He showed me a grim face.

“You’re arrogant and inconsiderate but have a conscience at the same time,” I said and stepped backward for us to have some distance.

I fixed myself and shook my clothes for the dirt to come off. I can still feel the pain in my eyes.

“How about you?” He suddenly asked.

“What now?”

“Back at the mall, you act like you’re all grown up but today....”

He didn’t finish his sentence, and he just looked at me from head to toe and squinted his eyes.

“I said don’t stare at me!”

I glared at him before turning my back at him. I started to walk again, bearing the pain in my feet. My alarm rang, and it’s time to go home. But how can I go home instantly in this state? I’m literally limping right now.

I should call Rueben.

“Where are you?” His question welcomed me.

“Come pick me up,” I said in between my breaths.

“What happened? Where exactly are you, Jael?”

The guy is now walking with me as nothing happened.

“Are you for real?” I asked him.

He really is unbelievable, isn’t he?

He just looked at me with his poker face.

“What?” Rueben, on the other line, thought that I was talking to him.

“Not you. I was talking to someone,” I answered.

“You have company?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “A company that I want gone.”

I saw him smirked at the side. I rolled my eyes at him and just focused on my conversation with Rueben.

“Bring me a pair of shoes and some first-aid kit. If Sara is available, tell her to come... if not, I could wait until we get home. I’ll text you my location.”

I ended the call immediately before Rueben starts to ask endless questions. First, I got to get rid of this guy before I totally lose myself because he stresses me out.

“Stop following me,” I said, not looking at him.

“If I stop following you, sooner you’ll get lost and cry again... kid.”

I stopped walking and faced him. I don’t know what he wants from me, but he’s starting to push me to my limits.

“Don’t talk like you are years older than me-”

“I am older than you,” he seriously said.

“Then how old exactly are you for you to be treating me like this?!”

This is what I hate the most. Treating me like a child. I don’t know with other teens, but this really triggers me.

He walked towards me and went near enough so he could feel my anger for him. I did not back down. Why would I? He insults me in every possible way he could, and I hate it.

“Old enough to know that minors like you tend to act like an adult when someone looks down at you because you hate it,” he breathed. “More than anything,” he added.

I stepped towards him. “Stop babbling and just answer my question.”

He got down on his knees and lifted my left foot. I almost lost my balance, but he held my hand, so I did not fall to the ground. It will be the third time today. If he did not keep me from falling, I don’t think my butt will cooperate anymore.

“Suddenly interested in me?”

“As if!” I tried to kick him, but he dodges each of them.

“I don’t date minors,” he continued.

“Excuse me?! I also don’t want to date old geezers like you!” I sneered.

He stood up and glanced at me. I was confused for a bit about what he’s about to do, but he scooped me up in a swift and walked back to where we’ve been.

“What are you doing? Put me down! I can walk!”

“You can, but before you get out of this place, your feet will be swollen enough, and you won’t be able to walk for weeks.”

For weeks? That can’t be! The event is bound to happen this week, and I should be there.

Guess I have no choice but to ask for help from this jerk.

“Then just carry me to where the road is, and from there, I’ll wait for my-”

“You’re too young to have a boyfriend,” he commented.

Every word that comes from this guy’s mouth just always leaves me speechless.

“Why do you talk like you know everyone?”

He always concludes things about me when he doesn’t know my name. Anyone in my situation will also be frustrated when they meet a person like this.

He did not respond. He just continued walking.

“When I get out of here, I hope to not cross paths with you again,” I whispered, but I made sure he will hear it.

“Tss. You trespassed on my property. That’s not what I want to hear from you.”

I gave it a thought. So he really owns this place? Does that mean he knew about my parent’s accident?

“Have you... heard about a couple’s accident here... a week ago?”

I looked at him, and he’s just looking in front of us. He’s focused on where he was going.

“I heard, but I’m not interested. Why?”

I bowed a little bit.

“N-nothing. I just... remembered. That’s all.”

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