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Sebastian was adamant to distance himself from love but will he be able to keep his distance when he will meet Amelia... Two different people from two different worlds will they stay together or will Sebastian leave her...

Romance / Drama
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Amelia's POV

Dr. Amelia Beckett is completing her fellowship under Dr. Jessica Drew, a world renowned neurosurgeon, in Hill Crest General Hospital. She lived in a small apartment alone in Seattle .Her parents lived in Maple valley a peaceful, suburban area.

‘ Dr Beckett to the ER' announced from the speaker. Immediately a brunette with her hair tied back in a low ponytail came into the ER.

I rushed towards the ER door, through which a man with a drill in his head was brought in on a stretcher by the Paramedics. I took him into the trauma room and examined the wound and checked his vitals. The man has regained consciousness. After talking to him I got to know that he was fixing the roof of his house on a ladder when the drill slipped from his hands and drilled through his scalp. I ordered a head CT stat to know the exact position of the drill and what structures it pierced through. We informed his wife about his condition and she rushed to the hospital. After getting the head CT, we shifted him to the OR to remove the drill. I was a fellow now, so Dr Drew trusted me with such cases. The drill didn't go too deep in the skull and luckily it didn't pierce through the grey matter. It was a simple procedure, I will apply pressure to remove the drill carefully without damaging any nearby structures and then check for any bleeding and suture the wound.
There were no complications so I completed the surgery in an hour. The patient was shifted to the recovery room. I checked his vitals every half an hour. He woke up and looked at his wife sitting in a chair near him. I performed a quick neuro-exam and he passed.' He will be discharged in a few days' I assured his wife. She thanked me and I smiled while walking out of the room.

An arm pulled me across the hall. I turned and saw Katherine pulling me. That's Katherine Miller, my best friend and my only real friend. It was really hard for me to make friends when I was young, I am a very shy person and it was difficult for me to trust people as all my so-called friends in school just needed me to help them with their homework. They used to hang out and play games together but no one cared about me as I sat alone on the ground. I met Katherine in medical school and she was able to tear down my walls and see through me. She could read me like a book. She was the only one who knew everything about me and still loves me. She is fun-loving, positive and strong. She is good with people. She works in the same hospital. She is a fellow under Dr Sloan in general surgery.

'You are coming with me tonight wherever I take you, no questions asked.' She said in an assertive tone. 'Why, when, where?' I asked. ' So much for no questions asked' She rolled her eyes. ' Amelia Beckett, tomorrow is your 28th birthday and you are not spending it in this hospital alone. I am taking you out tonight. You will get dressed nicely and let this hair of yours loose.' She yelled. 'Shhh, we are still inside the hospital, Kate. I will go out with you .. Ok...but stop being so bossy.' I said.

She came back with me to my apartment which was just 15 mins walking distance away from the Hospital. She brought a duffel bag with her which had her dress and few clothes she brought alone as she was staying the night with me.

My apartment had a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a small living space with a couch near the window with a centre table, a small kitchen and a small storage room which I turned into a small closet. It was a cozy little space with all the essentials. There were few family photos hung on the wall behind the couch. My room had a canopy bed, a study table which had a lot of stationery placed on it as I was obsessed with it, a small bookshelf which had all my study books. A few paintings were near the window which I made. I painted when I needed to stop overthinking about stuff, it calmed me.

Kate placed her bag in my room and yelled ' Get your ass here and wash off that formalin smell. I am not taking you out smelling like that.' I had 2 back to back shifts, what else did she expect?

Kate took a shower first and got dressed and started doing her hair and makeup. I stepped in the shower, took a nice long bath and washed my hair. Kate picked out an outfit for me. It was a backless pastel pink slip dress. She made me buy it months ago when we were out shopping. 'I don't do dresses. I will wear pants. ' I said. She turned around, narrowed her eyes and said ' We are going to a club, not any medical conference that you are gonna wear PANTS. Have some fun Amelia... you deserve it....you have worked really hard to be where you are.... reward yourself.' If it wasn't for her I would have spent my whole college life only studying. She was right, I am too uptight sometimes. I nodded and got dressed. She blowdried my hair. I applied some moisturiser, compact, eyeliner and blush pink lip balm, which was makeup for me.

After 15 mins, a cab pulled in front of the apartment. I quickly wore my heels, looked at the door behind me and entered the cab. Kate told the driver the address. It was a new club named 'VIVRE' ( Translation: LIVE) and how she managed to get the tickets to the club is beyond me, this girl has her way.

We reached the club, paid the driver and entered the club. It was beautiful, the lights changed colours with music beats. It was packed with people, there were 2 stripper poles in the centre and girls were dancing on them. There was a bar near the stairway which was guarded by men wearing black suits. Kate found a free table and pulled me towards it. We don't drink alcohol so she bought two mocktails for us. I don't know why people think that the only way to enjoy is alcohol.' Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight... This dress is so sexy.' I smiled and nodded at Kate's remark. We started conversing while she checked out boys. There were a lot of handsome men but no one caught my eyes. We went to the dance floor and started dancing. I loved dancing, it was my escape from all the stress that my life brought. Sometimes I put on my earphones and danced mindlessly in my room. As we were dancing, I felt a hand on my waist. I turned around and saw a tall, well-built man behind me smirking. I was disgusted
by his expressions. He tried to pull me close but thanks to all the defence classes my father made me take, I punched him under his jaw and tackled him to the ground with my knee on his back while tugging his hand back. People around us looked at me with wide eyes like I was too delicate to do something like that.

We went back to our table. I sighed. 'I am so sorry.' Kate said with guilty eyes.' Why are you apologising for an idiot who can't control himself? It's not your fault, Kate. There are all kinds of people in the world and how they act isn't on you. It's on them. And I had a lot of fun tonight.' I comforted her. She looked down on her phone's screen before bouncing up and down. ' Happy Birthday Amelia.' She hugged me which instantly brightened my mood. 'Thank you I replied.
' Let's go home. We will celebrate there. I am done here now.' She said. 'OK, Let's get out of here.' we walked out and called a cab.

My phone rang as soon as we reached back into the apartment. I glanced at the screen, my mom and dad were face timing me. Diana and Robert Beckett, my mom and dad never missed it, Ever since I moved out of home for studies, this was our tradition. I picked up, they were beaming with joy but were a little sad as I was not with them right now. They wished me, after talking for a few more minutes, I hanged up. I went into my room and Kate was laying down on my bed scrolling through her phone. I went into the bathroom and changed into my PJs. I sat down on my bed, Kate wished me again with a hug and dosed off. Thank God I don't have any shifts tomorrow as I was so tired. I slid into the covers and dozed off.


Author's note

I hope you liked the first chapter... I am looking forward to your comments.
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