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Azalea Martinez is the head of the IT Department at Marc Technologies and a skilled hacker. She might seem like an average 24-year-old on the surface, turns out she is nothing but. After the death of her parents, she learned that she has a brother, and is now determined to find him. To the ordinary people in New Orleans, Dante Romano is the CEO of Romano Industries. To the people of the underground world, he is the Don of the Italian Mafia. Dante is said to be ruthless, and arrogant; he has never let anyone break his walls down after he became the Don at a young age. What happens when they cross paths with each other? Will Azalea be able to bring his walls down? Will fate bring them closer? Read more to find out...😊 DISCLAIMER!: The image used for the cover and the other images in the book do NOT belong to me. I only own the editing. The credit goes to the respective owner(s).

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Hey there!

First and foremost...I would like to thank you for giving this story a chance. I REALLLY appreciate it.

This is my first ever story on Wattpad, so bear with me...

If you’re a first time reader, welcome ! But if you’re a re-reader, why are you here ? (Not that I’m complaining....)

Please don’t copy this story !

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods without the author’s permission (in this case, me).

Don’t copy it word for word. In other words, get your little copy and paste selves out !

But, I swear, if you do just that, I will not hesitate to shove a stick so far up your butt that you will be able to see it when you yawn. (I’m kidding.....maybe not....*cue an evil laugh*)

No, but, seriously, if there’s anyone who copies my book, I will take necessary actions. If I’m being honest, it does make me a little sad that authors have to address to this matter. Copying someone else’s book (even after they copyrighted it) is wrong.

This book has been published only on Wattpad. If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in it’s original, safe, form, please go to Wattpad. Thank you. (Also, please inform me)

The entire story is in English other than a few sentences.

Spanish And Italian are NOT my first languages, so there might be errors in translation. If there are please tell me, so I can correct them.

The translations will be given so you won’t have to search for it on the Internet. There will be a few translations that will not be there because they are mean to be known a little later.

PS, if you find anyone copying this book too, please inform me.

Also, if you don’t like the book, don’t read it. The door to constructive criticism is open...use it but please don’t hate; it’s heartbreaking.


1. This story line was created by myself and not copied. If there are any other stories like this already out there, it is purely coincidental.

2. The pictures in this story do not belong to me; they are from the Internet.

3. This story contains swearing. (You have been warned !)

4. There might be spelling errors.

5. As you read the chapters, vote for them if you like it. It’s not so that I get votes, but it’s so that I know which chapters you enjoyed and which you didn’t. This will help me improve my writing.

6. Please remember that this book is fiction. DON’T take it to heart if the character has an opinion about something that you don’t support or don’t agree about.

7. Also, if you’re going to argue in the comments, tag me so I can enjoy like the others 😏☕

8. Edit: I have a new book out called ‘Mi Reina’. You may like it because it revolves around the mafia too.

Okay, enough of can read now. Enjoy!

Peace out, Nuggets!!


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