Playing Cupid

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Austin has been the School Cupid since his freshman year. Now a senior he wants to do some good since he'll be off to college next year. So when his next door neighbour Layla, who he had a crush on as a kid asks for his help with matchmaking,he sees it as his golden opportunity to do good. But will his plan be successful or will he catch feelings. Will he be able to continue playing Cupid for Layla

Romance / Humor
Namara Roy
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Chapter 1

It's six thirty in the morning but I'm super energetic and yes you guessed it. I'm so excited because it's Valentine's week. My last one to be exact and this year I wanna do an extra great job which means getting up really early to write names on the cards and also to make sure my choir is ready in case someone orders a singing Valentine's week special. By now you may be wondering what Valentine's week is and why I'm rambling on about singing specials and cards and other Valentine-ish stuff like that. It's pretty simple, Valentine's week is the week of Valentine's day and I'm writing names on cards because im resident Cupid at our school. And speaking of Cupid, he needs a choir which means I need to call Thalia.
I call her and she picks up after the first ring.
"Hey Thalia. Hows it going?"
"Why the hell are you calling me at six thirty in the morning?"
"For someone who doesn't want to be called at six thirty, you sure answered quick."
"That's because my phone was on my cheek."
"I'm afraid to ask why."
"Because my brother glued to my face while I was asleep."
"Oh my goodness. Did Tyler really do that."
"Yes he did and you will probably never hear from him ever again. Cause I'm gonna murder him."
"Anyway, that's not why I called. I called to ask if the choir is ready."
"By choir do you mean me and three of my cousins."
"Call them what you want just tell me they are ready."
"They are just calm down."
"Thank the Lord. See you at eight."
"Ok, just go back to bed. Please."
"Can't make any promises."I hang up and get back to writing names on the cards.
Once I'm done writing names on the cards, I get ready for school. I make sure to wear something red because as I said before I'm Cupid. I go downstairs for breakfast and I'm met by a plateful of cheesiness. My mom left me a message on my plate about how she's happy I've been doing this Cupid thing since I started high school and how she's so proud of me. I love my mom and I wish she could have told me all this stuff herself but I bet she had to go in for an emergency surgery or something. She's a life saver but I wish she was here. I finish my breakfast(bacon, eggs and a heart shaped pancake) and grab my skateboard and head to Thalia's house.

I'm on Thalia's front porch ready to knock on the door when I hear screaming. I burst through the front door and I find Thalia eating an apple while trying to stiffle her giggles. Her cousins Marisol, Nicholas and Astrid also known as my choir are sitting beside her and giving each other weird looks.
"Thalia. Why?"I say.
"He stuck my phone to my cheek."
"Hey Austin" Marisol and her siblings say to me. At the same time. They've always had this kinda telepathy thing going on. I mean they aren't even the same age. Marisol is our age, Nicholas is one year younger than us and Astrid is a year younger than Nicholas.
"Hi guys. Please quit that."
"Quit what?"They say at the same time. Again.
"Guys, this is why I can't have anyone over."
When Thalia says that is when I realize that we haven't found out what she did to Tyler. So I mention it.
"Thalia what did you do to Ty-."
At that second Tyler runs down the stairs. With bright red hair. Oh Thalia.
He comes screaming,"Thalia what the hell did you do to my hair?"
"I switched your shampoo with a dyeing solution. It's the least you deserve for gluing my phone to my face."
Marisol and her siblings are trying to hold in their laughter. They fail miserably and burst into a fit of giggles. I'm pretty sure I see orange juice squirt out of Amber's nose. I do not have time for a Grace Twins fight so I need to get them to stop.
"Tyler and Thalia Grace," said Mrs. Grace. Damn did the woman know how to command a room.
"Mom, Thalia dyed my hair red."
"Im tired. Can you guys please go to school and when you get home, we can discuss this. Plus I think I have a temporary solution to you're problem, Tyler."
"Is it a wig. Plus can we hurry this up. I'm Cupid remember."
"Oh right,"Thalia says,"I can give you a ride."
"Thank you for reminding me why I came here in the first place."
"Wait, what about me. I can't go to school like this."
"Tyler calm down. I can take you to the salon so they can fix your hair."
"But... You haven't punished Thalia. I mean.."
"Tyler,'You should just take several seats and try to restore the peace and control your urges to scream about all the people you hate'"
"I'm pretty sure that's Taylor Swift," I say.
"Hey Mrs.G, see you later cause we need to get going.", I say.
"It's okay I get that being Cupid is important to you guys so you can go."
"Ok bye.",this time we all say it. Then we run to the Cupid car. Well it's actually a mini-van. .
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