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Chapter 6


Giovanni navigated us back to the city, the journey was silent and distant. I was in a bad mood, a mood that sucked and drained the energy from my body. I spaced out, watching out of the window as the bushes and trees soon turned to a grey expanse of road and highway. Cars passed by in a blur and before I had realised it, we were pulling up to my apartment building.

The city breeze swirled around me as the door opened beside me. Giovanni’s hand reached out and I willingly took it. He pulled me out of the vehicle, allowing my feet to hit the concrete gracefully. His grip tightened around my fingers, not letting me go and I found myself looking up at his emerald orbs. His touch was sending goosebumps up my arm and I couldn’t escape the intense gaze.

I wasn’t sure what he was doing but his eyes were searching mine. For what? I didn’t know. The moment lasted a minute before his grip relaxed, satisfied with the silent exchange.

My sandals clipped at the pavement below me as I entered the building. The concierge opened the door for me and I offered him a weak smile as he tipped his black cap at me.

The elevator doors finally opened to my penthouse, the soft light from the skyline penetrated the curtains and reflected gentle rays across the marble flooring.

I slumped onto my couch, throwing my bag and shoes out of the way. I pulled out my phone, searching through my contacts until I reached Oli’s number.

“Hey girl!” He squealed down the phone.

“Hey! What’re you doing tonight?” I asked while I buried my face into one of my cushions.

“Wanna go out?” He asked before I had the chance to. I could hear the excitement in his voice and I, myself, was beginning to shake off the funk of a mood I was in.

“You know it!” I retorted, throwing the cushion across the couch.

“See you at Lucio’s. Eight pee emm.” He sang down the phone to me and hung up.

I jumped up from my position, suddenly feeling a little better. A night out with Oli was just what I needed. I sifted through my wardrobe, scanning the multitude of outfits that I had but nothing was calling out to me though.

“I wonder.” I spoke aloud to myself, tapping my chin with one finger. I edged to the bedroom window and sure enough Giovanni was leaning handsomely against the town car. One thick arm was crossed over his chest, while the other hand was scrolling through his phone.

I slid into my shoes, grabbing my bag and then an apple from the kitchen island. Retail therapy was just what I needed. It was three in the afternoon, meaning I still had plenty of time to find an outfit and get back to get ready.

Giovanni’s face never faltered as I exited the building. His attentive hands opened the door immediately and before I stepped in I handed the apple.

“We’re going shopping in the big apple.” I smiled up at him and he nodded perplexedly.

We headed to fifth avenue, parking up on the curbside effortlessly. Giovanni completed his routine of opening my door and guiding me out. We were standing in front of Dolce & Gabbana, one of my favourites.

“Nicely done.” I winked as I commended his choice of designer. I took a step towards the door before turning on my heel to face those daring green eyes. “I need your help.” I spoke firmly to him but with a smile. With little more than a blink, he closed the car door and followed me into the store.

His deadly steps echoed behind me as I trailed the racks of dresses and outfits. My fingers danced over smooth fabrics and glittering designs. I picked up some dresses and Giovanni took them from my hand hastily.

“What are you doing?” I quizzed. He held his hand up in the air with the garments hooked over one finger and cocked one eyebrow at me. “Okay, but that wasn’t the help I needed.” I shrugged and he continued to follow me, remaining two steps behind.

We reached the back of the shop and I gestured to one of the dressing rooms. He handed me one of the dresses, a gold sequinned piece with an open back that almost reached my backside. The front dropped down my chest revealing plenty of cleavage. Probably too much. The front and back were held together by thin gold straps on the shoulders, making me wonder just how securely it would hold everything.

I took the garment and headed into the curtained enclosure. Shifting out of my leggings and blouse, I slipped into the gold disco ball of a dress. I pulled the curtain open to find Giovanni seated opposite me while the dresses hung over his arm. He was sitting almost relaxed in the chair, his legs were parted and his free arm rested on the arm of the chair. He was gently brushing a finger across his plump lips as I stood in front of the mirror.

“What do you think?” I asked him. There was nothing but the music that filled the space between us. His silence was beginning to really bug me and I wasn’t sure how much I could take.

I sauntered forward, placing each hand on the arms of the chair. I was almost certain his eyes flickered down to my chest for a brief moment and a pang of achievement buzzed around me.

“You don’t have to talk to me, but a thumbs up or down will suffice.” I peeled myself backwards slowly and he remained stoic. “Fine.” I rolled my eyes and I took the next item from him.

The next outfit was a silver sparkly piece, long sleeves with a low front. The dress wrapped around and tied at the waist and finished around the middle of my thighs. I twisted around, checking my reflection in the mirror before exiting. The dress didn’t quite appeal to me but it was an option.

I removed the curtain and stepped out of the dressing room. Once again, Giovanni’s expression never changed and I convinced myself to ignore him. I picked up the final dress that he was holding and stalked back to change.

I was now wearing a white ruched mesh dress that hugged my body beautifully. It had spaghetti straps and stopped just above my knees. I didn’t remember picking this one up but it certainly fit well and colour brought out my recent tan.

For the final time, I stepped out of the room.

“Can you help please?” I asked Giovanni as I turned around. “The zip.” I motioned to my back.

I could hear his mezzo footsteps getting closer and a shiver spilled down my spine in drips as I felt his presence.

His fingers gently stroked down the bare skin of my back, sending tingles even further south. I clenched my lips and my legs at the same time as a thought of those fingers continuing their path invaded my mind. I could feel his hot breath tickle across my neck, meaning he was close enough to whisper words only I could hear.

The zip pulled up painfully slowly and soon he backed away. I could see his reflection in the mirror as I checked the fit. His green orbs trailed up and down my body, burning my skin with desire. He raised a thumb in the air and my eyes stared at the gesture for a moment.

“You like?” I asked inquisitively.

He dropped his hand and stepped forward, undoing the zip swiftly. I only wished we were somewhere more private for him to be undressing me.

Whatever this man was doing was working. He could be hot and cold all in the same moment. I wasn’t so sure him being my driver and guard was such a good idea.

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