Loving Killian Armani

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Octavia Williams has decided to move away from her family. After 3 years in college and 2 years of living with her best friend. Octavia is beginning to realize that she doesn't need a man. That is until he walks in. Drama surrounds him, can Octavia handle that?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Octavia Williams

"Williams, where's my latte?" Shit. I was running so late I forgot her drink.

"The machine was down, do you want me to get it from somewhere else?" She rolled her eyes.

"No, make sure you cancel me 6 o'clock. I'm leaving early to have dinner with my son." I nodded. "Oh, and Williams, make sure I get my latte tomorrow." She walked into her office. I knew I fucked up.

I knew who I had to call. "Brina, I need a quick favor." I knew she would have my back. I then called Mr. Adler to cancel their meeting. As I waited for Sabrina to show up, I decided to file out reports for Ms. Black.

"Tavie, I've got you covered." I smiled as I saw the beautiful woman I have called my best friend for 2 years now.

"Life saver," I stated. I stood up and kissed her cheek as I grabbed the latte from her. "I love you and I will see you in the morning." She left a cup on my desk.

I walked into Ms. Black's office. "Williams, just the thing I wanted to see." She actually likes me more than the other assistants she's had. "I need you to proof these." She handed me binders of edited books. "I need these done by Wednesday." That literally only gives me two days.

"Of course Ms. Black. I also pulled a few strings to get you your latte." She smiled when I put the cup on her desk.

"A little late but it will do. Get those done. I'm thinking a fruit salad for lunch but also something hot. Get me a fruit salad and a lovely hot chocolate." I nodded. "I'll take that at noon. Now get out." I did as told and went to my desk.

"I don't understand why you work for the Wicked Witch of the North." I looked up to see a fellow colleague.

"She's not that bad. Besides, you work for her too." He rolled her eyes and walked away. Okay. I just ended up pulling out one of the binders and started reading it.

"I thought you had work tonight," I questioned her.

"No, I took it off because I have a date with a guy tonight." I rolled my eyes. I loved her. Although she went on a lot of dates.

"Are you still going to the wedding with me?" A guy bumped into me. I saw a man sitting against a wall.

"Octavia, are you there? I said I'd go." I wasn't even paying attention.

"Yeah, I'm going to call you back." I noticed a red splotch on the man's shirt. He tried to stand up. "Woah, are you okay?" He hung onto the wall. He staggered along it. Fuck it, I'm so going to get fired for this. I went to him. "If I fucking get fired for helping you, I'm going to be pissed."

I helped him get back down onto the ground. "What are you doing," He asked as I lifted up his shirt. Damn his voice was sexy. I looked up at him. He had brown hair and green eyes. I looked back down to the wound. How the hell did this man have a six pack?

"I'm fucking helping you. Who the hell stabbed you?" He didn't answer me. "Whatever, you are fucking lucky I always carry a first aid kit." I poured some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball before attempting to clean the wound.

"Fuck, I just need to get out of here." I rolled my eyes. I used some gauze and surgical tape to cover the stab wound.

"Get your ass to the hospital to get some stitches. Next time be fucking grateful. I stopped the bleeding for now." I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"Wait," He said trying to stand up. "Fuck," he said as he finally stood up. "Thanks." I just rolled my eyes. The sound of a phone ringing caused me to stop walking away. I searched all my pockets before realising I left it on the fucking ground. "Whose Babe with 2 hearts?"

I went over and picked it up. "None of your fucking business." As I was walking away I answered it. "Hey, we literally just talked."

"I know but when I come in tonight what do you want?" I just smiled.

"My usual order of coffee," I told her while smiling. She brings her dates to the restaurant we work at.

"No food?" I froze. He was right behind me.

"No, I can't eat right now." She knew my terrible eating schedule. Although, I knew she was worried. "I promise to not pass out again tonight. I'm still blaming it on the heat," I told her while laughing.

"It's not a joke, Tave, you could've been seriously hurt." She paused for a moment. I was so close to the café. He was still behind me. "Is this about the wedding next week?"

"No, it's not about the wedding. Although I'm scared to wear heels. My mom's family isn't like it is on my dad's side. My dad's side said that my pregnant cousin was the same size as me. My mom's side, tries to make me fat. There's a huge difference." She sighed. It wasn't until I walked into the café did he stop following me.

"Is it the nerves of it though?" I wasn't sure on that one. She knew that. "I'll just bring you a coffee," there was a pause, "and a bagel. I've got to make sure that my girl is healthy and not passing out at work." I just laughed and placed Ms. Black's order.

As I waited I couldn't help but think about the man in they alley. What the hell happened? Why was he following me? He was a dick? Yet, he was extremely attractive. Fuck, I cannot be thinking about guys right now.

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