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"Scenes of you were fleeting as time ticks on, so I want to capture that one perfect moment of you that I could hold dearly, close to my heart so...please let me do just that." plot © ext artwork © rainnu_ on twitter

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the you who i'm always chasing after


A cough was heard behind you which caused you to snap your neck around to look at who was standing behind you. Your cheeks burned when you heard the words that came out of his mouth;

“Are you done mindlessly staring at the vending machine?” You could practically hear the thinly-veiled irritated tone that laced his honeyed-like voice that belonged to the boy that stood behind you.

His comment surprised you before you hastily pressed a random button on the vending machine; waiting for a few seconds for the drink to fall down.

Once it finally did, you made a quick grab for it and scurried away with the unknown drink in your grasp — not before giving the boy a hurried discreet glance to fill in the gaping hole of curiosity that stirred within you.

Ruffled blond hair and blueish green eyes that somewhat reminded you of a puppy. Your eyes widened by a fraction at the awfully pretty face that belonged to him.

You caught yourself staring before he did and silently chided yourself for shamelessly gawking at him before making a quick turn around a corner.

Unbeknownst to you, you had left without taking your change of money with you.

The tall blond sighed in mild annoyance — taking your change and his drink along with him, making a mental note to give the change back to you later (if he does encounter you).

Though, he did had his doubts with him; perhaps, you were doing this to gain his attention? Some girls did say that he was rather attractive or the typical trope of the ′cool and aloof’ type and that they were attracted to him solely because of that and boy, did he find that annoying as hell.

If he was being brutally honest, he was starting to have second thoughts about this situation and was a little wary of the girl that previously used the vending machine before him — what if you were like the rest of them? He wasn't willing to experience another encounter like that ever again.

He had too many to count with his fingers now.

The blond sighed through his nose, before making a final decision to give the change back to you and get it over with and hoped for the best that you weren't part of his fan club.

A fleeting thought flew into his mind as he walked back to his class,

"Coffee? What an odd choice for a girl like her."


You gazed at the change that was given by the attractive yet aloof blond just a moment ago before he hurried back to wherever his class was located at.

You shoved them into your skirt's pocket before making your way to your track and field club.

A burning sensation licked at your cheeks as you thought about how cute the blond boy was acting when he tried to give you, your money back.

It was rather adorable of him, considering how cold he looked during the lunch break where the two of you first encountered.

Before he went off to somewhere, you were given an opportunity to discreetly glance at his face; which was surprisingly flushed a crimson red that reached until the tips of his ears and the endearingly bashful look he has painted on his face when he swiftly turned on his heels, avoiding eye contact entirely during the whole meeting after you mumbled out your thanks.

A feeling of warmth bloomed inside of you.


Kai gazed longingly at Hyeri as she was busy talking to Mr Hiro and observed the way they interacted during lunch break.

It was a change of scenery for once since he was having lunch somewhere on the school campus and he hated to admit but he was actually feeling kind of bored too — other than busying himself with staring at Hyeri without getting caught red-handed by her.

As he was so indulged in his own staring, he didn't notice another figure came to him and spoke a few words to him;

“Hey, your food is slipping from your fingers.”

He jolted in his place, as he craned his neck to whoever spoke those words to him; a pretty face came into his view with eyes twinkling in amusement as a knowing smile plastered on your lips.

Kai knew that you knew he was staring at Hyeri unabashedly and unbelievably long and it was starting to not be discreet anymore, the longer he stared at his friend (crush).

“It’s none of your business.” He coldly scoffed at you, sending you an annoyed look despite the obvious blush painting his cheeks which lessens the whole ‘intimidating’ look he was trying to put on.

“Perhaps, it’s not,” The girl in front of him chimed airily, “but, I’ve come to an obvious conclusion that you have a crush on your friend, yeah?”

The way his shoulders tensed and how his posture just stiffened right away answered your question despite the fact that he didn't voice out his answer.

An amused smile etched on your lips, replacing the timid smile you once had.

“You’re not so good with talking to girls, aren’t you, Kai?” You teased, a hand covered your shit-eating grin that made its way onto your face, “and here I once thought that you were one of those cool and aloof boys that my friends like to gushed about but,” you paused, watching the way his eyes widened at your assumptions,

"You’re honestly just a shy, awkward, sweet little boy—” the giggling you were trying to suppress managed to slip out of your lips.

You watched the way his blush darkened on his face as he tried to send you a cold glare; a sharp look in his blue eyes but that look reminded you of a kitten that tried desperately to be intimidating because he looked more embarrassed than anything.

“Say, why don’t I help you with pursuing after her?” Kai didn't know what made him agree with the terms you had given him; perhaps, it was the way you present yourself or maybe, it was because your presence was oddly comforting to be around despite your annoying tendencies to poke fun at him relentlessly about his feelings for Hyeri.

He was sort of glad that Hyeri befriended him on the day they first met because it made everything a lot easier to tolerate girls nowadays.

In fact, he was also kind of glad (though he didn't want to admit it out loud) — that he had made acquaintances with you, the girl with the stars in her eyes - on that faithful day — he had learned your name from one of his friends that were good friends with you after being sick of you constantly giving him weird fake names.

A blooming friendship between the two people was manifested on that day.


Kai noticed that you have a liking towards strawberry milk and milk bun or anything sweet in general — it seemed quite baffling to him since the girl herself was far from ’sweet​​​​​​′ and you were, in fact, quite blunt and seemingly quite playful in nature despite your whole appearance that deceived many because it made you seemed like you were a rather reserved girl with not many words to spare.

However, in reality, it was quite the opposite and when people befriended you in the first place would get thrown off by the huge contrast in both personality and appearance. Though, sometimes, you have that faraway look in your dark eyes whenever he caught you staring off into space and that soft smile that wasn't quite there etched on your soft-looking lips.

The starry-eyed girl had been helping him quite a lot with his feelings towards his friend, Hyeri by making him memorise a bunch of flashcards and making him get gifts for the aforementioned girl.

Hyeri, being her oh-so-oblivious self thought of them as platonic gifts instead which frustrated the duo to no end.

“Hyeri is quite dense, it’s almost painful to see you fail like this—” a ragged sigh made its way out of your lips as you leaned back into the bench the two of you were occupying, “—it’s only a matter of time that I’m going to lose my shit over this.”

You sneaked a quick glance at the blond that was sitting beside you; noting the way his shoulder slumped slightly in defeat. Your expression softened at the sight before rising up from the bench,

“Cheer up.” You took a cheese bun out of your sweater’s pocket and handed it to the sulking boy. He glanced up at you with wide eyes before gazing at the cheese bun in front of his face and grabbed it after mumbling a quick thanks to you.

“You’ll attract her attention next time, I’m sure of it.”

In contrast to what you had just uttered, you could feel your stomach twist uncomfortably at the idea as something inside your chest tightened.

Be still, my beating heart.


“Hyeri is going to be your fake girlfriend!” Yuka exclaimed as you nodded your head, quickly agreeing to the rushed plan.

It has been quite some time since their first day as second-year students and a quite handful of the female lowerclassmen population had set their undivided attention onto Kai, the seemingly ‘cool and aloof boyfriend material’ — as to what those lowerclassmen girls like to describe him as.

“I didn’t agree to this—” an angry blush rise up his neck to the tips of his ears when he heard the two girls discuss his problems and decided to take the matter at hand by themselves.

“—blah, blah, blah, shut up, Kai,” you rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms against your chest, “we’re doing you a favour here, c’mon, it’s almost painful watching you gazing at her longingly with lovesick eyes!”

Yuka made a sound of agreement with your statement. The raging blush on his face deepened.

“I don’t...I—”

“Shut up, we know you like her so give it up already and grab that chance!” Yuka huffed, pointing at Kai, “cheer her up while you’re at it, will you, she’s been moping around!”

A defeated sigh escaped his lips, “...fine, I’ll do it.”

A content smile made its way to your lips.


You somberly stared out into the window while having multiple thoughts running around in your mind. It was pouring heavily today which fit the melancholic mood you were in.

“Was it a good idea for making them follow the whole plan?” you thought to yourself while sitting in your seat next to the window.

It was definitely out of character but you were rather glad that you weren't in the same class as Kai and Hyeri were in despite the fact that you were quite fond of the former and yet, here you were being uncharacteristically pleased that you weren't going to have to deal with Kai making lovestruck eyes at Hyeri.

That somewhat gave you a bitter taste at the back of your throat as your stomach churned uncomfortably in the slightest.

It was seriously starting to get under your skin, if you were being honest with yourself because you did not take a liking


“—because I love you!”

Hyeri was surprised by the sudden confession from the blond in standing in front of her, cheeks flushed, burned by the warmth of his blood pumping from his heart that was pounding a little too loud for his liking.

He wondered if she could hear it, blaring so loudly for her to notice his love towards her. His endless affections tried to overpower her love towards her first love.

Meanwhile, you stood by the sidelines, by the shadows that shrouded over your lone figure, watching as the two of them - watching him confess his undying love and affections towards the first girl he ever liked in his entire life.

The ache in your chest was amplified by the scene. You ignored it, brushing away the feeling that tried to devour you from the insides, consuming you from within.

Was it jealousy? You knew why, it was something you tried to deny since you weren't the person who put the stars in the sky for him to be gaze at.

You were only the person who was nosy enough to help him get to the person he held affection for. You were nothing but a mere messenger for him.

A bridge for two people to cross and meet.

Taking a deep breath, you walked past the window that displayed the two figures, ignoring the stinging in your eyes.

You sniffed, tears pricked the corners of your eyes, threatening to overflow.

In the end, despite everything you've told yourself.

You fell for him anyway.

Someone untouchable. Unreachable.

He, who was beyond the horizon. You, the person who chased after him endlessly.

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