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Chapter Three


My family was not too happy when I missed the rehearsal dinner last night. I had to deliver twins, and I ended up in surgery. I didn't make it home until after midnight.
I made it to the hotel room and was greeted by a room full a frat guys and flasks. I'm supposed to be the best man, but I have failed terribly.
"Sorry about last night, man." I gave Kevin a pat on the back.
"I knew when I asked it was a risk, still can't think of a better man to have at my side."
"It's an honor, Kevin."
He pulled me off to the side. "Sorry about Claire and Garrett. If he weren't my brother, I swear he wouldn't be here today."
Garrett was the black sheep of the family.
"It's buried far in my past, I'm over it, so don't worry about it." I lied; I am still pissed to this day.
"Good! Here, take a few swigs." He handed me a flask. "Keep it, it was supposed to be a gift last night, so I did one better and filled it up for you." He said.
There's a golf course at the hotel, so we entertained ourselves for a few hours before heading up to our rooms to get ready. The bride must come from some serious cash to have such a big elaborate event. From what I understand, Claire has made good friends with the bride, otherwise, she and Garrett wouldn't be in the same room. I heard it was a messy breakup and it serves them right, in my opinion.
I went back to Kevin's room where I found him cursing at his tie.
"Here." I reached for it and helped.
"Nervous yet?" I asked.
"Fuck yeah. To make things worse, I had a thing for the Maid of Honor a few years ago, and Elle has no clue. She's her cousin to make it even worse. I should have told her, and if she finds out now, she will think I kept it a secret." He explained.
"Didn't you?" I asked as I finished his tie.
"Not really, well, maybe. I really pursued that girl, and I thought Elle wouldn't want anything to do with me if she knew."
"I guess this means I'll be escorting this girl tonight?" I asked as he worked on his sleeves.
"Yeah, but watch out for that one. She's gorgeous, but a real heartbreaker." He warned me.
"How serious was this pursuit?" I asked.
He stopped. "I've slept with her if that's what you're asking."
"If she hasn't said anything by now, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about." There was a knock on the door, and the rest of the guys stepped in to give him a hard time.
"It's showtime, boys." My uncle popped his head in, and we all headed downstairs.
I stood by him at the altar, and damn if he isn't swaying like he's going to pass out. I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to chill out.
Finally, the music started, and the first bridesmaid came out, she's a cute girl. Then another, and another, then Claire who literally took my breath away. She has always been a beautiful girl, but I refused to make eye contact. The ring bearer and flower girl were both adorable, but then someone else came into view.
"Oh, shit." I said under my breath.
"I told you she's gorgeous." Kevin said, and I already wanted to laugh, but when she saw me, I saw pure horror on her face. It took everything inside me not to bust out laughing. She walked to the other side and away from my immediate view, then the bride entered. Kevin started crying, and I almost lost it again. I guess laughing would be inappropriate.
"You did good, man." I patted his shoulder, and he nodded his head.
"I know." He sniffled.
I would love to be in his shoes someday, just not with a woman like Claire.
I leaned forward to look at my cute little patient, and she was standing with a serious face and as white as a ghost. I wasn't looking forward to the wedding, but by then my night is looking pretty damn good.
I zoned out during the ceremony and thought about the girl's office visit that day. That exam goes down in the record books for most awkward patient encounter yet. The moment I opened that exam room door, I could not believe my eyes, then she spoke, and it got a whole lot better. Nora Tate, I could never forget that name. She was the first and only patient I ever felt any attraction toward in my entire career.
Kevin and Elle exchanged vows, and now the fun started. They walked out with the children behind them, then Nora came into view and reluctantly hooked her arm in mine. She didn't say a word, but I could guarantee I had one hell of a smirk on my face. We walked, and she nodded at people. I think she might even had been blushing. As soon as we got outside, she buried her face in her hands.
"What's wrong?" I asked with a smirk on my face.
"Are you kidding me?" She asked.
I laughed. "It's okay, I see patients all the time outside of work."
Granted, none are as cute as this one.
"This just isn't right. Never in the history of weddings has the Maid of Honor had to be escorted by her gyno."
I laughed.
"On the bright side, we already met."
"Oh my god, you played with my...downstairs!" She gasped in horror.
"I did not play with anything. I am a professional, Nora. It's okay, I promise."
"Why? Because mine didn't stand out? I gave you allergies!" She face palmed.
"Well, I wouldn't say yours didn't stand out..." I teased.
She gasped and groaned.
"I'm just kidding, here take a swig." I reached into my breast pocket and pulled out my flask.
"Thank God!" She took it and took a long swig of whiskey, and I wondered if she emptied it. Yep, I knew right then it was going to be a great night.


There's no damn way that wedding could have gotten any more awkward. I was mortified my gynecologist was the best man. I would have been fine if I would have had a normal visit. I hoped I'd never see this guy again. For some reason, when I'm around him, I can't form a normal thought, let alone speak like a normal human being and that’s still true to this day.
We took photos, and I just knew my face would be as white as a ghost in those wedding photos. Was it not devastating enough that he was my gyno, but he was also cousins with an old fling? Damn, are they going to compare notes about my taco? I shook that thought off and we went into the reception. It was time for introductions, so we lined up with Jessica in front of us and Elle behind us. I didn't say a word, and he stood there with a big grin on his face.
"Miss Jessica Deetz, with groomsman, Garrett Reilie!" Everyone clapped as they walked out.
"Give it up for the Best Man, Dr. Jayson Stone, and the Maid of Honor, Miss Nora Tate!"
Yep, that did it. Jessica bent over laughing and pointing at me, then whispered in the other girl's ears. Now the whole bridal party was laughing at me, minus one bridesmaid, Claire.
Jesus, only me...
They introduced Elle and Kevin, then we were set free for a little bit, but I didn't escape quick enough.
"Dr. Stone, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Jessica, Nora's cousin and best friend." Jessica introduced herself.
"I'm pleased to meet you." He shook her hand.
"How're the allergies? I heard they hit you pretty hard the other day." She busted out laughing, and I froze, which meant I couldn't reach her to scratch her damn eyes out.
"Much better now, thank you." He answered with an amused look on his face.
"I have to go... umm, powder my muff...I mean my nose!" I ran off in complete embarrassment.
Powder my muff? Oh, Jesus Christ!
I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was a damn joke that night! I shook my head, then reached into my clutch to touch up my lip gloss then reminded myself it was just one night, and I would never have to see this guy again. When I walked back out, Jessica was at the bar, so I hightailed it over there for something strong. As soon as she saw me, she started laughing. "You said he was more than hot, but Jesus, Nora, he's a God!"
"I told you, and now I can't even speak like a normal human being." The bartender looked at me. "Rum and Cum please," Holy shit, my mouth was broke! "RUM AND COKE!" I corrected myself with shame.
"Damn, onto the hard stuff tonight, huh?" She laughed with tears in her eyes, and I glared at her.
"Powder your muff?" She started laughing again. "Rum and cum? Jesus, I'm sticking close to you tonight." Her mascara would run if she kept laughing so hard.
"It's not that funny!"
"No, it's fucking hilarious." She busted out laughing again.
I threw my drink back and asked for another one.
"Damn, slow down, or you'll have Gah-Gah drank under the table in no time." We both looked over, and our great grandma was throwing back a shot.
"I'm so screwed, Jess." I shook my head.
"Why are you so freaked out? It's not that big of a deal."
Right, has she seen me around this guy?
"He looks at kitties all day long, I'm sure he didn't memorize yours." She snorted when she laughed.
I sighed. "He makes me uncomfortable."
She didn’t respond before we were called out to the dance floor, and of course I was expected to dance with none other than Dr. Stone. He came up and got me, then lead me out to the dance floor.
"I'm sorry, I'm such a clutz with words around you. Usually, my mouth works very well, some even say perfectly..." He started laughing.
I looked up at him. "I did it again, didn't I?"
He laughed and nodded.
"I'm a journalist. I mean, I'm good with words, usually. You make me nervous." I said, and he smiled.
"Why? Because I'm your doctor?"
I snorted. "A really hot doctor that already fingered me."
I sighed and shook my head. "I give up."
He chuckled. "You're fine, I'm flattered, but you need to just take a deep breath and relax. Umm, do you know the bartender? He keeps winking in your direction."
"Pfft, like you've never said that before, look where that got me," I said, then looked at the bartender who just winked, somebody shoot me. "I have no clue what that bartender's problem is." I lied.
"Come with me." He took my hand, and we skipped out on the rest of the dance.
"Where are we going?" I almost tripped, but he caught me.
"To talk and get the awkwardness out of the way, come on."
He walked me out to the pool and took off his shoes.
"What are you doing?"
"Just take them off and pull up your dress." He said.
"Hey, just because I showed you my taco once doesn't mean you get to..." I said, but he cut me off.
"Just put your feet in the water."
"Fine" I gave in.
He took off his socks, then rolled up his pants before he helped me sit down and we stuck our feet in the water.
"Here, I topped it off." He handed me his flask.

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