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A love poem for my future someone

Romance / Poetry
Gianna Patsy
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Inspired by the poem “Mad Girl’s Love Song” by Silvia Plath

Whenever I close my eyes,
All I can see is you.
You have probably moved on

I broke your heart
For no reason.
Have you moved on?

Mom says, “You miss him,
Because you haven’t seen him
In around two years.”

Not sure if that is true.
I am complicated.
Love is complicated.

Is this love?
Me wanting to text you?
Me wanting to call you?

Me wanting to be with you?
Us going to your house?
Us going to my house?

Is this what Love feels like?
I do not know since
We are young kids.

You annoyed me, but
You are very sweet.
I miss your jokes.

I miss you calling me.
I miss you texting me
To see if I am well.

Is this Love?
Am I just missing you?
Have you made friends?

When we meet,
I will probably know
If this is Love.

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