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The struggle. A story about a ruthless alpha , Zachary de Luca. Alpha to the bloodbath pack. He is cunning,a murderer, deranged , humourous, strict and devilishly handsome. And is waiting for his mate to show him a new world of life. Aideen Ryder , a rogue whose pack was destroyed in a war against another pack. She is the only living member and heir to her old pack,moon eclipse. She is dangerous, highly skilled, sarcastic and could not give one fuck. She was not planning on finding a mate, she thought hers was dead. But. What happens when the lonely rogue wanders around the border of the bloodbath pack? What happens when the alpha is ready to kill her? What happens when they find out they are mates? And most importantly , what happens next?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1|The run in.

I have to keep running.

Heyy, if you don't know already my name is Aideen Ryder and I'm a rogue. Yup. I was the daughter of the alpha of the moon eclipse pack and the next in line heir to the pack. That was until I lost every thing and anything I could of ever wanted and needed bcoz of a war two years ago. I'm 21 and still don't have a mate. Not that I need one , he probably died with my pack. Although is might hurt to loose my parents and brother and possibly mate, there is only one thing on my mind.


I was running from a group of rogues. Most ppl think rogues stick together. Nahh, if anything they hate each other more than they do packs. As I was loosing the group of rogues I run through a series of trees and straight into an open field. "Oh shit. Shit.shit.shit" my wolf, Scarlette muttered. An open field usually means the border of a pack, the bigger the field, the stronger the pack. And this field was huge. I'm in deep shit now, I thought. Just as I uttered those words the rogues attacked me at my backside. Being and alpha female I took the tongue by his neck and bit down till is pulse faded completely. The other two were stalking towards me and I released and heart rambling growl. I launched and the bigger wolf and scratches his face. He staggered back and I used this opportunity to bite him in the balls and punch his temple. "He is passed out en, but should probably die due to the blood loss of his balls" Scarlette snickered. She always was the psycho type.

And with that thought the last wolf charged and me and but down on my leg. Pain shot through my body but I used that as an advantage and kicked her off. I took her by the wars and scratches her eyes out. Her screams filled the empty field that was now filling in with other werewolves. Pack members to be precise.

I needed to get outta here. I snapped the rogues neck and was about to take off when I heard a thundering growl/roar split through my ears. "Mmmmm.." my wolf whimpered. That was strange. Then I was his with the most mouth watering smell, mint and apples. Wait, is that...


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