Warming UpTo You

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Johnson is a ruggedly handsome guy of 24 who loves to watch magic shows every Sunday and make puppets. He wants to marry soon and make his puppet business successful. However, he is also the son of a billionaire and in a 10-year old relationship with his childhood sweetheart Kevin. When Kevin has asked for an open relationship to explore relationships, Johnson half-heartedly agrees only to have a complete change of heart after seeing Nathan on a company website. Nathan on the other hand, is an ambitious and confident team leader who just wants to complete his work and return home for gaming. The moment they meet in the hotel room sparks start flying and both start melting away like butter on the edge of a knife.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

NATHAN C. MILLER a.k.a. Nattie

Height: 6′0

Weight: 187 lbs

Age: 27

Birthday: 18th Nov 1990

Status: Happy & Single

Sexuality: Openly gay

Profession: Marketing Team Leader

Hobbies: Gaming enthusiast, playing guitar and drums, singing, playing music with his band at the cafe, swiping right on Grinder, stalking Instagram male models, reading porn mangas

A. JOHNSON a.k.a Johnson

Height: 6′ 3"

Weight: 224 lbs

Age: 24

Birthday: December 12th 1993

Status: Engaged

Sexuality: Openly gay

Profession: Mechanical Engineer cum CEO

Hobbies: Attending magic shows, camping, making wooden dolls and puppets, collecting dolls and puppets, writing prayers for LGBTQ community hospital


Height: 5′ 7"

Weight: 178 lbs

Age: 21

Birthday: 07th March 1996

Status: Single & Ready-to-mingle

Sexuality: Openly gay

Profession: Marketing Intern

Hobbies: Composing poetry and songs, singing for virtual and real-life audiences, speaking on Gay Rights on various platforms, cat photography, participating in LGBTQ community activities and protests, flea market shopping.


Height: 6′ 4"

Weight: 181 lbs

Age: 20

Birthday: 27th June 1997

Status: Open Relationship

Sexuality: Pansexual

Profession: Freelance Model and Influencer

Hobbies: Collecting perfumes and hoodies, playing basketball, knitting woollens, eating Asian food, binge-watching Netflix, writing in secret

EUN HYE JEONG a.k.a. Mr. Jung

Height: 5′ 6"

Weight: 172 lbs

Age: 33

Birthday: 21st August 1984

Status: Divorced & Single

Sexuality: Closeted gay

Profession: Chief Executive Secretary

Hobbies: Brewing and drinking traditional tea, baking, making scented candles, chatting with random people online, cross-dressing secretly


Height: 5′ 10"

Weight: 172 lbs

Age: 20

Birthday: 1st July 1997

Status: Single

Sexuality: Openly Bisexual

Profession: Part-time chef and Culinary Student

Hobbies: Making chocolate artworks, drinking with people, cycling, travelling, binge-watching Netflix


Height: 5′ 11"

Weight: 182 lbs

Age: 29

Birthday: 11th September 1988

Status: Single

Sexuality: Closeted bisexual

Profession: Business Partner in the family business

Hobbies: Carpentry, camping, drinking with friends, hiking, participating in cycling tours


Height: 5′ 08"

Weight: 172 lbs

Age: 28

Birthday: 13th October 1992

Status: Divorced & Single

Sexuality: Straight & Ally

Profession: Business Partner in the family business

Hobbies: Gamblin, gaming enthusiast, baking cookies with son, watching animated films, collecting books (hardly reading them)

Author’s note: I will be uploading character reviews as more characters are introduced to you. I am a complete noob who has zero ideas about how to appeal to reading audiences. You might not like what I write. In case there is something offensive, feel free to let me know in the comments section. If you like the story please say something in the comments section because it will motivate me a lot. Also, the parts in Italics are all interior monologues.

That’ll be it. Please enjoy reading Warming UpTo You!
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