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The First Date - Pt 3

The butterflies that I’d been feeling since I met Gary only intensified through the deep kiss. As he pulled away from me and removed the palm of his hand from my chin, I kept my eyes closed for a bit longer. Shit, I thought. I gotta come up with something clever to say. I was stunned, rendered speechless yet again. I inhaled deeply, my eyes still closed and my shoulders moving up and down.

“Wow Comb-Over,” I started. “Ya really know what yuh doin!” My fuschia hued cheeks were painted an entirely new shade of red, located in the same places as always - my nose tip and my cheekbones. Gary continued staring at me with that piercing smile, his ocean colored orbits not giving me a chance to recuperate whatsoever.

“Thank you! I told ya the wheelchair ramp was a good investment on my end!” He replied, smirking. As the corner of his lips turned up in that oh-so-adorable way, I noticed that I left a speck of my lipstick there.

“Shit I’ve left a bit of my lip color on your lip, hold on. ” I said, as I reached into my bag for a CoverGirl Makeup Wipe.

“It’s ok -” Gary began to respond as I curled up the napkin toward his outer left lip corner.

“No it’s actually really embarrassing, jus’... lemme take care of it -”

As I was speaking, Gary proceeded to place his right hand on the hand I was holding the cosmetic wipe in.

“Chanti, do you really think that’s going to be the only time we’re going to kiss today?” he asked, lifting his eyebrow, a smirk on his face, the lipstick stain still there.

“I mean, I wouldn’t object to it happening again but I mean ya never know. What man want his girlfriend’s lipstick -” I covered my mouth, immediately regretting what I said and feeling a pit of remorse in my stomach where the butterflies were just moments ago. “I mean, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say -” Gary interrupted my apologetic flustered-ness by putting his index finger to my lip.

“Don’t you think that based on the way we’ve been talking that I could have your lipstick on different parts of my body one day?”

I was rendered speechless by him once again. His finger was still pressed against my lips so I simply nodded my head in response.

“Not the first time. Won't be the last. ” Gary finished as he removed his index finger from my lip. “I wonder how many different shades you have.”

Y’ know, I haven’t exactly counted. But I do know you have got a bit of mustard on your sexy Hawaiian shirt there.” I smirked, lifting my chin in the direction of the mustard stain.

“Okay, now you’re really gonna get it!” Gary shouted playfully

“Get wha-” I was interrupted by him profusely tickling my stomach.“Oh, would ya not?!” I shouted through laughter. The electric shock in my body returning, not only triggered by the tickling sensation his fingers gave, but the idea of them touching all the other parts of my body. Gary helped me up by pulling me up by my hands, through my canes - just as he did when helping me to transfer out of the chair back in.

“You wanna grab some ice cream before we leave?” Gary inquired, a soft smile on his face as if he already knew the answer.

Yeah I do!” I responded, excitedly.

“What flavor is your favorite?” Gary asked, curiously. I looked away from him pretending to think, doing my best to conceal the look of mischevity as I thought of my next line

Chocolate and vanilla, swir-irll” I sang, mimicking Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black.

“Oh, you’re a mess!” He laughed while speaking in response.

“You dig it though.” I said in a playful and sensual way, looking intensely into his eyes.

“You better be careful before you get the tip of your nose taken again!” Gary teased.

“Maybe I want it taken again! Did you ever think of dat?” I responded.

“You know, it has crossed my mind.” Gary wittingly said in response. “And it will be, just lemme get you some ice cream and home first.”

Okayy fair enough I guess..” I said as I exaggeratingly pouted out my bottom lip.

“Aww, don’t look at me like that, sweetheart, Gary looked at me sympathetically as he kissed my forehead. My natural blush and butterflies returned. I was certainly okay with them staying a while.

We proceeded to go to the ice cream parlor a mile away from the park. Gary helped me get back into his van, holding the door as I entered. As he noticed me struggling to get my legs adjusted, he had no problem picking them up, helping me into the car. I didn’t know getting butterflies in my legs was possible but then again this day was filled with things I had yet to experience, so I had no complaints. Gary heard my breathing hitch and his face instantaneously switched from calm and relaxed to concerned.

“Are you okay Chanti? Was that painful? Did I do something wrong-? He immediately panicked.

“Aww, you look so cute when you’re worried about me Comb-Over.” I teased. His expression went unchanged. “But seriously, it’s okay. My breathing hitched ’cause it felt... nice.. actually..” My voice trailed off as I looked at my feet planted on the car floor. Gary snapped his index finger and thumb only centimeters away from my face, getting my attention. I was making direct eye contact with him now, his hand once again placed on my thigh. He narrowed his sky painted orbs at me as he pointed in my direction. “A mess you are!” he exclaimed.

“Boy, fuck you!” I teased, sneering at him. He was closing the door so I didn’t think he’d heard me.

He climbed into the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition, the engine revving. Before pulling off, Gary turned to face me. He lightly tapped my thigh. “Soon.. then perhaps you’ll know what kind of man you’re dealing with Ms. Chanti.” he grinned as reversed out of the parking lot. My jeans began to tighten again. I took the hand that Gary placed on my thigh into my corresponding hand and rested it there for the entire car ride. I was starting to feel sad that the day was almost over, but the ramp in the backseat made me smile, serving as a reminder that it wouldn’t be my last time in the passenger seat of Mr. Gary McKinnon’s van.

He occasionally glanced at me for the duration of the car ride back to my apartment.

“Why you keep looking at me like that, McKinnon?” I asked, letting the remainder of my professional vocal pitch slip into AAVE territory.

“ For the very reason you still have my hand on your thigh, interlocked with yours, Ren.” Gary suavely responded

“Fair enough, I won’t debate you on it no more!” I nodded my head smiling in his direction.

“Any more questions?” Gary inquired

I rested my fist on the bottom of my chin, pretending to think. “Nah, just excited that you’ll have to ‘snatch away my nose tip’ again in approximately 5 minutes.”

“You know, ya forgot to readjust your lipstick in the same place my lips were.”

“Oh yeah, I know.” I said in a relaxed manner, opening up the tiny compact mirror in my purse to look at it again and relive the moment. Gary eyed me, clearly puzzled.

“May I ask why?”

“I wanna see just how much you can mess it up. Don’t worry, I exfoliated- y' know in case you decide to lan' yuh lips on the same spot again.” I lifted my eyebrows suggestively, laughing hysterically and hiding my face in my hands. Due to my laughter, I neglected to realize we had now reached my house.

Gary stopped the car, hitting the breaks as he turned to me laughing wholeheartedly. He laughed so hard that no sound was coming out of his mouth.

When fully relaxed, he looked at me, the robin bird painted pupils inside his sockets piercingly staring into my soul in the most chillingly flirtatious way possible.

“As I always ask Mr. McKinnon, would you try to stop looking so pleased with yourself -?” My speech was cut off pre-sentence as he passionately entered his tongue into my mouth, caressing my face and holding it there until our noses disconnected and faces pulled apart.

“You know, I hate when you put a ‘Mr’ in front of my last name, I’m not your fuckin’.. professor. I’m your soon to - be man.”

My eyes widened excitedly at his revelation. “But.. you call me Ms. Chantel.”

“I do that so you can know that I’m aware that you’re a woman, albeit a young woman, but no less of a mature one.” I bit my lip, nodding my head, the fuschia tinted blush that painted face earlier today making a grand return.

“I.. I can work on that.’ I said, simultaneously turned on and dumbfounded.

“You do that, Ren. Also, how about you stop focusing on how pleased I look every time I fluster you and see your beautiful face do that adorable blush thing,” he paused for a brief moment, cupping my face in his hands, making me look into his eyes before he continued in a lower tone. “And may I suggest you think about how pleased you’ll look because of me at night in the next couple weeks?” he finished, sliding his thumb across my bottom lip.

I promptly cleared my throat and exhaled before I responded. “Ahem. That sounds like a.. Um.. a great alternative. I can certainly.. work on that as well.”

“Great!” He nodded and smiled gently, my face still cupped in his hands. He kissed me much more softly this time, as I gradually got way more into it. I wanted to give him something to remember as well. I carefully held the back of his head in the palm of my dominant hand leaning across the gear in between the two of us. He rested his palm on my thigh again. I then softly kissed the back of his neck, biting it gently - being sure to leave a good-sized hick before pulling away. I bit my lip, staring at him hungrily.

“I’m sorry I had to do that to you, McKinnon. I just had to mark my territory and give you a souvenir just as you did I earlier, to remember me by - until we meet again.” I said, innocently while grinning a sinfully flirtatious smirk.

“That’s quite alright Ms. Chantel.” He laughed, recalling the heated moment that occurred just seconds ago. “I didn’t think you had it in you. Can I just say that the girl next door.. I liked her, but..she’s been replaced.”

Really?” I inquired, playing coy and oblivious.

“Yeah, with something of a good-girl-gone-bad, Riri type. I like her.”

I nodded my head in agreement, allowing a few giggles to slip out.

“She likes you back.”

“Would she like to come to the beach with me on Friday after her shift?”

I looked up, pretending to think, my eyes circling back to Gary not too much later.

“She would.” I shook my head up and down, speaking in a reassuring tone. I went to step out of the van, grabbing my canes and placing them on my wrists facing towards my apartment as I went to open the door. Gary quickly opened his driver’s seat door and came around to hold the passenger open for me.

I stepped out of the car only inches away from Gary now. “Is it okay if I leave the chair with you?” I asked.

“Of course Chanti it’s no problem.”

“Okay, cool.” I nodded. “Thank you, you know - for today. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Also, she wants you to know that she’s sorry if the hick is too painful, and that she can definitely ice it for you if needed - the next time y'all meet.” I said, causing him to stare at me piercingly once again.

“You’re more than welcome, Chanti! I had an amazing time with you as well. And tell the girl that the guy doesn’t mind.” He waved it off to communicate “forget about it!”

“He has a lot of scarves, he’ll be fine.”

I giggled. “See you Friday, McKinnon” I smiled, ruffling his hair.. I made it upstairs to my humble abode, plopping down on my bed, left to reminisce on the day gone by and complete the “homework” Mr. McKinnon had given me before us parting ways for 72 hours.

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