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A Spontaneous Beach Date: Pt 1

I grabbed my canes from their designated spot behind my bedroom door. I took my time as always, while I gingerly walked down the stairs, 2 of my wrist placed in their corresponding canes. When I reached the bottom of the exit door to my apartment, I recalled that I left my powerchair in McKinnon’s Prius.

Fuck. I thought, wanting to palm myself in the face. I have to call my boyfriend.

I sat down on the second-to-last step of my apartment building. “Hey Siri,” I said, as the purple and blue sphere appeared at the bottom of my iPhone’s screen.

“Good morning Chanti, how can I help you?” Siri replied

“Call Gary the Boothang.” I commanded.

“Calling Gary the Boothang.” she responded.

The phone rang a couple of times while my foot stamped uncontrollably due to my anxiety. I had to be at work in exactly 45 minutes. At the same token though, I felt bad for waking him up this early. Even though in my eyes he didn’t need beauty rest, I knew I’d personally be pissed off if mine got cut short. By the grace of God he answered.

“Morning Chanti.. need something?” Gary asked, through yawns.

“Hey babe, I need you to come drop the powerchair off for me. It’s still in the trunk of your van from our date last week.” I smiled at the fact that I was able to call him that without feeling nervous, a bit of a pit forming in my stomach as I thought maybe he would think it was too soon for that. But then again, it hadn’t even hit 5:30 in the morning yet so he was most likely too tired to react anyway.

“Okay gorgeous, gimme 20 minutes. Don’t move. That job is replaceable - you’re not.”

“Aww, going soft on me Comb-Over?” I teased

“Yes, in this instance, sweetheart I am.”

“Y’know McKinnon, I think I can attempt to walk today - "

“Chantel, I’m serious. Don’t you dare move that ass.” He passionately cut me off, the assertiveness in his voice was really getting to me - in the best of ways.

“I really can’t be late today.”

“Bullshit - yes you can. Your boss knows you have twice the talent and grit as anybody employed in that establishment. You have a limitation for Christ-sake - yet you work your ass off and drive yourself there everyday.”

“I know, but I could be reprimanded and -”

“Chantelle, just listen to me very carefully." he began, "If your boss says anything to you about being late, I will personally make it even more difficult for you to walk in a very pleasurable way. Then it’ll be imperative for you to take some paid time off. Now don’t move. Understand?”

“Yes.. Daddy.” I had to move the phone from my ear to conceal my laughter. This was a high-pressure situation for Gary, but because of how overprotective he was acting I really needed to get that off my chest.

“Goo- wait, what did you just say?!” he inquired, I picked up the excitement in his voice

“It was nothing darling -”

“Too late, I already heard you. You’re in big trouble when you get in this van.”Gary responded, I could hear him smiling through the phone.

“You seem to be the one in trouble considering the big hick I left on your neck the other day.” I teased.

“I’ll get you back. I’ll call you when I get there Ren.”

“Thank you McKinnon.”

“Anything for you, Chanti.

My brown orbits glimmered with excitement as I saw McKinnon’s Prius pull into my apartment’s driveway. I smiled, waving through the window attached to my door. Gary smiled back, piercingly. He obviously recalled the first nickname as well as the not-so-innocent one I let slip earlier. He put the car in park, and proceeded to walk toward me to help. He opened the door to my apartment building, and I immediately jumped up to greet him. Once he got close enough to me, I started laughing hysterically, taking notice of the hick mark on his neck.

“Hey sunshine! I missed you.”

“I missed you too!” I caressed his face, feeling the stubble and aftershave on his chin. "The stubble looks sexy.” I kissed his lips, gently resting my arms around his neck.

“Starting up early in the morning I see.” Gary wiggled his eyebrows, flirtatiously.

“Oh, gimme a break!” I laughed, lightly hitting him in the chest with my fist.

He laughed wholeheartedly in response. “I will, for now.” He paused, staring at me intensely.“You look really good today.. mami.” Gary said, lowly.

The groin section of my overalls tightened.

“If you keep talking to me like that, I’m gon be real late fi work.” I said, slipping into my afro-carribean dialect.

“You started it.” He leaned closer to my left ear. “I’ll be finishing it.” he whispered. My eyes widened, my mind taking me through brief snapshots of what he was alluding to. My signature natural blush returned as I made eye contact with the floor. I let a few seconds of silence go by and then cleared my throat. “Lots of potential in that statement.”

“As always.”

"Ahem." I paused, closing my eyes briefly and recollecting myself. "We still going to the beach, right?”

“Of course.” Gary nodded, reassuringly.

“Aight, lemme just go grab my swimsuit right quick. ” I said, shifting around to walk upstairs. Gary gently tugged my arm, causing me to turn around.

He leaned against my ear now, whispering. “Who said you needed one?” I shut my eyes in pleasure.

“Very stimulating.. “ my voice trailed off. “But seriously, I need to go and get it.” I said, snapping out of my trance.

“Chanti... I know you have a bra and underwear on.”

“Woah! Personal!” I interjected playfully.

“You know we’d both like to get more personal than that. Due to our playful banter, you now only have..” Gary paused, looking down at his silver watch. “35 minutes to get to work. And, I’m guessing it’s gonna take you 8 minutes to reach upstairs - approximately 20 to pick out something to wear cause you wanna feel like the bad girl we've spoken about, leaving you only 7 minutes to get to work on time.”

“Damn. Facts.” I replied. “But I’m still gon’ need a change of clothes though. Shit.”

“True.” Gary looked out of my direction, his signature look of mischief returning to his gaze. He continued speaking in a whisper. “Wouldn’t it be better to go to the beach in your lingerie, do something spontaneous - and then come home with me?”

“You gon let me get in yuh’ car with ocean-y smellin’ clothes?”

“Nothing gets past you Miss. Chantelle.” he sighed

“Nah!” replied

“I can hire someone to clean up.” Gary shrugged nonchalantly.

“Well, shit aight! ’Xcuse me Mr. Rich -Rich!” I replied, teasingly.

Gary responded to my quip with a chest filled laugh.

“Presuming that you’ll take whatever is on my body off,” I smiled looking down at my overalls with knowledge that my black Pink branded 2 piece lace set was concealed underneath, “What about my change o' clothes?” I inquired, half-playfully.

I have shirts. And you can shower. Maybe, if you’re comfortable- we could even shower together.”

“Anything’s possible Comb-Over” I smeared at him. “As much as I’d love to stand here all day and keep teasing you - I do have to get to work.”

“You’re right.” Gary proceeded to lift me up and wrap my legs around his waist carrying me to the car.

“Whoa, okay!” I said laughingly, a hitch in my breathing due to the surprise of him picking me up.

“Yeah… I kinda had to do that,” he smirked. “Cut down on time - you know?” Gary laughed, the corner of his lip turning up once again. He placed into the passenger seat of the van, helping my legs in. He made sure to place extra pressure on my thighs, while piercing his blue orbits into my almond pupils.

I shut my eyes in pleasure as the palm of his hand left my thigh. “Feel good? And comfortable?” he inquired, knowingly.

“Very good, and comfortable.” I exhaled, nodding my head profusely.

“Good.” Gary said, as he tapped my thigh twice, leaned into the car, planting a kiss on my forehead.” He sneered at me intensely before leaning out of the door and closing it behind entering into the driver’s seat. He sat down, adjusting himself into his seat. “Ready?” he asked, reassuringly smiling.

“Mhm!” I nodded, a smile beaming off my face.

Gary put the key in the ignition, starting up the engine, proceeding to reverse. I had my left hand slanting over the armest, and he intertwined it with his corresponding hand before pulling off.

“Hungry?” Gary turned to me inquiringly.

“Yeah, a lil bit.. but I can wait until after my shift. ” I responded.

“No, you’re not getting in my car and leaving on an empty stomach before work.” he caressed my face at a stoplight, looking away from the front view mirror of the van for a minute

“Wanna go get donuts?” he inquired, a smirk on his face

“Yeee!” I said in response, milly rocking. He could only laugh in response to my little happy dance.

“You’re so fucking aodrable.” Gary said, as he stared at me with pure admiration pouring through his orbits.

“Only way I can be, McKinnon.” I replied, hand resting on my cheekbone.

“Such a beautiful piece of work, you are Chanti."

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