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A Spotaneous Beach Date: Pt 2

“Do you have to go inside?” I inquired, naively, tracing the palm of Gary’s hand with my finger.

“Technically…. no.” McKinnon responded, playing along. “But you know it’s gonna take longer to go through the drive-thru, and I have to get you to work on time or you’ll bite my head off.”

“I would make it feel good though!” I said, nodding my head, in full belief of what I was saying.

He peered his eyes at me. “Stahp.”

I shrugged, free of shame.

“You know it’s true!” I replied teasingly.

“I’m sure you would. The sooner I go, the sooner I’ll come back. The sooner I come back, the sooner your shift will end, and the more we can do of this.” He pulled my waist over the armrest closer to him until I was atop of his body. I leaned over kissing him deeply, gently cradling the back of his head.

“Damn, I fucked up your lipstick really bad this time.” He said, looking satisfied with himself.

“So issa competition for you now?” I widened my eyes, my mouth agape.

Pretty much” he nodded, me still atop of his lap.

At least I’m not the one with the bruise on my neck, som' lookin’ like one on my lip!”

“Don’t insult Hick like that! She’s a souvenir!” He played along, touching the back of his neck.

“You’re truly som' else.” I said, nodding my head side to side. I retrieved a makeup wipe out of my bag, gently rubbing the stain off his lip.

He leaned up toward me, kissing me and helping me get back into my seat.

“What do you want outta there?” Gary lifted his chin in the direction of the donut shop.

“A chocolate glazed, jelly filled donut.” I said, akin to a first grader giving the answer to a question they know like the back of their hand.

“Oh, I wonder why!” He exclaimed, dramatically.

I only gave a devious smirk and a raised eyebrow in response.

“I’m gonna get you back.” He leaned into my face, whispering, hand grasping my left thigh. He caught me by surprise, making the decision to take his index finger from the opposite hand and poke it there, moving it back and forth vigorously and gently licking my inner thigh - taking my breath away from my lungs in a short but intense moment of pleasure. After he was done he cupped my face for me to look into his eyes.

“We have 20 minutes now, so we’ll pause this for now, okay Chanti baby?”

“Mhm” I said, still feeling pleased. Gary then kissed my lips gently sliding the ball of my thumb across my chin.

“You made some pretty faces and noises baby.” Gary nodded assuringly, “Imagine how much more you could make if we had the time.” With that, he left the van and went into the donut shop to get our treats. I threw my head against the top of my seat in his van, exhaling deeply.

I bit into my chocolate glazed donut, jelly oozing out of it. “Mmmm” I moaned, gripping the piece of donut with my teeth, mimicking the pleasure I knew I’d soon feel with Gary.

“You can’t tease me like that and expect to be on time, Ren.”

“Do something ’bout it then, McKinnon.” I teased, sticking my neck out and finishing the last of my donut.

I retrieved the dainty compact mirror out of my purse, opening it and taking out my lipstick.

“Don’t yet..” Gary said as he gently but swiftly took the compact from my hands, pulling my arm and licking the remaining traces of the baked good from off my bottom and top lip. He then inserted his tongue into my throat switching from caressing and cradling my skull as he gently placed my head back. Still holding it, he proceeded to lick my neck.

“Ha” I moaned. It set him off, as he began to suck the crevices of my cervical ferociously. I uncontrollably hitched my breathing.

”Babe, babe, please don’t leave a hickey there!” I said, through pleasure.

“I know you have to go into work, so I won’t make you go in with it” Gary smirked, due to sighting the pleasure on my face.

“Yes. Thank you -” I replied, catching my breath. I got cut off by him once again pulling me back onto his lap, kissing my neck again.

“Babe, I asked you not to leave a hick there.” I said, more assertively but still through pleasure.

He looked up at me, satisfyingly, his facial expression changing and eyebrows furrowing.

“Who said I’m leaving one there, baby?” he smiled as he whispered, his signature grin flashing before fumbling with the left strap of my overalls, unhooking them.

“Babe I really want this -”

“Then why’re you talking?” Gary smiled, his tone slightly irritated.

“I have to get into work -” I began to speak, cut off by his finger being placed on my lips.

“I understand, and you will get there on time - if you stop interrupting. Just let me work, mami.” he licked his lips as I nodded my head. He laid my head on the passenger’s seat and my legs across his lap. He then removed his seatbelt and mine as hovered over me, giving me a few kisses on the mouth.

“Mmm, tower over me, Daddy.” I teased, furrowing my brow. He paused, once again eying me piercingly.

“You shouldn’t have said anything, Ren.”

He left a few kisses down the left side of my neck while one-handedly unhooking the left side of my dungarees, pulling them over my head; exposing my green striped top. Gary pulled it over my head and took it off completely, my bra and pantie set now completely exposed.

Gary securely picked me up onto his lap wrapping my legs around his waist. He slid off the edge of his seat holding me so I wouldn’t feel any impact. He then held me as he licked and sucked my toned abdomen. He traced the outline of my six pack, proceedingly licking them until reaching my navel.

Pretty belly ring, Chan-Chan.” he made eye contact with me smiling.

“Th-” I wanted to respond but I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure I was feeling that I couldn’t speak.

“It’s okay, your face and noises are thanking me enough right now. Give me two more minutes.”

He touched my jewelry piercing with the tip of his tongue.

“Oh!” I winced, in an intense mix of pleasure and pain.

“I love the sounds you make, mami.

Gary worked his way up the middle of my abdomen, intensely sucking, ensuring that he would leave a hick. He then felt for the cushion of the driver’s seat, pulling me up along with him. He gently but passionately pulled me onto his lap, my groin making contact with his. I smashed my lips into his, aggressively moving my tongue down his throat and caressing his face, finishing by nibbling at the side of the top of his ear. ’Mmm,” he groaned.

“Damn Daddy…” my voice trailed off. I deeply kissed him one last time. “How much time do we have left?” I asked, cupping his face with both my hands.

“10 minutes, sweet pea. ” he responded

“Okay, I have to change. I promise I’ll give you yours later.” I looked into his eyes sympathetically.

“You will. It’s okay, get dressed,” He nodded his head. I proceedingly began climbing to the back of Gary’s Prius, not before he smacked my behind in a pleasurable manner. All I could do was laugh.

Once I was dressed, Gary helped me retrieve and set up my power chair outside of the car, handing my canes to me. We kissed before I began wheeling into the establishment, my apron inside my locker.

“Wait baby, where you goin' ?” I asked innocently. “You can’t follow me back to the locker room, it’s for employees only.”

“Chanti, Chanti, my dear Chantelle, I’m simply coming to dine at my favorite establishment. It’s opening hours baby.”

I turned to him, a shocked smile painting my face, better than my purple lip color ever could.

“Un-fucking-belivable you are.” I could hear him laughing as I headed to the back of the establishment to suit up in my apron.

“You love it though!” He yelled in reply.

I bit my lip, smiling.

I returned from the locker room, apron on, to find Gary sitting with the Carson’s - his “souvenir” from me on full display.

“Hey, kiddo - love the new haircut!” Frank looked over at me as I walked over to the table, exclamatatedly.

“I appreciate it Mr. Frank.” I nodded my head once, smiling in his direction.

“So that’s not just something you do to tease me, it’s actually a force of habit.” Gary leaned his elbow against the left side of the booth cooly, Ms. Jill on his right.

I peered my eyes at him. “I’m not acknowledging you right now!” I said, half seriously.

Jill covered her mouth, holding in a laugh.

“Our girl looks good!” Jill said excitedly looking at me with a genuine grin.

“Thank you Ms. Carson.” I said, briefly taking her hands in mine.

“I see your date went well” Jill said as she pointed to the hickey on McKinnon’s neck.

I covered my mouth, giggling.

“I know you didn’t sit over here specifically so you could gang up on me.” I said teasingly, flicking the pen previously placed behind my ear in his direction.

He shrugged his left shoulder lightly in response, proceeding to stare at me the way he did during the events that took place this morning “Did you really expect anything different?” he asked. Placing his thumb over his lip, mimicking what he did to me a couple of days back.

I covered my face with the stack of menus in my dominant hand, only showing my eyes between the openings of my fingers, covering the magenta shade of blush that only he could cause.

I then clicked my pen open pointing it at him through laughter: “Distraction!”

Frank leaned his elbows over the booth and pushed his neck forward, getting a closer look at the hickey.

Daayumn, kid. What’d he do that bad to leave something like that on his body?!” Frank asked, in genuine shock.

“I know!” Gary agreed, obnoxiously, looking back at me, narrowing his eyebrows. He knew as much as I did what he did to deserve that done to him in return.

I threw up my hands in the air, pen still in hand. “Who’s side are y’all on?” I asked, dropping my professional vocal pitch for decidedly, the rest of the interaction. Gary was over there chest laughing, gazing at me pleased at himself - as per usual.

“Ya feel like doing somethin’ 'bout that Chanti?” he peered at me, knowingly trying to get back at me for this morning. I paused, mouth agape, biting the side of my lip.

“Y’know what? I will! It’s not Tuesday no more, but since you guys are all a team now, I’ll have the chef put in a special order for all three of you!"

“Damn, that’s cold kid.” Frank said in reply to my revelation.

“All is fair in love and war, Mr. Carson.” I shot back in a suave response. Gary was over there still pleased with himself.

“I like shortcut Chanti!” Jill revelled.

“Oh, special of the day again?" Gary snarked, tsking. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Carsons, I like you both, so you have the honor of being my firs' and las' table of the day."

“It’s 7:30, just the beginning of your shift!” Gary interjected, teasingly, raising his eyebrows in a playful manner.

I wheeled over to him, turning over to the Carsons, staring at them sympathetically . “I’m sorry y’all have to see me dis' unprofessional.”

“It’s all good girl, I’m enjoying this show!” Jill said with a mouthful of laughter cutting in response.

“It’s.. okay.” Frank’s lips uttered, but his eyes communicated something entirely different, either he was secretly turned on or in utter disbelief.

I proceedingly climbed out of the chair, placing my left knee on my boyfriend’s, climbing on top of him. He supported my shoulders. I pointed my finger in his face.

“Whatcha doin there?” Gary asked, smirking.

“Did I ask you to speak?” I asked, turned on, but exasperated. He was speechless, but pleased by the shocked grin on his face. I stared around to make sure no other customers were in sight. I then kissed him passionately, practically swallowing his face. “Go sit and wait for me in the van.” I said assertively.

Shit, Chanti.” was all Gary could say in response.

“I’m not gon’ repeat myself.” I said, a stern look on my face.

McKinnon’s eyebrows raised as he simply grabbed me by the waist, wrapping my legs around his, placing me back in the chair, giving a kiss on the forehead, winking at me before exiting the establishment.

“Wow.. the ol' Chanti would’ve never done that!” Jill said, her mouth still half agape.

“Definitely not,” her husband said, practically drooling.

“Oh, yeah about that.. She’s dead.” I said, “Mr. Frank, kiss your wife.” He was gon' lose her if he kept starin' at me like that and I wasn’t going to let that happen since Jill is my girl.

Imma put you guys’ order in and then head out, aight?" I smiled, professionally. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my manager Bill coming towards my direction.

He tapped me lightly on the ball of my shoulder.

“Hey Serenity, I saw what happened just a few moments ago, and I can’t have it happen again.”

“Sir, I wouldn’t mess with her today if I were you.” Jill said, emphatically.

He nodded his head understandingly in response.

“You’re a good kid, a great employee, and haven’t taken a day off since you started working here a year and a half ago. You’re on PTO for the rest of the day. Go and deal with that boyfriend of yours - seems like a piece of work.” he grinned.

“That he is, Mr. Bill. I appreciate it.” I said, smiling, not even bothering to remove my apron before heading for the front door. I stopped and turned around, looking at the Carson’s. “Sorry I can’t take care of you guys today, it’s really not personal I just -”

“Serenity, we understand! Go be young!” Jill said nodding her head

“Yeah kid, go on, have fun! We’ll be alright.” Frank nodded his head in understanding.

“We headed to the beach thirty minutes away and you guys are absolutely welcome to come.”

“Even with the new style, you’re still the same sweetheart we’ve come to love. That Gary you found yo'self wit' is a real hoot. I'll have to sit this one out but I'll most certainly try to hang out with you both again sometime,"Jill smiled at me endearingly.

“Thank you Ms. Carson. And you most definitely right Auntie Jill- dunno what's gotten into him!”I pulled her into a gentle hug as we both laughed. “Later, Mr. Frank.” I saluted him.

“Bye kid. Have fun.” Frank waved lightly. With that, I was out the door.

I wheeled out in front of the building, chuckling at Gary for the fact that he was waiting in the car just as I had told him to do. He turned, seeing me out of the passenger’s seat window, immediately getting out to assist me. I eyed him in a flirtatiously intense manner.

Hiiii there, my little firework.” he teased. “I didn’t get you into too much trouble, did I?” He looked at me hope and a semi apologetic gaze filling his turquoise orbits.

“Nah, Bill was cool - gave me PTO for the day.” I said. “Ready to go?”

Gary simply picked me up by the waist, kissing me lightly before placing me into the van.

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