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A Spontaneous Beach Date: Pt 3

“I had to get all up in your grill though babe! I ain’t even gon’ hold you - you was irritating me so good!” I said, shrugging my shoulders in the passenger seat of my boyfriend’s van, discussing events from earlier in the morning.

“I was just being myself, sweetheart.” Gary said, teasingly.

You..” I started, eyeing him smolderingly, “Were winding me up. Tryna get back at me for taunting you this mornin’! All under my skin!”

“I haven’t gotten under it technically. At least, not yet.”

“You’re such a trip, you.” I said, pointing in his direction

“It was hot!” How you spontaneously hopped on my lap like that, not even thinking about the consequences. Didn’t even care about the people watching.. Wow... “ His eyes lit up as he was reminiscing on my little stunt from earlier.

“Yeah, I really couldn’t give a fuck! You wanted a show so I gave you one!” I said, shrugging both my shoulders, believing every word I said. “Couldn’t let you just son me like that, especially not in front o’ the Carsons. Fuck I look like?” I said, turning my palm and shrugging for emphasis.

Gary looked over at me - now red in the face from laughter.

“Couldn’t let me son you, yet you were the one that called me Daddy over the phone and to my face.” His gaze smoldered as he looked into my eyes.

Yes I did that! You were being so overprotective and I was just tryna calm your nerves, I didn’t even think you was gon... actually member and dis and dat -” I exclaimed my voice slipping into my black-’cent before trailing off - my face blushing now.

“We both know that’s not the full truth, Little Ren.” McKinnon said, narrowing his eyes at me.

“What’s little about me? I’m a grown ass woman I’ll have you know.”

“Where was all of that mouth this morning?” he grinned, pleased with himself.

“You ’member that hick I put on your neck? I paused, “I can put one on di’ other side too!”

“I’m supposed to be bothered by that?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“Oh, whatever!” I said through laughter.

“Remember the hick I gave you on your abdomen?”

I smiled at the ground, then back up at him.

He looked away from the road for a second, looking at me now. “It could always happen again. You’re on thin ice with me right now, Missy.”

“That’s physically impossible, I mean you can’t even reach- ah!” I was cut off as Gary reached over the gear between us and inserted his finger into my inner thigh.

Gary was laughing at me now, hysterically. “You keep testing me Ren. There’s only so much of that I can stand to hear before I have to show you that I’ll always ace, mami.”

“Oooh I could really jus....’ put my hands on you sometimes! Annoying!” I said, humorously agitated in response to his impromptu action.

“It felt good though didn’t it?” he inquired, smirkingly.

I leaned over the driver’s seat, Gary still staring at the road. I smiled out of his direction before climbing over the gear, leaning on his shoulder for leverage. “Don’t get ya self hurt, aight?” I whispered in his ear half-playfully.

“Aww, is my little baby upset?” he asked, patronizingly.

“You’re lucky I’m starting to really like you, McKinnon. When we get home from this beach, you’re gon learn.” I whispered, nibbling his ear and sucking on his neck. “Understand?”

“Yes, mami.”

Shortly after, I fell asleep cradled up to the comfortable spot on McKinnon’s neck.

“Ren, babe. Wake up, we’re here,” Gary spoke gently, as he shook the side of my shoulder to awaken me.

I yawned.

“Morning my sleepyhead.” Gary cupped my face with his hands, removing the sleepies from the creases of my eyes with his thumb.

I didn’t say anything back, simply ruffling his hair gently, kissing his cheek.

“Why don’t you be waking me up when we go on ’dese trips?” I inquired, knowing that McKinnon would be able to comfortably understand my AAVE. “Ya ’on’t be getting bored by yourself?”

Nah.” He nodded his head from side to side, grinning the slightest bit.

“How?” I inquired

He began to laugh softly.

“Whatchu hidin’ son?” I asked, half playfully, squaring up to him.

“You talk in your sleep about me,” he responded.

“I do not!” I lightly pushed him, my tone defensive.

“Yes, you do.” he nodded his head gently. “It’s so cute. I wish you could hear yourself.” McKinnon smiled, nodding his head in my direction.

You sir,” I said, unintentionally poking my index into his chest. “Are what I call a professional capper. I ain’t nevuh done no shit like dat in meh life, on God. Especially not for a man. ” I folded my arms over my chest in humor and disbelief.

“Nobody has the effect on you that I do, Chanti.” he shrugged.

“That’s true McKinnnon.”

He nodded his head, looking at me knowingly.

“Why I feel like you know something you’re not supposed to yet?” I paused, unfolding my arms. “What you not telling me, babe?”

“’Cause I already know everything I have to.” He nodded springily, cupping my face gently and kissing my forehead.

“I know you already know, but I’ll tell you soon.” I passionately tongue kissed him and let a moment pass. “Now let’s get on this beach so you can show me that house of yours Mr. Rich-Rich!”

Gary laughed profusely, shaking his head back and forth.

He held the door for me, and I proceeded to get the kanes from in the backseat.

“No, you don’t need those, baby.” Gary said, as he exited the driver’s seat of the van, coming over to my side. He proceedingly placed the canes back into the seat of the car.

“Whatchu mea’? -” Before I could finish my sentence, Gary was picking me up and placing me on his neck, positioning me to sit piggyback style.

“Ah!” I felt an intense pressure on my groin as it was against his neck. I Spiderman-smooched him from atop his shoulders, him holding my feet. As we reached the shore - decorated with several umbrellas and towels, people sitting relaxingly atop them, Gary gently placed me on the sand. I was close enough to dip my toes in. He looked so sexy removing his shirt.

Staring.” he revelled, his orbs watching me piercingly.

“Oh, shit my b.” I said.

“I’m just messing with you Chanti. It’s only because you’re looking at me as if you’re everyone else on this beach, trying to take a mental snapshot of my body as this is the most they’ll get to see of it. But you, my special one..” He paused, bending down, pressing my columbella as he did on our first date. I allowed him to lean into me for a kiss. I couldn’t resist my urge to make a quip.

“Boy, please fuckin’ stop, nobody staring that hard. If they were, they would be catching these hands, on siiight!” I exclaimed, while crudely imitating the infamous Mohammed Ali fighting jabs. He stood above me laughing.

“You mesmerize me.” he replied, a wide grin plastered on his face. I looked up at him with a smile, and not too long after I began staring around nervously.

“You okay?” Gary inquired, snapping me out of my trance.

“I’m fine, baby. Just not sure how I’mma get in the water from here...” I said looking up at him concerned. Gary proceedingly knelt down to me.

“You have to get better at being comfortable enough to ask me for help.”

“Yeah, I guess that part of the old Chanti hasn’t died yet.” I paused. Think I should hire a hit?”

“I will personally sponsor it for you, love.” he bent down gently caressing my face.

I beamed in delight and surprise, trying to not read too deep into it.

“Just let me know how I can help.” Gary nodded reassuringly

“Um...would you mind standing up?” I asked.

“No problem sweetheart.” He responded, proceeding to do so. “Would you like a hand?” he asked, his eyes kindly awaiting my response.

“Yes please.” I reached for it as he pulled me up. My knees buckled as they often did with my condition, the sand filling the crevices of my toes, hot on the back of my heels, making it even harder to balance on my feet. “I’m sorry if I put too much pressure on your hands.”

“Don’t worry about it darling, I can be your personal mat if you need me to be.”

“What about my personal surfboard?”

“You better not -”

“Graining on that wood, grainin, grainin’ on that wood. Swervin on that, been swervin’ on dat big body been surfin’ all in dat -” I began teasingly singing the infamous lyrics to Beyone’s song “Drunk in Love”. so blissfully distracted by him that I didn’t realize my knees were wobbling from underneath me.

“Your lip is gonna get you in trouble, Missy.”

“Ouu shit! ’ I felt myself falling forward, Gary catching me at the last second.

“Alright, Ren -Ren?” Gary asked softly, grabbing my left arm, preventing me from hitting my face into the sand.

“I’m fine! I responded, laughing hysterically. “Guess God is trying to tell me to watch ma mouth.”

He laughed.

“Babe, may I use your other hand to stabilize please?”

“Of course baby.” Gary responded, reassuringly, quickly giving me his left hand, being careful not to let go of my other. “What else do you need, mi fuego artificiale?”

You did not just call me the Spanish word for ‘firework’”

“I sure did! Didn’t know you knew Spanish!” He exclaimed.

“Yup!” I smiled. “Took 4 years of it for AP credit in high school. ” I nodded my head proudly, staring at him with smouldering orbs to signify my delighted disbelief. Everytime I thought he couldn’t get any more adorable, he proved me wrong.

“You good at walking backwards, McKinnon?” I asked.

“Better than Ms. Kim Kardashian herself” he proclaimed assuredly.

“That’s one bold statement.” I said with much emphasis. Say what you want about the woman but she is really fuckin’ good at walking backwards.

“More where that came from.” Gary said, doing his signature lip corner turned up - smirk.

Butterflies formed in my belly as we were holding hands walking into the sea. I was so focused on his ocean tinted orbs peering at me adoringly that I hardly realized we were now standing in the sea, causing me to lose my balance and trip. Gary however, was apparently not intimidated by the ocean as he dove under, taking hold of my love handles, coming up for air once he saw my feet holding still.

As he came up, he simply pierced his glowing orbits at me, spitting ocean water into my navel while looking into my eyes intensely. My breathing hitched, my mouth agape.

“I like seeing you speechless Chan-Chan.”

“You’ve made that very clear today, Daddy. ” I sighed, regaining my breath.

Gary pulled me closer into him , lying back using the ocean as his pillow, as I used his chest as mine. We let a few minutes pass, as we both took in the atmosphere. I traced his chest and abdomen with the tip of my index finger.

“Have you ever thought about having kids, Chanti?” Gary inquired.

“Honestly, yes I have, quite a lot actually. Just waiting for the right person to come along.” I said, smiling directly into his eyes. “I know it’s not..” I paused, looking in away from McKinnon’s direction as I was attempting to think of the right word, ”Conventional for people my age to ’know’ if they want kids, but... I’ve always thought about it. I had the biggest collection of babydolls in my room when I was younger. My grandma used to help me knit clothes for them and dis’ and dat. We even put fabric softener into the plastic bottles they came with cause it mimicked the look and texture of milk!” I chuckled before continuing. “I even used to make other kids who wanted to play wit’ em wash they hands and support their ‘heads’ gently, treating them like they were actual babies.” I finished, smiling at my trip down memory lane, one that I did not ‘take’ with many people.

“I could see you being that nurturing even then.” Gary said, grinning with all of his 38 adult teeth.

“Since the conversation’s came up, may I be brutally honest with you?” I asked.

“Yes sweetheart, 150%” McKinnon nodded reassuringly

“It jus’ scares me, the idea of being pregnant with a disability. I would be carrying so much weight, get swollen feet.. And..not even to mention if my child came out with one themselves.... I wouldn’t be..” I paused, tears froming in my eyes. “If I could’ve chosen, I wouldn’t live my life without my disability... an’ it’s taken me such a long time to reach that place within myself. I’m not ashamed of it.. I just... wouldn’t be able to handle it if my kid came out that way. I’d feel so... guilty… having the knowledge that they’d be treated differently by the world for something they didn’t have a choice in living with.., I just...couldn’t do it. I feel like I’d be a terrible mother... “ I began tearing up.

“No sweetie pie, don’t say that. I - I mean, anybody of your choice, would be blessed to be a parent of your children. I’m sure they’d have no issue taking care of you... ” He said as he caressed my face, the base of his thumb serving as the MagicEraser to my tears.

“I’d have to be absolutely sure they’d be that one. How can I be sure? Y'know, how will I know? I really wanna put my best foot forward and be a good parent." I said, passionately, before pausing and looking away from McKinnon.

"You'll know pumpkin." McKinnon said with much belief in his eyes, the base of his hand not leaving the side of my face. He sounded so sure, and his eyes were so kind I felt inclined to believe his good faith despite the doubts clouding my own mind.

“I'm sorry," I continued. "I didn’t mean to get emotional on you. That’s the first time I’ve been open about that with any of my significant others.”

Gary’s eyes instantly lit up.

“That's more than okay sweetheart, no apology necessary." Gary professed wholeheartedly. "Also, you consider me your significant other?” he asked, his baby blue pupils lighting up once more.

“I mean, I don’t have to call you that, if you consider us to be too soon or you're looking for something else -"

“Nah! I wanna be the boyfriend!" he exclaimed.

“You can be," I paused. "On one condition." I smirked widely.

“And what’s that Chanti?” he inquired, still smiling.

I get to be the girlfriend!”

“You got it, sweetheart.” Gary responded, complete adoration in his eyes.

McKinnon carried me back to the van, just as he’d brought me - on piggyback. However, this time around there was sand all over my body.

“You excited?” he asked, gently placing me into the passenger seat, adjusting my legs. I waited until he was in the driver’s seat to close the door.

“To see di house?” I asked. Gary proceedingly nodded his head. Yeah.. sure.” I shrugged. “I’m more excited for our shower, and to see the bed you sleep in. The rooms, I could care less.”

“My woman.” Gary gazed at me adoringly

Gary lifted me out of the passenger, kissing me hungrily as he unlocked the entrance.

He carried me out of the jacuzzi, when he washed me off the sand of the crevices of my body.

“What beautiful stretch marks you have mami.” He said, warmly,referring to the stretch mark on my behind, proceeding to trace it with his fingertip. He shampooed and waved out my hair in only his boxers now, as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. As he dried me off, he kissed my body lovingly.

He laid me down on his satin white sheets. He wasted no time kissing and sucking on the back of my neck gently gnawing it. He sat me up, removing my bra, kissing in between my mammary glands, and down to my navel, fiddling with my tongue ring just as he did earlier that morning.

“Babe, bae.. shit... “ My voice trailed off as my breathing hitched from his touch.

“I can’t wait to prove to you why you shouldn’t tease me like you did in the car earlier today darling.” I smiled, knowing that I was in for it.

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