Barbie Mouse & the Lady

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Isabella, Isa, Cat’s estranged sister, surprised them in the bookstore one day. She argued with Cat, and Mouse had to step between them. Cat told Isa that they were married. Isa just said, “oh,” and asked when and why she hadn’t been invited.

They closed the store and adjourned into the isolation tea and conference room, where Cat told Isa pretty much everything. As best as Mouse could tell, there were some heated arguments in one of the Chinese languages.

While serving them coffee, food, and water, Mouse just allowed Cat to sort matters out with her estranged sister. Just a short while before Mouse had to decide to stay in the conference room for the night or go home, the sisters stood and embraced, and Isa departed without saying a further word.

A week later, Isa sent a message. They would repeat their vows before their parents if they wanted their blessings. Mouse’s special needs would be met, and a family Jet would pick them up from the airport in a week. They had a few regular customers come friends, who Cat organized to manage the store for a week.

Isa personally came with the jet and flew them to Hong Kong. Cat had Mouse in a fifties-style green dress, petticoats, black boots, green gloves, and a full black leather hood with only eye holes over her usual latex. Cat looked stunning in the black catsuit with a dark red dress and an open red-leather hood, with her long hair out the back in a ponytail. That last was Mouse’s request.

But Mouse was worried because Cat put her into her usual latex face-covering hoods and firmly laced her into the leather hood. She did not mind the hood covering her face and got used to it since they dressed as future superwomen. She worried about passing through customs and passport control. Cat said not to worry.

A limousine with security and police vehicles picked them up for the airport, where they bypassed customs, passport control, and all those pesky little things and drove directly into the luxury jet. Isa awaited them on board and flew them to Hong Kong, where the same happened in reverse.

Isa showed them around their villa with a swimming pool, sauna, spa, walk-in bathtub, dance studio, gym, play dungeon, rock climbing wall, theatre, and more, situated on a corner of Cat’s and Isa’s parent’s massive estate. They had two days’ rest, with everything they needed.

Cat abused every moment wearing Mouse out totally. She packed them well into twin Comet Girl outfits, and Mouse thought they were going for a walk, but Cat brought them to the jacuzzi. They stayed for a while and slowly cooked. On the edge of exhaustion, Cat made them dive into the cold pool. It was infuriatingly indescribable. As they were utterly exhausted, they used the air-dryer, drank a hydrating mixture, and went to bed. Even Cat was asleep as soon as they settled.

A chine woke them. Cat spoke, “Open,” and got out of bed. Isa came in, said good morning, excuse please,” and took Cat away. A moment later, still, in her Comet Girl suit, which she could not undress alone, Mouse was confronted by a stunningly beautiful woman who looked a lot like Isa but older. She wore an elegant narrow fifties-style business suit, black knit stockings, black high necked knit, and had the tiniest of waists. She introduced herself as Cat’s mother,” and bade Mouse sit.

She did not seem to notice that Mouse was in a full suit covering everything but her eyes and started to interrogate Mouse. She had many questions, most very personal, including about their sex life. Mouse would not lie but could also not resist the powerful woman’s questioning. She understood why Cat ran away.

Suddenly, the woman nodded, stood, and departed. Mouse breathed a sigh of relief and went back to bed, more exhausted than by Cat’s jacuzzi play. Sometime later, Cat returned and apologized for her stepmother’s inquisition and joined her in bed.

Picking up on Mouse’s dark mood, Cat hat them exceptionally well packed as Future State Cat Women. They wandered around the estate, danced ballet together on their toe boots, explored their mini palace, and just had a wonderful day. They slept like logs.

In the morning, they breakfasted while Cat explained that they would not see each other until the night. She said to trust Isa and allow her to get Mouse ready when she came. Cat sent Mouse off to bed with a kiss that made Mouse want anything other in bed than to sleep.

Mouse woke when someone stroked her cheek. Cat had put her back into her sleep hoods, so Mouse assumed Cat was back and embraced her. There was no embrace in return, and it felt different.

Isa spoke, “Cat sent me to prepare you.” Mouse hid under the covers, totally embarrassed.

Isa continued, “Mother wants some time with Cat. She thought to bribe you away and even had an eight-digit cheque ready to give you then transport you home. Mother was furious that she could not scare you away. Now she is trying to do the same with Cat but will fail too. Cat was always the strongest of us.” Mouse remained under the bedcovers.

Isa put her hand on Mouse’s hand under the cover and revealed, “I know you can not take off what you are wearing without help. That is Cat’s way. Mother wanted to send you two maids to help, but I sent them away and came instead. I was once like you. Now, allow me to help you ready for the wedding.”

After she had Mouse bare, Mouse stood frozen in place, looking at the beautiful and regal Isabella. But there was no revulsion in her brown eyes seeing Mouse. There was no emotion that Mouse could read, so she scooted off and did what needed to be done.

Isa dressed Mouse exactly as Cat would and admitted that she had gotten exact instructions, including how many layers and all. Isa spent a bit of time lacing Mouse’s corset tighter, chatting about how Cat did the same to her, confirming that she made the mistake of not complaining enough. Mouse had the impression she was trying to say something but could not quite get the gist.

Isa laced her stringently, even more than Cat. She used the same line as Cat said her mother used. Yes, Mouse would see the rest of the family tonight, which would be for the first time. When Mouse was fully covered, several layers of latex and woolens with just her eyes free. Isa stood Mouse up and brought her to a mirror. Mouse’s brown eyes stood out in the black latex outfit. She did not like seeing her nose and mouth free. When Mouse turned around, Isa held up a purple leather extravaganza, her wedding dress.

Styled along the lines of Raven’s outfit but inverted, the step-in gown with a full leather hood which Mouse was happy to see, was glorious. The gown was too long, and Mouse knew why. Isa drew on Black latex gloves over Mouse’s already black latex-covered hands, but these gloves looked like leather, including the shaft. Oh, Isa wore the same gloves.

Isa had Mouse sit so that she could fit Mouse with a new pair of black ballet boots. Mouse could walk and dance with them but not as elegant as Cat. But then, no one was as elegant as Cat, not even her half-sister, Isa, or her mother. Isa walked a few steps with Mouse, holding her hand to make sure she could walk on the boots, then showed Mouse the cloak, also like Ravens.

Isa also showed Mouse a most unusual choker made of Black Onyx and explained, “We believe that the Black Onyx is a most powerful symbol. It has protected our family since the beginning of Ming, and now it will protect you as part of the clan. Its energy will strengthen you, add stamina and determination, which you will need to survive my sister’s games. But it has another meaning.”

Mouse looked down, standing taller than Isa by a good bit in her Ballet boots. Isa looked up and requested, “Would you mind kneeling on the floor with me, Lady Mouse. I need to explain more.”

When they sat across from each other, Isa continued, “This choker, once fastened around your neck, is also hooked into the gown’s zipper. You are already used to this from Cat’s games, but I ask you, as her sister, are you really ready to be hers in all ways?” Mouse nodded.

Isa bent forward, placed the Black Onyx purple leather choker around Mouse’s neck, and it clicked in. She produced a key and held it up, explaining, “This is the type of key that opens the lock. This is the key that is locked around my sister’s neck. I put it there like I did with you. This is my curse and gift to you both.” She gave it to Mouse and showed her a hidden pocket in her gown.

They sat there for a while, not speaking, then the gong sounded. Isa spoke, “If you do not mind, Cat has asked me to be your step-in-father and bridesmaid, and it is my honor to serve in this way. If you allow, the limousine is waiting to drive us to the main building.

Mouse staggered back at the sheer enormity of the palace’s entry hall. Several hundred elegant, rich people stood about talking. An army of waiters ran about with delicacies that Mouse would not touch. Then every quietened before the hall exploded in clapping. Mouse staggered back into Isa’s supporting embrace. She whispered, “Focus on Cat at the top of the stairs.” Mouse did.

Cat stood beside a man and a woman in elegant clothing, not quite as ostentatious as the people in the hall. Cat was outstanding from the bottom of her purple ballet boots in purple latex-clad endlessly long legs, slender body, and shining green eyes under a latex hood with eyes openings like Raven. She wore a black floor-length cape with a loose cowl over her head, again, like Raven. Mouse swooned, and again, Isa saved her.

Isa walked Mouse through the hall to Cat. Mouse remembered the father embracing Mouse carefully as if she would break. Cat’s mother said she was sorry, but Mouse could not work out why.

Was she sorry to be losing Cat? Was she sorry that Mouse did not take the bribe, or was she sorry for the insult she offered trying to scare her away? Mouse did not care. Sometime much later, they were both in bed and just slept without the usual hanky panky. Neither unlocked the other for the night.

In the morning, well, mid-afternoon, they lay in bed, and Mouse worried. With such massive opposition to their union, Mouse red Cat’s quiet and moody demeanor doubts what they had done. Mouse needed to go to the bathroom, still locked in her wedding dress. She turned to Cat and showed her the key. Cat sat up, looked directly into Mouse’s eyes, looking very solemn and un Cat-like. Mouse shivered despite the heat of her wedding dress.

Suddenly, Cat asked, “Mouse, can we go home today? Would you mind? I have enough of my parents and this place.” Mouse sagged into Cat’s eyes and cried and cried and cried. Cat cradled her and apologized for the whole affair.

When Mouse settled, she had Cat unlock her and take off whatever was between her lips and Cat’s lips. With a fierceness she had never before dared, she kissed Cat, then lay her down, then kissed her some more and then some more. When they came back to breathe, Cat purred, “I like my married Mouse, but darling is there a reason other than that we are married and about to go home?”

Mouse settled down beside Cat, put her head on Cat’s chest, and explained, “But don’t you see Cat? You just said that you wanted to go home! I was so afraid that your sister and this life would call out to you.” Cat remained quiet.

No rest for the wicked. Cat packed Mouse ever so thoroughly for the flight home, and it looked like they would be in wedge heels for this new series of computer characters coz play. Walking just on the balls was much more comfortable than the toed boots, although Mouse did not mind either. Cat made sure she was recompensated for her efforts nightly.

Cat rediscovered a character that she and her sister played way back, Perfect Dark. Mouse was fully covered, including her face, as they were locking each other in. Cat excitedly described how they could work things around and possibly add a few computer terminals with games that focused on women heroes. Mouse argued against the concept, but only to keep Cat as excited and happy as she was.

They were ready and packed when Isa came in, but something was very wrong. Cat’s exuberance and joy switched off like a light, and she became still. Isa apologized and asked if she could see Cat, and she said yes, but took Mouse’s hand and sat.

Isa sighed, and in Mandarin, she spoke urgently, emphatically, and to Mouse’s utter dismay, Cat masked her emotions. Was Isa convincing Cat to remain? When Isa finished, Cat shook her head and looked at Mouse.

Isa turned to Mouse and asked, “May I come and visit you occasionally? My sister said that it is your house and your decision.”

Mouse was flabbergasted. Cat knew that she was on the title deed now too. But wait, there was more here than met the eye. Cat knew that, and she would not lie, not before Mouse. There was a lot more to this than just that question. Mouse could say yes but felt it was not enough. She was stressing until she saw her fear confirmed. Cat and Isa held hands. They had rekindled their feelings. Well, she had a second-place to stay at the shop, and if Cat wanted to be with her sister now and then, Mouse was happy to oblige. She could have Cat all the other times.

Mouse knew to answer with, “If you let me know beforehand when and how long, then I will move into the store when you are visiting.”

Isa looked stunned and asked, “You would do that for me?” Mouse thought, no, but I would do that or anything, for my Lady Cathenne, for Cat, for her partner, sister, and friend all rolled into one. But she just nodded.

Cat said, “Told you, sis. Now, do you see why I am so smitten with her? She will give you almost anything you ask for. She does not want the family money, sis. She wants me and only me, the problematic wayward firstborn. Jealous any?”

Isa grumbled, “Plenty, but you know that is not what I wanted.” She turned to Mouse and started to speak but stopped. Hesitantly, gingerly, she touched Mouse’s knee and lifted her head. Mouse did not understand what was happening, but then she did.

Isa wore a Black Onyx choker as she and Cat. Looking out from under her red latex-gloved hand was a choker key, for Mouse? Mouse was confused until Isa gave Cat, then her a quick kiss. Oh, Isa wanted to visit with them immediately...

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