Barbie Mouse & the Lady

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No Ropes, please.

Don’t make a sound, or I will hurt you! Do you understand me?”

Mouse could not breathe with a hand over her breathing holes and quickly nodded. Someone was sitting on top of her, legs on either side, locking Mouse in bed. Mouse was so scared. No one ever came into her house.

The female voice took her hand away and spoke, “How do I switch the lights on?”

Mouse did not want to say anything, afraid that she would get hurt, and started to shiver. The voice came close to her ear and whispered, “I will hurt you if you do not tell me what I need to know,” and then stopped. Hands ran around Mouse’s covered face and probed where her nose and eyes were and the woman’s voice asked, “Are you some kind of a weirdo?”

Mouse nodded, but the women’s voice came close to her and spoke, “I asked you a question, bitch!”

Mouse blurted, “YousaidIwouldgethurtifImadeasound!”


Mouse repeated, “Yousaid I wouldgethurt if I madeasound!”

“Oh, yes I did, didn’t I. Okay, your not only a weirdo but an obsessive-compulsive weirdo. Is it your whole family, or is it just you?” She was her whole family.

Mouse asked, “Areyougoingtohurtme?”

The woman repeated, “Am I going to hurt you? No, not really. I will just tie you up until I find where your day’s takings are, then I will leave.”

Mouse pleaded, “Do not tie me up, please!”


“No – ropes – please. It will damage my skin badly.”

“Oh, what then?

Mouse tried, “If I show you where the money is will you leave me alone and not come back?”

The woman remained silent a while before she answered, “Can’t promise that, missy. I can promise you that I will hurt you if you do not tell me where you hid the takings.”



“No,” and the hand covered her breathing holes, and Mouse passed out.

Mouse came too, and the woman sat on her still or again. She asked, “Wake yet, Barbie? Any of the dolls valuable? You must have over a thousand.”

Mouse asked, “If I tell you will you go away and not return?”


“No, then I will not.”


Mouse patiently repeated, “Go away or kill me or something, but leave me alone.”


Mouse asked, “Why not?”

The woman spoke, “It would be unprofessional for me to break in and leave empty-handed. But I am also peeved that I could not find the bag with money anywhere. I am not leaving without it.”

Mouse confirmed, “I am not telling you.”

The woman countered, “I will hurt you.”

Mouse countered, “You will do that anyway.”

“No, I won’t. I just came for the money,” argued the woman.

Mouse argued, “If you steal that money, I cannot pay Matilda her severance pay. I just got the final amount with today’s takings.”

The woman laughed, “Poor little rich weirdo girl. Fancy house, a large bookstore, a Barbie collection, and you say you live on the poverty line? Ha! Where is the money, or I will tie you up tightly, all over.”

Mouse said no. She had a reasonably good life, and if she died now, she would die relatively happy. Mouse felt the hand over her face again, and she...

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