Barbie Mouse & the Lady

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Flirty, Girly Pink-Dress

Despite the kerfuffle last night, Mouse was back in time and only had some minor skin irritations that the night mask treatment fixed. Mouse felt adventurous and took out her Spy Squad Barbie, the latex version, which she had never worn outside. But she felt excited and happy and put on the outfit. She had grown some, and it was snug, but it felt right.

Mouse loved the look of the latex outfit and the feel of her latex base layer. She loved how warm it felt and how smooth and straight her legs were. She was excited but also frightened to show herself outside like this again. But then, what had she to lose.

Mouse put on the pink overcoat with sparkly lining and put the pink utility belt on the outside. Mouse looked in the mirror and felt a thrill despite this costume not being the real Barbie. As usual, it went up to under her chin, and she wore matching gloves. She wondered what Cat would think.

The man in the second-floor window whistled twice today. When Mouse stopped, he apologized and explained that watching Mouse go off to her shop was the highlight of his mornings. Mouse curtseyed to him and hurried off.

Cat was already there, and wow! She was not in her jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirt but totally transformed. She wore a 1950′s style wide dark red dress with a narrow waist over black stockings and a black high-necked pullover. She had black petticoats, red gloves, and heeled short red boots. Wow, again.

Cat stuttered, “To, to, much, much, Mouse? I can go home and change?”

Caught off guard, Mouse stuttered, “No, no, please. It is fine so. Please, stay as you are.” Feeling a bit embarrassed by her behavior, Mouse locked the door behind them and invited Cat to sit. Both machines looked clean and ready, so Mouse set about to make two short blacks.

The machines needed to heat up, so Mouse sat next to Cat on the couch and explained, “I, I am not good with people. Oh, I am good with customers, but I never had friends and do not know how to behave. I think you, you, are just too beautiful, the way you dressed.”

Cat looked at Mouse and asked, “How was it with Matilda?”

Mouse shot back, “That was different,” then realized what she said and added, “somehow, I don’t know. This is all new to me.”

Cat looked at Mouse a while then asked, “What is new for you, Mouse?” As she did, she absently put her hand on her knee, which shot an electrical charge along Mouse’s leg.

Cat pulled her hand away, but Mouse whispered, “Don’t.”

Cat froze and asked, “Don’t what, Mouse?”

Mouse answered, “Don’t ask as I do not understand, and, and, don’t take your hand away.” Oh bugger, did she really say that. Then another jolt raced up her leg when the red gloved hand was back on her knee. Mouse put her hand on top, and they just sat there. Awkward.

They did not get to their coffee’s until much later when the store was full of customers. The store’s free photo booth was hopping with children requesting to be with Spy force Barbie and her friend. It was a hectic and profitable day.

They sat on that couch again in the evening, drank decaf, not to mention what happened in the morning. Mouse had to rush off again, forgetting everything. She came home and was so confused. Once in her sleepwear without the hood, she saw barbies with red gloves everywhere.

Mouse went to bed dreaming of red-dressed, brown-haired, green-eyed Barbies with red gloves. The following morning, Mouse could not decide which Barbie she would dress like today. She was entirely in black latex when she recalled that Cat had a black base. She was already running behind and could not redress.

Red Riding Hood Barbie caught Mouse’s eye, but then the Barbie next to it. Barbie’s Starlight Adventures the fine grey-on-grey latex outfit with pink features. Mouse got it out, sprayed latex glide into the suit, and stretched it over her black suit. It was very snug, very warm, very different, and Mouse had to go and loved it. She had a mock matching helmet which she put on instead of hair. It closed at the back and left her face free.

Mouse rushed out, as much as anyone could rush through the airlock. She waved to the man breakfasting on the second floor, and he gave her two thumbs up. Somehow this calmed Mouse some. Cat was already there again, and, and, Mouse had to breathe.

Cat wore a white base layer with a flirty, girly pink dress with white polka dots, pink shoes, pink gloves, and a white bonnet. She looked absolutely adorable. Cat stood and looked at Mouse as if she were an apparition. Mouse unlocked the door, and they went in. Sitting, they both tried to speak at the same time. There was the back and forward until they both shut up and just sat there. Mouse saw her hand on Cat’s knee, white mat latex-covered knee.

Cat spoke, “You don’t like me dressing like this too, do you?” but then saw Mouse’s hand on her knee. A tense moment or a billion years, and a pink gloved hand took Mouse’s hand. They just sat there, Mouse most certainly not knowing what to do. After that, though, the day was busy, happy, but they brushed against each other often, accidentally, of course.

In the afternoon, they sat and drank coffee, talking about the day. It was Saturday, and Mouse closed when the shop was empty. Cat asked, “What do you do on a long weekend?”

Mouse did what she always did and stayed home, but she said, “I have no plans. And you?”

Cat answered, “Oh, I hope that a new friend of mine will have a cup of coffee with me at Bernard’s.”

Mouse uttered, “Oh. How long do you have until you have to go?”

Cat replied, “Depends when you want to leave,” oh, Oh, OH!

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