Barbie Mouse & the Lady

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Fifth Coffee

Mouse’s bladder screamed for attention. Almost forever, she got up at the same time each day and did her morning ablutions. It was a few hours later than usual, and her bladder complained bitterly. She really, really had to go but could not. Her arms were wrapped around Cat, and Cat’s arms were wrapped around her.

Mouse whispered, “Lady Cathenne, Cat, I really need to go.”

“Me too. It’s the last coffee we had, not the four before that.”

With her face still close to Cat, her sleep odor mixed with vanilla bean excited Mouse. It was like tiny sparks of static electricity running through her body, all to that one, very disused place. Then she felt Cat’s hooded lips on hers and sighed. Cat drew her out of bed, and they unpeeled each other, the hoods last, and Cat kissed her properly.

Cat led her to the shower. Mouse turned the water on, distracted by Cat kissing and twisting her nipples until it hurt but in a good way. Under the shower, Cat continued. There was some soap involved, a brush, a lot of tongue, and a probing touch to her other lips, but Mouse got lost in the sensations.

A while later, after they dried each other thoroughly, Mouse was profoundly aware of her nakedness. Cat noticed her nervousness and drew her into the bedroom, where she put Mouse’s back into her sleep hoods and explained, “If you can’t see yourself, no one can.”

Mouse complained, “But next to you, I look like an emaciated zombie.”

Cat teased, “Are you saying I am fat?”

Mouse stuttered, “N, no, no, just, just so utterly perfect.”

Cat pressed her body on Mouse, took her hand and put it over one of her very perky firm breasts, and said, “This is yours now, Mouse, and you are mine. You see your svelt body, but I see your radiance. Shall I dress you like yesterday?”

Mouse was overdressed yesterday and was hot the whole day and wanted to say no, but nodded.

Cat had Mouse help her into her and Cat’s sleep gown, then pressed herself to Mouse, whispering, “This is such a wig and so snatched. I love the fit. We will both be on fire; you wait.”

When they had a pile of Mouse’s usual clothing, Cat asked, “Is this all?” Mouse looked at the pile she wore to hide her ugliness and stuttered, “Y, yes. Too much?” Cat kissed her, then helped her draw on the latex base layer. Cat chatted away about her sister and how she had to bring her up with their parents away all the time.

It was fun to have Cat help her, and she seemed to enjoy dressing Mouse. When she had her first pair of fluffy woolen tights on, Cat ran her hands up Mouse’s legs, smoothing them out, totally unaware of what she did to Mouse. She prepared the second pair and stretched them over the first, doing the same. It took some effort for Mouse to keep her knees from buckling.

Cat asked, “Do you have many of these fluffy warm tights, Mouse?”

Mouse nodded then answered, “I always wear the same under, so when anything I wear is on eBay Bulk Buy, I get it.”

Cat brushed along Mouse’s legs then helped her into her corset. She closed the front hook and eye fasteners, then went to the back and chatted about when her mother started reducing her waistline, but they were away a lot. So Cat had to do the same for her sister, and when she complained, she cited what her mother said when she laced her in. It fooled the fool men who judged by appearance, distracted the others, and made women envious.

Mouse knew what came next, her latex boob leotard, and was blushing furiously under her sleep hoods. Cat teased Mouse between the legs, drew the tard up and over, zipped it up at the back, reached around the front with both hands, and whispered, “That is clever, better than having them under your skin.”

Cat asked, “This fluffy white catsuit is like the tights, Mouse. It feels so soft and sensuous.” Cat had her life her leg and dressed into the catsuit, but ever so slowly, brushing is smooth her, pulling it up there, and Mouse’s knees buckled. Cat guided her to fall on the bed, not stopping what she did. Mouse was boiling hot in what for her was normal.

Close to Mouse’s ear, Cat asked, “Shall we finish dressing?”

Mouse tried to regain control of herself, stuttering, “N, no, not, ahh, yes, yes, we have to get some food into us, Cat.”

Cat purred, “Of course, my Mouse, how thoughtless of me. What next?”

Mouse hesitated by asked, “What would you like to wear?”

Cat lay down on top of Mouse, pressing her whole body to hers, and asked, “Can I wear what you wear. I want to try it, all of it, every piece.”

Perspiring, not just from the clothing, Mouse warned, “I, I am used, used, to this, and it may be too warm for you, especially with the latex.”

Cat smiled and revealed, “When I found one of mum’s latex stashes, I made my sister wear it under her clothing, all the time. Even when we had dancing, ballet, and other physical activities, I made her wear it under her corset, not easily taking it off. I was not always a good older sister, but we were often bored, so I got away with it.

Atypically, she stopped complaining after a week, which took the fun out of it, so I tried it. I wear latex all the time and love the feel with tights and pullovers to hide it. But I never thought to do it like you and lock myself in with an overall catsuit. The idea excites me no end. You have no idea how arousing and sexy you are, do you? I love your waist, and your long slim legs are a knock-out. Your trusting innocents is an aphrodisiac to me. Hmm, I think I will wear my corset again. Mum will be ever so proud. Will you help me even with your eyes covered?”

Mouse would and did and, and, like it, going just by feel. Mouse emulated much of what Cat had done to her, insecurely at first but then felt Cat responding. Yes, it was alluring to have such control over a person, and Mouse lost all hesitations.

When all was done, they were both hot and had to rest on the bed. Mouse was unsure who initiated it, but they held their latex-covered hands, which was ever so sensual. The latex did not allow their interlaced fingers to separate easily. Mouse was happy, but they had to get to the shop.

Mouse drew Cat up and asked, “May I see you now, please?”

Cat led Mouse to the mirror and slowly, ever so slowly removed Mouse’s sleep hoods, teasing Mouse all the time. When Mouse could see, Cat stood behind her, with her head on Mouse’s shoulder, holding her breasts, with her hips pressed into Mouse’s behind. Mouse still wore her latex hood covering her odd bald head, and Cat had one on too.

Mouse moved slowly from behind Mouse and spoke, “Just like Due-girl from the future, identical in every way.” Cat pressed their hips together, and they looked at each other. Cat still looked perfect with her layering, and her eyes and lips, and nose were perfect. Mouse wished she was Cat’s twin.

With the glint in her eye, Cat asked, “Would you wear that grey outfit for me today?” Mouse felt hot and just nodded. Cat added, “Right now?” Mouse just nodded. Cat laughed and asked, “Okay, my dear Mouse, where is your latex stash?”

Mouse led Cat to where she kept her special Barbie clothing. Cat chose the Barbie Starlight grey on grey with pink features latex space suit and wanted Mouse to put it on over what she wore. Mouse nodded, feeling hot already and wondering where this was leading. Cat almost rushed Mouse into the suit and sealed it shut at the back, holding Mouse tightly. Mouse felt compressed, hot, and giddy.

Cat asked, “Would you mind if I wore the other one?” she meant Kareena. It took a while longer, but then they stood before the mirror. Despite the layering adding to her, Cat was stunning, and Mouse was overheating.

Cat was not finished and asked, “Would you mind not wearing a wig, Mouse? I really like your perfectly oval head as it is. Perhaps just a hood or few?”

Mouse found a color matching plain grey hood and was just about to put on the thick grey hood when Cat teased, “If you put on another of the white hoods, I will kiss you until your toes curl.”

Three kisses later, Mouse had to lie down to rest. She was exhausted by the layering, by the newness and intensity, but mostly worn out by Cat’s kisses and teasing. Mouse was hot and happy and would not mind if she died now. It was the perfect moment in time, one that you experience once and never again and remember for the rest of your life. Mouse sighed contentedly.

Identically dressed but green featuring Cat admitted, “I am ever so hot, Mouse. Are you still okay? I did this to my sister all the time until she grew up and became too old for dress-up games. I really hated it when she went all adult, and we did not play anymore.”

Cat drew the doona and duvet over, then lay down face to face with Mouse. It was ever so hot, and they snoozed, drifting in and out of dazed sleep. Their mouths were so close they breathed each other’s hot air. It was intoxicating, but then Mouse had a thought.

Mouse asked, “Cat, did, did, you do the same with your sister? I mean, as with me?”

Cat laughed that easy Lady Cathenne laugh and answered, “Half-sister and yes, Mouse, I did. Does that shock you? Mum caught us once, sat us down, spanked us, tightened our corsets, and told us never to get caught again. She said we could do anything we want, except getting caught. Then she told us we had ten minutes to come down for dinner with guests. That night, we had to wear our latex under our clothing all night around people, and that is when I started to really like it. Yes, Mouse, I am hungry now too and need a coffee. How about you?”

Mouse answered, “I will make you a meal and coffee.”

Cat suggested, “I was hoping we could go to Bernards together.”

Mouse agreed, “Okay, I will change,”

“as we are, so, now,” interrupted Cat.


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