Barbie Mouse & the Lady

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Spider Gwen

After putting on the barrier crème, they went out. Cat hooked her arm in with Mouse and walked them the long way to Bernards. The sun was shining, people looked at them, and Mouse was cooking. By the looks, Cat too, but she looked carefree and happy.

Men looked them up and down indirectly, most looking at Cat, but Cat said that most looked at her. Women had a variety of reactions, mainly depending on their age. Younger women and teenagers were excited. Some even ask for selfies. Older women ignored them, most older men too but not all. Children were the most fun and often waved, so they waved back to them. A few of the mums asked that they pose with their children.

Mouse had never been the center of attention in this way. It was terrifying if Cat were not with her. She was the perfect hostess, picking up children and hugging them. She put a pair of twins on their shoulder to their parent’s delight, and when a group of teenage girls wanted a selfy, she stopped a grumpy-looking man and had him take a few photos. She was such a natural and so effervescent.

When they arrived at Bernards, Mouse had to sit down. She was so hot, she thought her bones would liquify. When Bernard came out to take the order, Cat asked for coffees. Bernard said right away but returned with a pitcher and two glasses.

Pouring juice, Bernard admonished, “First, an iced strawberry sniffer to cool you both down, then perhaps food? May I suggest my Kale and Carrot salad with ginger dressing? I haven’t listed it yet, but Boris likes it.”

Cat replied, “You are such a bully, Bernard.”

Bernard grumbled, “Ah, the pot calling the kettle black. Now be Lady Cathenne and introduce me to your charming and quiet friend.”

A few hours later, Bernard joined them for a cuppa. He was quite a fun guy, and he flirted with Mouse. An utter gentleman, he entertained them with Cat’s previous exploits and by Cat’s rolling eyes, grossly overstating some events to make them laugh. It was almost midnight, it was cool, and Mouse knew it was time to go. They stood.

Bernard took Mouse’s hand, bowed, and kissed it, wishing her good night. He offered Cat the same, but she embraced him then spoke, “I never knew how much trouble I was, Bernard. I never asked about the two that were shot in Moscow.”

Bernard spoke, “Your father has them as his bodyguards for stepping in the bullets meant for you. They are both well, and Chung Sun Yi thanks you for the gift of his life. You risking yourself to pull him to safety and remaining with both until our medic came impressed everyone no end.”

On the way home, Cat would not be drawn into the incident but insisted on knowing much more about Mouse. Mouse told her anything she wanted to know. At home, in bed again, Cat dressed as Mouse, Mouse asked, “How long will you stay?”

Cat asked, “How long will you have me?”

Mouse stuttered, “Forever?”

Cat said, “Okay.”

Mouse did not sleep much that night.

The next day, Cat looked through the wardrobe and chose two ballerina Barbie outfits. Cat totally overpacked them then, Mouse all in white, including a tutu. Mouse chose a purple tutu outfit for Cat, and she liked it. Then Cat discovered Mouse’s toe boots and just had to have them wearing them. It took a long time to have breakfast.

Cat wanted to get used to the boots, to have her legs look as long as Mouse. They could not walk too well in them, so Cat started Mouse’s ballet training. When they needed to rest, they went to bed under the doona and watched Captain Marvel.

At the end of the Movie, Cat asked, “Who is your favorite superhero.”

Mouse said, “Well, I like Wonder Woman; everyone does. Batgirl is cool, Captain Marvel is, well, is marvelous, but I like the Wasp best, the old way she looked. And you?”

Cat thought about it and spoke, “Well, I like the future superheroes best. I had a collection of old comics, and my favorite was Duplicate Girl. My next favorite was White Witch, which is why I had you dress in white. You are my White Witch, but then you are also a bit like Thunder. I liked Thorn too, and oh so many. Come to think of it, I liked the ones best who were all covered up as were and are today. I also liked Spider Gwen. Oh, I have an idea!”


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