Barbie Mouse & the Lady

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Future Hero's

The week just flew by, especially with Cat by her side. It was a feeling Mouse never knew she missed. Cat was a bit mischievous and overdressed Mouse and herself each morning and sometimes even for sleep. But Mouse was smart enough to know what Cat wanted, her complaining during the dress-up, so she obliged. Cat knew precisely what she did, and this seemed to excite Cat even more. Mouse was getting used to it, and Cat’s excitement infected her.

The following week, Bernard came to deliver a large package to their home. Cat got all excited and wanted them to be late for work to check out what she had made. Mouse made her put the box into the airlock, and they went to work. Dressed as Spy Force Barbies, Cat was ever so loving and attentive that Mouse knew that she was up to something.

When they got home, Cat showed Mouse a dozen female superhero latex outfits. Made to measure, but a bit smaller, Cat had Mouse try on the Spider Gwen suit first. It had inbuilt wedged high heels and a full face cover.

Cat explained, “Just to try out Mouse, but if you wear these, you will not need the barrier crème! You can stand to be without the mask for, say, a coffee or a meal if you cover up immediately after.”

Mouse asked, “But why?”

Cat replied, “So that you do not need the restorative cream and latex face cover at night and we can play other games.”

That week at the bookshop, they dressed in almost identical latex outfits of Spider Gwen, Dreamgirl, Duplicate Girl, Gazelle, Harmonia Li, and on Saturday, Glorith. Cat had Mouse’s face fully covered with enough breathing holes and Mouse had to get used to speaking through the suits, but she did not mind. She was no longer an ugly, never to grow up, duckling, but Cat’s superhero. She proved it to Mouse each night when they redressed.

About a month later, Mouse decided that her Barbie time was over. Cat tried to talk her out of it, but Mouse just felt that she finally outgrew Barbie and was ready to explore the future hero inside her.

Cat somehow finagled to make an arrangement with Trundle, Trundle, and Dormister International Book Stores. They were underbidding Mouse’s book store, advertising specials that Mouse could not match.

Cat, as Kinetix suggested, “If we give up our fantasy and sci-fi sections, they will give up their entire graphic novel, children’s and superhero’s section. We would have enough space to display your Barbie Doll collection and could also sell comics. My inside information has it that Graphic Novels, especially about superheroes, are on the rise.” Mouse agreed and fully transitioned into future superhero costumes.

Cat tried to help with the renovations, but she had two left hands. Although Mouse would not admit it, she felt a bit inferior to Cat almost every way until then. But Cat could not cook, would burn water, and was totally inapt in anything mechanical, which made Mouse love her more.

Cat, without telling Mouse, bought the run-down shop next door and had it renovated for them. She also had an isolated room built as a meeting, resting, and lunchroom where Mouse could eat without worrying about how long she exposed her face. On the first anniversary, dressed as Lightning Lasses, Cat gave her the deed to the building. Mouse cried and cred. She had never gotten any presents for anything in a long time. She almost forgot to give Cat the contract making them partners in the book store.

A few weeks later, Nightgirl Cat proposed to Nightgirl Mouse, who said yes. They had a small ceremony in the store on Sunday where Bernard, the stand-in father, gave away Phantom Girl Mouse to Phantom Girl Cat. For the occasion, Cat wore her black ballet boots, which made her taller and had Mouse understand why Cat so liked her legs. Their honeymoon was at home, and it was exhausting. They did not get to sleep at all.

A few months later, Mouse dressed as Saturn Girl, worried that Cat would become bored with this life. Saturn Girl Cat sat her down and promised her that it would never happen. Over the following months, Cat learned to cook, sow, and made latex outfits for them at home to prove the point. She took over most of the customer fronting and allow Mouse to work purchasing and web sales. They were busy, happy and the play at night in bed was exhausting, fun, and always a bit different, especially when they had a day off...

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