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It was Mouse's last job. She had enough of her mother's profession as a Mistress and wanted to live, well, not a normal life but not this life. This was her final job, Lady Cathenne, a long-term customer with a very particular set of treatments. Have the woman in rubber, stretch her out, make her super uncomfortable, have some fun, then get the safe code from her. Do anything with her short of killing, and get the safe's code and her prize. But Lady Cathenne was playing hardball, and Mouse had qualms about going too far.

Romance / Erotica
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:

Dressed to Kill.

Mouse lay on top of the wide brick fence to calm her breathing. Despite wearing a super insulating neoprene super-flex wetsuit, she was cold, and that was good. But, she had to cool down even more if she wanted to avoid the infrared cameras and alarms. She waited, regulating her breathing, cursing the incorrectly sized suit. Mouse was an XS in width but L in length and the suit was an XSSS.

Mouse lowered her backpack to the ground, climbed down, recovered the black rope, and looped it around herself. Slowly and carefully, Mouse made her way to the mansion, to the southside chimney stack. By Mouse’s third attempt, the lasso held around the chimney, and she climbed up. With her back to the chimney, Mouse listened to any sounds that may mean someone heard her.

Nothing. Mouse recovered the rope and padded across the roof to the open window. How very accommodating of Lady Cathenne to sleep with the window open. She left her backpack outside and withdrew the knock-out drug bottle. She unscrewed the top and snuck into the bedroom. Step by step, she came to the sleeping woman.

Holding the bottle over Lady Cathenne’s lips, Mouse dropped one, two, three drops on her lips. Mouse crouched down by the bed, and when Lady Cathenne licked her lips, it was just a matter of a few minutes. Mouse listened until Lady Cathenne’s breathing changed.

Done, Mouse uncovered Lady Cathenne and saw that she slept in latex. A latex catsuit under a latex coverall, gloves, and a hood. Feeling her hard abdomen, she also tight-laced to have that tiny waist.

Mouse fetched her backpack and prepared a few items on the bed. Mouse had to attach sensors to make sure she did not go too far in her torture. She unsipped the coverall and the catsuit, then attached the stick-on blue tooth sensors, checked that they were working, then sipped her back up.

Mouse strapped padded wrist, and ankle restraints on Lady Cathenne then spreadeagled her. Mouse looped an occy strap around each bedpost then had to strain to attach them to Lady Cathenne’s wrists and ankle straps. Mouse removed a neoprene hood and drew it over Lady Cathenne’s head backward to cover her eyes and compress her head. This heightened the experience. Finished with her preparations, Mouse recovered Lady Cathenne with the doona and duvet. Now to wait until the drug wore off.

Mouse unlocked her phone, connected to the sensors, and waited until for the readings to jump. When Lady Cathenne woke from the pain of the occy straps pulling her arms and legs into four directions, she will also panic, feeling the hood over her. Mouse knelt on the floor and meditated...

Rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, body temperature rising, Lady Cathenne was awake and panicking. Ouse gave her some time to allow the situation to settle in and let the utter feeling of helplessness fully prepare her for what was to come.

When Lady Cathenne vitals stabilized between panic and fear, Mouse offered, “Safe access code.” Lady Cathenne’s heartbeat, pulse, and body temperature jumped, but she did not scream, too bad.

People told Mouse that she spoke like Wednesday from the Addams family. She had a monotonous way of speaking that gave the impression she could kill you on the spot. Her former Psychiatrist said that Mouse was an Alexithymiac, unable to connect to her own or other’s emotions. He put her on Mindfulness Meditation.

Mouse repeated, “Safe access code, Lady Cathenne.” She shook her head.

Although she always was polite, her coworkers at Legal Services spoke about her where they thought she could not hear them. Essentially, they said that her politeness made her even more eery and creepy. Her stepmother used Mouse in her dungeon with clients, telling Mouse she was a natural at creeping people out.

Mouse took the dental grade ratcheting mouth opener from her backpack, stood, sat on the bed, leaned over, and spoke directly into Lady Cathenne’s thick neoprene-covered ear, “Safe code, please.”

Lady Cathenne smiled and spoke, “Do you worst,” but Mouse had the ratcheting mouth opener in position. Like she learned from her stepmother, Mouse forced open Lady Cathenne’s mouth slowly. This gave the victim the feeling of utter inevitability that they were forced to open their mouth against their will. Lady Cathenne shook her head, and Mouse let go of the tool.

It would not dislodge wedged firmly around the front top and bottom teeth. When Lady Cathenne stopped her head movements, Mouse ratcheted the tool until Lady cathenne’s mouth was ready for the next step. Mouse leaned down and repeated, “Safe code, please.” Lady Cathenne spoke no, but with her mouth wide open, it sounded different.

Mouse went to her backpack, withdrew the sealed sandwich bag with a sterilized gel pacifier and pump. She got onto the bed and knelt above Lady Cathenne’s head, placing her pencil-thin legs on either side of Lady Cathenne’s head.

Stopping Lady Cathenne’s head from moving, Mouse carefully inserted the mouth-shaped pacifier then attached the pump. Mouse pumped it up and then some more, watching the readouts jump dramatically.

Mouse needed the codes, not a dead Lady Cathenne, so she waited until Lady Cathenne’s was around panic level only. Mouse pumped the pacifier up so far that she could withdraw the mouth opener. Mouse closed the valve, removed the pump, and went to the bathroom to clean the mouth opener.

When Mouse returned, the readout suggested Lady Cathenne was in distress and pain. Mouse bent down and offered, “Safe code, and I will stop.” Lady Cathenne shook her head, sigh. It usually did not take this long.

Mouse removed the center part of the pacifier. It allowed for feeding, extra breath, and irritation. She went to her backpack and removed a calfskin leather case with long rubber stems with a soft rubber rake at the end. She got on the bed and knelt on either side of Lady Cathenne’s head. When she had her head firmly between her thighs, Lady cathenne’s vitals jumped dramatically. Anticipation was often more powerful than the actual event.

Mouse leaned down and offered, “If you give me the codes...” but Lady Cathenne tried to move her head from side to side, indicating no.

Mouse inserted the number two into the center of the pacifier and all the way until it irritated Lady Cathenne’s throat. Mouse firmed her thighs and held her hands around Lady Cathenne’s head, steadying her as she reacted to the foreign agent in her mouth with uncontrollable gagging. Mouse knew how this was like when her stepmother did this with her.

When Lady Cathenne settled some; Mouse bent down and offered, “I can stop.” LadyCathenne shook her head in as much as she could move it at all. Mouse sighed and removed the number two. She inserted the longer, larger number five tickler and watched as Lady Cathenne’s vitals spiked. Lady Cathenne was in utter panic, and he blood pressure was close to 230/180.

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