Ghost Love Story

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Cathenne, a house flipper, bought a bargain-basement house because it is haunted. Every buyer before her who moved in lasted only a day before they ran out and put the house up for sale. Now empty a long while, Cathenne snaps it up and moves in. her first night in the Mc Mansion, she did not sleep well, and the house is cold as hell. After a short afternoon nap on the couch, Cathenne finds out why.

Romance / Erotica
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:

Ghost Mouse

It looked like a fantastic buy, a haunted house at vastly below market value, but Cathenne was not so sure anymore. Waking up after the first night, she felt groggy, unslept, and hungry, like she had not eaten for days. All right, she could take the weekend off from planning and renovations and slum it. Cathenne did what she needed to do in the morning, then rushed back into her unheated bedroom and split open her travel trunk. Fresh undies, bra, definitely two pairs of Red IgniteFire, active thermal tights; Cathenne hated the cold even when working.

Cathenne slipped into the first, then the second IgniteFire thermal catsuit, still feeling the chilly cold of the place. She couldn’t, could she? Yes, she could; she unpacked a third IgniteFire thermal catsuit and zipped it closed. Cathenne figured that she would eventually overheat, but that was better than turning into an icicle.

It took a while before Cathenne was in her grey leather coverall, but she loved it tight, especially around her waist and hips. She giggled, thinking that she was mummifying in the layers, but it took the edge of the chill inside the manor. She went to the trunk, grabbed the furlined leather aviator, and put it on. Eventually, her ears will come back to feeling. Gloves, yes, a pair of gloves, better still, double gloving.

When Cathenne put on a stitched padded jacket, she wondered why Havier from Plumbing and Gas Service had not fixed the heating in this house. She had not heard from him since the day she sent him here.

Cathenne laced on a pair of stout workboots with a hint of heel, imagining that her small shoe size would fit well up Havier’s ass for not getting the heating going in the house. Breakfast first, vengeful revenge on Havier later.

After breakfast, with a mug of double Nespresso in her hand, Cathenne, with her vest’s hood over, strolled around her suburban mansion. The handsome double-story two-tone grey house with two detached buildings, a triple garage was too large and far away from the airport for savvy millennial purchasers. She had a plan to turn this into a triple occupancy property, possibly one for herself. Cathenne walked about, taking her time, feeling warm and cozy. She started making mental plans for the renovation.

Settling on the living room couch, Cathenne visualized how she could modernize the exterior and color scheme. She was cold again, so she went to the kitchen, brewed herself a supersized mug of hot chocolate, and returned to the couch.

Grey, white and blue, perhaps? Charkhole, grey and white? Touch of blue? Beige, light grey, and wood? Timber, turquoise, and sandstone? Cathenne fell asleep…

“Hi.” Cathenne bolted up!

“What the fuck are you doing in my house, and how did you get in! Get out, now!” demanded Cathenne, spilling chocolate on the carpet.

The young woman and an unusual latex catsuit tisked and spoke, “If you run cold water directly over the stain, then use a dishwashing detergent and a clean cloth, and rub the stain in a circular motion, you can get the stain out. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse the area with cold water again, and the chocolate stain should be gone.”

Cathenne looked at the slight, slim girl, and she did not look like a threat, but she was weird. She had a black latex catsuit with blue features and wore it as if it were her everyday clothing. Well, it had to be if she was sitting across from her in the armchair, legs crossed and matching heelless toe boots. But then, she looked calm, collected, and not cold, and Cathenne felt the chill.

Cathenne admitted, “The carpet will be going, so that does not matter. Who are you, and what are you doing in my house.”

The girl spoke, “I am Mouna Lisa Kaspersky, but that is a stupid name. I prefer Mouse. Hi. What’s your name?”

Automatically, Cathenne answered, “I am Cathenne,” but stopped.

Before she could continue, Mouse offered, “You are quite beautiful, Cathenne. Love your red hair, and it goes really well with your green eyes.”

Cathenne demanded, “Either get out or at least tell me what you are doing here?”

Mouse answered, “Well, I can’t get out, and if I tell you, I will be alone in this house again. Everybody runs away when I show or tell them. Some don’t even wait for me to say anything.”

Cathenne guessed, “You’re telling me that you are a ghost?”

Mouse smiled a cute innocent smile, sighed, and answered, “Yes, I am.”

Her shape started to disperse, but Cathenne said, “Wait, don’t go; I am not running away. I put all my business money into buying this house, and I am not about to give it up. Or are you going to haunt me or try and scare me or something?”

Mouse solidified, exclaiming, “For Buddha’s sake, no. I am happy for the company. However, I may be why you feel cold. I do like your outfit. You’re the type of girl I always hoped to meet, but all that ever spoke to me were chauvinists. I am such a sucker, and now I am dead. What’s worse than being a ghost? Being a stupid ghost!”

“Low self-esteem, hey? Don’t beat yourself up. Yea, I have the looks, and that’s all everyone wants,” answered Cathenne.

Mouse smiled, “Well, yes, I would definitely not push you off the edge of my bed if I woke up and saw you there. But I had not considered that looks could be detrimental. I suppose when you look like me, a skinny rake, thin hair, bony ass, and no boobs, your both happy and suspicious when someone is nice to you.”

Cathenne frowned and countered, “And when you have perky breasts, round ass, small waist, everyone mentions them, thinks you should be a model, actress, or a whore, and never really looks beyond that. I am also suspicious when a fella tries to chat me up. Never thought to try it with a girl.”

Mouse asked, “Would you?”

Cathenne countered, “Not too late for that for you?”

Mouse sighed, “Yes, but still, you would not even consider anyone like me, would you? You’re a knockout and would usually go for other lookers. Birds of a feather and all that. Not true?” Cathenne could not disagree.

Havier was also eye-candy, a Spanish stallion, charming, witty, sometimes reliable, and great in bed, and due for a kick in the ass. She answered, “Okay, can’t argue that. But then again, you are not that bad-looking. I would definitely notice you in that outfits, and what’s with the heelless toe boots. I mean, it gives you a nice leg line, but did you die in them?”

Mouse asked, “So you won’t mind if I cohabitate with you? I have to tell you, though, I can only become visible when I use some of your essence, or lifeforce or chi or whatever. I think that is why you felt so cold.”

Cathenne sat back, “You are sucking the life out of me?”

Mouse answered, “I am not sure how it works, but I don’t think that I shorten your life or anything like that. But you have only had coffee and hot chocolate so far and not much else for your body to burn. I only take a bit, and once you can see me, it gets okay.”

Cathenne exclaimed, “You’ve been perving on me?”

Mouse apologized, “As soon as someone is in the house, I feel them, and then I sort of wake up and am with them. When the house is empty, I don’t know where I am, and yes, I am a bit starved for company, and not just because I am a ghost. I never really had any friends.”

Cathenne mused, “I am not sure if I should call the Ghost Busters or become friends. Well, I will take your advice and unpack my shopping and make something to eat, or perhaps, I will call for a takeaway.”

Mouse offered, “I can cook. Show me what you have, and I will help you make something nice. I can taste what you drink and eat, and that coffee this morning was way too strong by my taste.”

Cathenne smiled and confirmed, “Yes, I thought so too, but wait a minute. You can taste what I eat? How is that possible?”

“If you promise not to freak out,” hesitated Mouse, continuing when Cathenne nodded, “I can feel much of what you feel. I quite like how your clothing feels on you. Yes, I know I am weird, but that is as it is, sorry. Even in death, I am odd.”

Alighting and walking to the kitchen, Cathenne confirmed, “Just with me, or with others too?”

Mouse admitted, “Oh, everyone that comes into the house, I feel them first before I see them. I felt your suspicion and worry when the realtor showed you the house. I felt the realtors glee when he sold the house again, earning the sixth sales commission. I wanted to warn you, but you need to be in the house a while before I can interact with anyone.”

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