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A few months later, after attending Mouse’s funeral, the Rodovan the Slaughterer trial started. It was a media circus, and already Rodovan’s defense team was spinning Rodovan as the victim. In addition to Rodovan’s twelve murders, they found another five much older female skeletons, including his mothers, presumably murdered by Rodovan’s father.

Esmeralda brought Mei-mei to testify at the trial, but her English was poor, she was timid and nervous. All the victims were being eaten alive by the defense team, so Esmeralda asked Cathenne and, well, Mouse to help. All except one of the girls consented to be possessed by Mouse.

The prosecution recalled the girls, and this time, with Mouse’s help, they could speak about the terror they were under all the time, watching girls die and Rodovan going out to get new bitches. Mouse sat in the witness and stood up to the defense’s cross-examination so much so that they dismissed the last witness after just thirty minutes.

Convicted to twelve life sentences and three hundred and twelve years for rape, slavery, and a whole host of other associated Crimes, Rodaven was sentenced to solitary confinement forever. But, he had found a female cult following, especially one woman, a journalist. Again, Esmeralda asked for their help. The journalist was good and was making a farce of the facts.

They drove past her house one night, and Mouse possessed her in her sleep and shared with her what she had from the deceased in the form of twelve dreams. This night profoundly affected the woman, who turned her attention to the inequity of better-funded support for victims and their families.

Mei-mei could not go home and needed a host family to continue her studies. Cathenne and Mouse took her in, understanding her situation and needs. But Esmeralda also felt strongly for Mei-mei and visited them every Sunday for lunch. Occasionally, she stayed the weekend, and at some time or another, it was clear that she was in love with Mouse too. They had to talk, and this talk turned physical and very passionate. Laying in bed with Cathenne possessed by Mouse, she asked how it felt. Mouse offered to show her.

Mouse, in permanent contact with Cathenne, possessing Esmeralda, enhanced her experience of sex. Hooked by this, she was insatiable, and so were they. Acceptance and love for Cathenne grew out of their weekend sex. Then, one day, Esmi did not move back to her apartment. It felt right so. About a year later, a lot of things come together...

“Are you sure, Cathenne? I mean, yes, I love you layering, but you don’t need to pack yourself just for me,” questioned Mouse as she helped Cathenne into the third silver-grey latex catsuit.

Cathenne answered, “I always wore leather before, and it is not as comfortable as latex. And even three layers of these new grey latex catsuits are just about the same as my leather coveralls anyway. So, three layers with an IgniteFire Red catsuit in between each is just perfect. Would you like me to wear less?”

Lacing a brown leather aviator, sorting out Cat’s long red hair into a ponytail out the top, Mouse admitted, “No, and neither would Esmi. I mean, I like packing you, but she liked undressing you, bit by bit. Anyway, I will always be a drain on your life force, your energy, although Esmi is also sharing the load now. I suggested to her she wear the IgniteFire reds under her usual work clothes. Also, when we work, when others heat up, we cool down, so you both will always need layering, and I love layering you both anyway.”

Mouse, outside of Cathenne, could now do most things like a live person, except breathe and ingest, of course. Inside the Mouse or Esmi, or anyone, she made them stronger, quicker and less vulnerable. Not like Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, but Paranormal, well, possessed. Mouse also could speak using a facsimile of a spiritual speaker to have a reasonably natural voice.

Mouse felt life through Cathenne and increasingly through Esmi, but it was distance dependant. Right now, next to Cathenne, she knew exactly when she had Cathenne’s aviator at the right tightness. But Mouse liked it firmer, and Cathenne did not mind the mild discomfort until the leather warmed up. So too for the high waisted, corset-like brown leather skirt trousers, Mouse had cat step into, lacing the rear firmly. When Cathenne uffed, Mouse innocently asked, “How is that?” Cathenne smiled, knowing this was the purest form of a rhetorical question.

After a year of wearing ballet boots, Cathenne could no longer wear regular shoes. Even Esmi took to the ballet heels, aware that Mouse’s possessing her during sex was a part of her want. She did not mind but had to wear reasonably regular shoes to work. Yet, once she became head of the Special Crimes Unit, she had taken to wearing wedge boots, which but her foot at a forty-five-degree angle. Lately, though, with their increasing contact, Mouse increased her layering too.

Despite liking Cathenne’s hair coming out of the leather aviators in a ponytail, Mouse also liked Cathenne to wear a loose hood or cowl over the tight hood. When they got too cold, Mouse would make Cathenne draw the hood over, but not now. Stating the obvious, Mouse observed, “You are nervous at meeting your family. Don’t worry too much; Esmi and I have your back. You know that she also loves you now.”

Cathenne countered, “Frankly Mouse, if not for your and Esmi’s urging, I would not have consented to this family dinner. We can never know when her family, my family, and Mei-mei’s mother come together how they will take it. I know that we agree that honesty is best, but I am still worried.” Mouse embraced Cathenne.

Whispering in her ear, distracting Cathenne from her worry, Mouse asked, “What will you have me wear tonight?”

Mouse was in better control of her material appearance. She had augmented her body with slightly longer legs, a slimmer waist, and little bumps for breasts. She looked like an adult version of a teenager, and Cathenne could not help but like it, and Mouse knew it.

Almost reading Cathenne’s mind, Mouse appeared and a white latex swing dress, with long sleeves, over a grey catsuit like Cathenne. She also wore grey ballet heels and was trying to have loose flowing hair. However, she still did not get the hang of natural hair movement, so she added a white latex hood. They kissed and made their way up to see Mei-mei. She was also dressing for the evening.

They knocked, and Mei-mei answered, “Enter, please.”

Mei-mei was ready for them, standing in the middle of her bedroom. She chose red for luck. She wore a red Chinese high collar dress with short sleeves, golden features, and a Chinese phoenix motive. She wore red military-heeled boots and red leather gloves, and the split sides of the dress showed that she wore white latex leggings. Oh, it was a sleeveless latex catsuit with a tiny bit showing out at the neck. They had in no way encouraged her to wear latex and even discouraged her when she mentioned it. She was much smaller than either of them, so what she wore, she sourced herself.

Mei-mei was right, and her parents did not want her back, but they did send her a Coutts World Silk Card. When Mei-mei explained what it is, the same credit card the Queen of England used, they understood why she was happy. It was not the million-dollar-plus credit limit but that her Hong Kong-based parents disowned her for show and tradition. Mei-mei’s German mother would also be joining them tonight.

Mei-mei was still unsure of her beauty and femininity since then, especially. Cathenne and Mouse complimented her at every suitable occasion and also now, with, “You are beautiful, Mei-mei, like a delicate oriental flower. But, are you sure about wearing latex, especially where your mother is coming tonight?” Mei-mei, sparse on words at the best of time, blushed and nodded. But then she added, “As you, Lady Cathenne, I am, as I am, and hope honorable mother can accept.”

Mouse discovered why everyone who knew Cathenne called her Lady Cathenne. Her parents were near royalty in Europe and also super-rich, old and new money. Mouse was not without herself, from the books she wrote with Aruna. She invested ten dollars into Bitcoins when they were worth about two cents. She still had them all.

Arm in arm, they went downstairs together to put the final touches on the meal and settings. Mouse hoped that Aruna would also come tonight and without her husband. It was an all-girls night, this first superfamily meeting.

A few moments later, Esmeralda, a stunning black Chinese amazonian beauty with a strong body, wild soft black hair, and out and out oozing sex, wore a black latex catsuit without gloves or hood under a loose white blouse dress with long sleeves and white wedge ankle boots. It was a stunning way to feature her blue eyes and dark skin. She swept into the kitchen just returned from work

Mouse opened with, “You went to work that way, dressed to kill, Esmi?”

Hugging Mouse, she answered, “I wore a coat over, but my team thinks that I role-play to understand the victims we represent.” Running her hand up Mouse spine, she complimented, “Cathenne’s design what you wear tonight? It will be hard keeping my hands to myself.”

Mouse answered, “Save it up for tonight, Esmi.”

Esmeralda embraced Cathenne and played with her long hair while they kissed. It was a long, passionate kiss before she turned to Mai-mei and complimented, “Mei-mei, you are like a Chinese princess,” then she embraced her fiercely. In a way, Esmi felt that Mei-mei was almost like a daughter to her.

Mei-mei, ever so shy, blushed, bowed, and spoke, “Good-evening honored police captain.”

Esmi, a very tactile person, apologized, “I am sorry, but I just had to do that. I know you are not fully comfortable with hugging.”

Mei-mei, red on smiled and spoke, “Mei-mei, half Chinese, understand and endure police brutality in Hong Kong. However, this police person show that some police much nicer than others. But not do with my honorable mother, if she come, please.”

Everyone arrived, and it was messy. Cathenne’s mother was a bit aloof but ever so polite, but not as polite and reserved as Mei-mei’s mother. Cathenne’s sisters had matured too and were warm and inclusive, which surprised Cathenne and Mouse. Much had changed since she ran away.

Surprisingly, Lady Jiābùlǐāilā or Gabriella by her European birth name, accepted their threesome and felt that Mei-mei was in good hands. Lady Elizabeth, Cathenne’s mother, was a bit neutral, still not quite forgiving that Cathenne ran away from home.

Aniyah, Esmi’s black mother, was not entirely comfortable with her daughter living with two white girls, but she was adapting. Esmi’s sister wanted to know more about Mark, who followed his captain into the new squad. Aruna was an utter flirt and even tried to flirt with the mothers. It was a lively, rowdy, messy, tense, and exciting evening until midnight.

At midnight, Esmi, the go-getter, knelt and proposed to Cathenne and Mouse in front of the assembled. Everyone was slightly drunk from the champagne, including Mouse. At first, everyone gasped, then clapped enthusiastically at which Mouse shone brightly...

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