Ghost Love Story

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Hidden Chamber

“That was a great meal, Mouse,” spoke Cathenne, sitting back satisfied, full, and drowsy. She continued, “How about a glass of red, some soft music, and we continue to chat. You are quite a hidden gem.”

Mouse stuttered, “M, me? Oh, you are just being nice. That is kind of you, thank you.”

Frowning, Cathenne admonished, “Don’t be like that. I thought you could sense how I feel? What do you feel that I fee now, Mouse?”

Mouse hung her head before she spoke, “Disapproval, anger, and a bit of disappointment. I am sorry. I would really like you to like me, even if it is only a bit. For once in my life, but no, that’s playing the pity card like mum, and I think that is part of my problem.”

Cat smiled and spoke, “Growing up, after dad vanished, my mum had a different man every few months. Really, she was a slut. She was well known once as a featured extra, scream queen, and for her naked scenes. She died on the set in bed when I was eighteen, the third victim in an X-rated movie, aptly named The Bed of Horrors. With her death and the publicity, it went on to make millions, and as the sole child, I got a small share. I studied architecture and modern house design and turned to flip houses. But Mouse, what about you. I do like your outfit and those cute boots.”

Excitedly, Mouse uttered, “Really, you really do? Yes, I feel it. Oh, I also feel a bit of excitement. But that can’t be about me, oh, there, see it’s gone.”

Exasperated, Cathenne accused, “That’s because of your self-depreciation, Mouse. It is a turn-off. When we just talk, and you sit there, back straight, legs cross, with that small mousy smile on your lips, in the body-hugging catsuit, I feel a kind of, sleep with me, and I will protect you feeling. Tell me a bit more about what you wear and why, instead.”

It took a moment, but Mouse sat up straight, put her hands on her latex-covered leg, and spoke, “I studied law but was not aggressive enough to make it as a solicitor, so all I did was check through legal documents. Eventually, I got very good at it and bought back our family home, this one, and set up my office here.

Once I had enough money, I got bored with that and tried my hand as a book editor on the side. Someone asked if I do WLW books, Woman-Loves-Woman, and I just said yes. I edited a love story about a lady and a poor girl, which involved latex. It was an adventure and love story, but it needed a lot of editing. It was too much for the author, so I sent her an edited sample gratis and suggested that we coauthor instead of my usual fee.

Since then, we have coauthored seven books and are working on the eighth. Anyway, that is how I got into latex. At first, I just wanted to try it out, but living alone at home, I became obsessed. Eventually, all my clothing was latex, except for a few business suits, coats, and the like to go shopping or meetings. That’s about it.”

Smiling that little, I know something, smile, Cathenne spoke, “Sensing your excitement and pleasure as you spoke about that has me interested. Too bad the place was cleaned out of all your stuff.”

Mouse lowered her head and spoke, “Oh, it’s all here and my favorite place in the house. All this out here was for show; my bedroom, office, wardrobe, spa, and all that, is in my private room, downstairs. With the money we earned from the books, I needed a secret place that no one would find. I’ve not spoken about it or shown it to anyone, ever.”

“No way, Mouse,” exclaimed Cathenne, “I went over every inch of the house, checked the floorplan, and thoroughly checked the basement. No way would I miss a hidden space. Is that satisfaction I feel from you, even glee? Now you have piqued my interest.”

Mouse led Cathenne to the basement and stepped through a wall. Returning, she apologized, “Sorry about that. See the ornate decore at the top of the bookshelf? Just push the middle one up, then the right one up too, and step aside. The bookcase swings open automatically. It extends the basement under the rear garden patio. No one ever notices that there are small opaque windows under the floating concrete.” As the bookshelf swung open, LED lighting went on, automatically illuminating a sizeable stand-alone apartment.

Walking in, Mouse explained, “This is my saferoom. The house up there belonged to my great grandparents, then to my parents. This apartment is all me, and no one has ever been here before.”

Cathenne complimented, “How very tasteful and feminine Mouse. As good as any apartments I designed. Great layout, color scheme, clear spaces for living, dining, sleeping, including kitchenette and bathing facilities. Oh, and the walk-in wardrobe is well designed and functional. OMB, what a collection of latex. May I?”

Mouse handed Cathenne a grey and pink catsuit...

Staggering back, Cathenne exclaimed, “What the fuck, Mouse. You are real. No, I saw you walking, not the bookcase. What’s going on?”

Stuttering, Mouse explained, “I, I, this, safe, when tortured, I went here to survive.”

Frustrated, Cathenne stepped to Mouse and wanted to shake her into sense, but her hands went through Mouse, and she cried, “I am sorry, I, I did not mean to startle you, I am sorry.”

Cathenne saw a pair of latex gloves, put them on, and tried holding Mouse’s shoulders again, and she could. She exclaimed, “What do you know, Mouse, look!” Mouse looked and disappeared, but Cathenne felt her between her hands. She demanded, “Come back, Mouse. This is a good thing.” Mouse reappeared, wet cheeked, head hanging, and silent.

Cathenne took her latex-gloved hand in both her latex-gloved hands and drew her to the bed. They sat, and Cathenne suggested, “Lean on me and tell me everything.” Mouse did and fell through Cathenne, disappearing in the process. Cathenne laughed.

Mouse came back and demanded, “Don’t laugh at me, Cathenne, please. At least you laugh at me when I am there and not behind my back.” Cathenne patted the bed for Mouse to sit, but Mouse pouted.

Smiling, Cathenne explained, “Tell me, Mouse, would you like it if I wore one of your catsuits?” Immediately, Cathenne felt apprehension, suspicion, anticipated disappointment, but also a bit of hope and excitement. Mouse sat, and her big brown doe eyes glistened with desire.

Cathenne spoke, “Okay, Mouse, that could be on the cards, but perhaps we start slowly. Oh, your desire is just about friendship and physical contact, oh, that is a wish I can grant.”

Looking at Cathenne quizzically, Mouse asked, “What else could you mean?”

Cathenne was not averse to exploring love with a ghost. The more she thought about it, the warmer she became. When Mouse fanned her face, Cathenne suggested, “Have you ever dressed anyone in latex? Would you like to?”

Mouse’s cheeks turned flaming red, and her eyes went even wider. She hung her head; no, she nodded. The swell of excitement and sexual tension was a thick as pudding. It was probably emanating from Mouse, but it was kind of escalating to a crescendo between them.

Cathenne suggested, “How about I undress, have quick use of your bathroom and shower, and you prepare what you would like me to wear. Then we see what we do. What about it, Mouse?” Mouse was phasing in and out beaming, almost bounding on the spot...

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