Ghost Love Story

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Latex Treasure Trove

Returning from the well-appointed bathroom, Cathenne exclaimed, “All this? Including two of my red thermals.”

Mouse stuttered, “It, I, mostly, I wear layers because I am so skinny. I, well, sorry. I, I got overexcited, I am sorry. Just, well, it is much the same, even less than what you wore, and well, sorry.”

Cathenne nodded. Mouse was right, and she sensed how Mouse’s excitement went from highrise to basement in a second flat. Cathenne confirmed, “Well, you are right when you are right, Mouse. Aside, you are right again. I want to feel what I sense you feel, and if that is what you wear, good. What is first? The plain black with feet, hood, and gloves?”

Hesitatingly, Mouse handed Cathenne the medium-weight plain black one-piece catsuit and explained, “I, it, well, yes, it has only a hood opening, but it has a hole for your hair. And I think you will look great with a ponytail.”

Cathenne looked at the catsuit dubiously and asked, “I will not be able to get out of that by myself, will I.”

Mouse offered, “I will get you a different one; I have plenty, just a moment.”

Cathenne spoke, “No, I am game. Sorry, I do not want to seem distrustful, but I am not good with trusting people, and this is a bit unusual. I mean, ghost and all, and we just met today, and already I am in your bedroom. Help me, please.”

They stretched the hood and neck open, and Cathenne slipped in. It was all smooth and slippery and sensual, better than satin or silk. The tight latex slid evenly up her legs, causing Cathenne goosebumps all along her legs. By Mouse’s expression, she felt it too. Sliding up her hips, it slid in between her legs and bum cheeks, creating a bit of buzz in Cathenne. It was so much more than just touching there, so it must be some feedback from Mouse. Yes, she too looked, buzzed.

Cathenne’s arms glided into the sleeves, into the gloved ends, up her body, and over her shoulders. Her breast pushed up high, but that was fine too. She did not like low flying breasts and preferred a flat stomach. The sensation was sensational, and Cathenne stumbled a little, right into Mouse’s arms. Breathing hard, Cathenne thanked Mouse and spoke, “I can feel you through the latex, Mouse.”

Mouse let her go, but Cathenne was quicker. She caught her hands, drew her in, and spoke, “You’ve got me captured in this suit, but I got you too. Oh, and I feel you like that. Horny little ghost, aren’t you?”

Mouse hung her head and spoke, “I am still a virgin, I think. He tortured me to force me to beg him for sex, but I refused. The only way I could endure is to imagine myself in my safe room. Even now, I am afraid that I imagine all this and that he is still torturing me. Hold me tighter, please. Oh, you are cold. Let’s finish dressing you. You are tired.”

Cathenne teased, “Yes, mummy.”

Mouse mood sagged a bit, then she looked up into Cathenne’s eyes and admitted, “I will need a while to appreciate your humor, Cathenne. If I did not feel the mirth behind that statement, I would think you are mocking me.”

Mouse countered, “Mouse, I am in your secret bedroom, wearing your latex catsuit. That is the least funny I can get, and frankly, you are right; I am tired. Are you going to have me sleep like this?”

Mouse spoke, “Well, pull your hair through the top hole. I can’t help you with your thermal catsuits, but yes, please dress two then this lovely crimson latex nightgown.”

Cathenne put on both thermal catsuits and started warming up again. Then she put her hair through the hood and drew it over. Hesitatingly, Mouse steppe up and asked, “May I?” When Cathenne nodded, Mouse adjusted the sit of the hood with her latex fingers sometimes going through Cathenne’s face, but not the latex. It was eerie!

The long, very loose crimson latex nightgown flowed up into the air and over her head. Cathenne was just able to get her arms into the bloused sleeves, but Mouse had to stretch the neck open to fit over her head. It was a bit snug at the neck, so Cathenne asked, “Is it so tight around the neck for a reason, Mouse?”

Mouse answered, “O, I like it firm, and I have such a pencil neck, sorry.”

Cathenne grabbed Mouse’s shoulders, drew her in, and spoke, “I happen to like that pencil neck, thank you very much. So, stop being so humble or self-deprecating. Can’t you sense my feelings?”

Mouse questioned, “Y, yes, bu, but for me?”

Cathenne spoke, “Yes, for you, my ghost girlfriend. Now tell me. You have me in this shapeless tent dress, but I sense your excitement, and is that desire? What is it that you see?”

Mouse hung her head and spoke, “W, well, i, it is the, the, hints of your breast when, when you move, and, and your waist when you twist, well, your hips and knees too and, and it drives me to want to, want to, anything, something.” Cathenne took Mouse’s hand and walked to the mirror. The nightgown was too long, and it felt awkward.

Mouse explained, “Well, eh, I, wear, the heelless toe boots and then then it sort of flows around and, so, yes.”

Cathenne asked, “Like yours? Alright then, do you have a pair for me?”

Mouse stuttered again, “It, it, took me, me a month to get used to walking on, on, then.”

Cathenne thought about it, “You slept in your toe boots?”

Mouse answered, “Well, yes, yes, where else could I wear them.”

Once Cathenne put on the boots, she felt very wobbly. Mouse helped her walk to the mirror again, and she liked what she saw. Yes, Mouse was right. Slight movements hinted at an outline here and there. Cathenne embraced Mouse and complimented, “You have the soul of an artist. But frankly, Mouse, I am tired. Will you stay with me?”

Mouse asked, “Can we sleep here?” They could, and she could, and they did...

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