Ghost Love Story

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Returned from showering, Cathenne found Mouse trying to pick up her IgniteFire catsuits. Cathenne asked, “What are you doing, girlfriend?”

Mouse wore a stunning dark green latex catsuit with an open-faced hood. Over this, she had a tank-top, high-neck, loosely hooded tan latex swing dress showing off her long slender legs in tan ballet boots. She wore short tan gloves matching the boots and dress, and be it Mouse’s influence or Cathenne own feeling, and she thought it uber-sexy.

Surprised, Mouse stopped what she was doing, looked up, straightened, and considered Cathenne with a strange look on her face. Then, with a surprised smile, she pirouetted and confirmed, “You really feel that way about how I look? Oh, it’s just an old thing I had lying around. I always wanted to say that. I feel that you are cold, so let’s get you dressed. Oh, do you mind? I mean, I have, well, can I, ahh?”

Cathenne embraced Mouse and spoke, “I would love you to dress me any which way you want, girlfriend. Even in all that! Now, what were you doing a moment ago.”

Stretching the hood opening of a step-in all-covering black latex catsuit for Cathenne, Mouse explained, “I can interact with everything in my hidden room, or so I thought,” and she held it ready for Cathenne to step in. It was slippery and glided on over her legs smoothly. It felt tight but in a way that excited Cathenne, and Mouse stopped.

Insecurity radiated from Mouse, as she asked, “It, it, feels so good, but, but, do you, well, do you mind me doing it when I feel, that way? I mean, you never liked latex before, well, and now, well, because of me, you do.”

Cathenne questioned, “Does it matter? You are a ghost, and for me, this is like having sex. If you feel what I feel, then you will know if this is not good for me. In this, I trust you implicitly.”

Mouse lifted her head and, with a small smile, admitted, “Thank you, thank you, but are you sure, and, and...” “Mouse, I am cold!” encouraged Cathenne, and Mouse tried to lift her IgniteFire red catsuit and moved it off the bed.

Mouse was able to adjust the Ignite Fire hood to cover the black latex hood without Cathenne’s help and spoke, “You are still cold, Cathenne. Shall I get another IgniteFire suit?”

Cathenne suggested, “Perhaps we finish what we have and see? I need to go shopping later.”

The outer catsuit, with hood, feet, and gloves, was also a single entry, and it took them a while to dress Cathenne. Then Mouse spent a few minutes smoothing the latex over Cathenne’s body, adjusting, and touching, and fussing, and driving Cathenne crazy. Just once, Mouse looked at Cathenne insecurely, but something she saw in her eyes had her smile and continue.

Mouse asked, “Dress, jacket, romper, or what would you like over, Cathenne? Would you like me to wear something other than this latex tutu?”

Cathenne confirmed, “You are just perfect as you are, and I wish to be as you want me.”

Mouse returned with a pair of knee-high dark blue heelless ballet buts, matching sleeveless sheath over the knees dress, a pair of matching gloves, and a matching open face hood. She looked at Cathenne doubtfully. Cathenne, feeling Mouse’s doubt, hope, and naked desire, could do no other but laugh.

Cathenne took the gloves from Mouse and drew them on, admitting, “With the third latex layer over my hands, you will have to dress me into the rest.” Mouse was quite happy to comply, starting with the boots.

Walking with Cathenne to a mirror, Mouse felt uncertain. When Cathenne looked at herself, it was someone else. She knew she had a good body, and no matter what she ate, Cathenne kept her weight. That was her superpower and pissing people off.

The layers smoothed out Cathenne’s silhouette. She was all smooth, shiny curves, long legs with her high waist, small boobs, which she liked, and the hood showed off her neck. Cathenne never really appreciated her body before, so it must be Mouse’s influence that she thought she looked better than acceptable, even if her hips were wide. Cathenne embraced Mouse and kissed her on her hood.

Mouse blushed, which aroused Cathenne, and without thinking, she kissed Mouse on the lips, and they connected. Well, that settled it except, Cathenne was starving. Mouse confirmed, “Yes, I feel it too. Breakfast for two then. Any preferences, Cathenne?”

After the left-over brunch, drinking a cup of coffee, Cathenne opened, “We have to find this ass-hole who killed you, Mouse.”

Mouse exclaimed, “But why. We are together, and things are getting better, and as a ghost, I enjoy life more than when I was alive.”

Cathenne agreed, “Yes, for me too, but you know when we spoke about love before? Well, I now know I love you, Mouse. I struggled with this for a while, but then it was clear for me. Even if I lose you, Mouse, your well-being and soul are more important to me than mine. Something is holding you from moving on to your next life. But wait, before you argue, we need to think about the other girl, or even girls, still with him. He may be even getting more girls. I think you were not his first and not his last victim.”

Mouse sat on Cathenne’s lap, put her head on her shoulder, and remained silent. It was unclear to either of them when the confusion, fear, and insecurity turned to anger and determination, but it did. They both went on the web separately and researched ghost stories and reports. Figuring that none would be true, they looked for religious concepts. Conferring over dinner, they both came to similar conclusions.

Without Cathenne as her anchor, Mouse would become a spiritual vampire to anyone entering the house. She would be spiritually so hungry that she could hurt them no matter if she wanted or not. It was a bit like donating blood. A little every few months was fine, like now with Cathenne. But a year’s worth at once would be deadly.

Hurting people would gilt trip Mouse and degenerate her into a life-sucking wraith, craving life. The fear and pain she caused the people entering the house would transfer to her until she degenerated into emotions, fear, horror, loathing, without a personality. Ultimately, with the absence of people for food, she would merge with the house. It would become one of those creepy houses that no one wanted to enter. Only a total demolition or fire would end her existence.

There was no way around it. They had to resolve that which kept Mouse’s soul bound...

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