Suddenly Princess

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Mackenzie didn't know where her life was going, but a one night stand leads her to unexpected path. Now on her way to the Kingdom of Alia, she's prepared.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

I don’t know how it happened or why it happened but somethings in life are unexpected. I wouldn’t have it any other way, maybe it was the unconventional way but led me to a perfect life. The life I imagined as a little girl, the kind of life all girls want. Let me tell you how this all began

1 year ago

The diner was filled with people just getting off from work and wanting to spend time with their kids. My shift was almost up when a customer came in last minute asking if we had Apple Pie. I nodded handing him a slice, he was dressed all fancy and kept looking over his shoulder. “Can I get you anything else sir?” He looked up at me with his deep blue eyes and smiled, “Yes could you pretend to be my girlfriend? There’s this girl outside who won’t take no for an answer.” I laughed this wasn’t the first time someone asked me to be their fake girlfriend. “Yeah my shift is over anyway let me grab my jacket.” When I came back he was talking to some girl, “How come you keep dodging baby?” I slipped on my coat, and made my way to his side. “Thanks for waiting on me baby. We can go now.” The girl gave a dirty look before stomping out of the diner. “Kara I’m out see you tomorrow.” She nodded I walked out with the mysterious man. “So can I know the name of my fake girlfriend?” He said walking with me to my car, I smiled was I really going to tell this stranger my name I guess because I just blurted it out. “I’m Mackenzie.” He took my hand and kissed it, “I’m Alexi but most people call me Alex.” I don’t know what I was thinking maybe it was the moonlight but I couldn’t help myself, I kissed him. He pulled me close, and kissed me passionately. The tension between us was amazing, I didn’t want it to end. Neither did he so we made our way to his hotel room, when I woke up the next morning he was in the shower. I grabbed my clothes, and things I didn’t normally do this but I had work. I left my number for him just in case, I rushed home to change my clothes into fresh clothes and headed off to work. There were three men asking questions about some guy they were looking for, they approached me as I was clocking in. “Have you seen this man?” I looked at the picture it was Alex. I studied it for a little bit making them think I was remembering something. “No I haven’t not since he left with some girl last night. He was here for a little bit and order apple pie but that was it I’m sorry I hope you find him.” They nodded continuing questioning everyone in the diner. I walked up to grab the orders when Kara stopped me. “Why did you just lie to them? Don’t you know who they are?” I shook my head worried I just made a mistake. “They are the Royal Guards, the prince is missing. Prince Alexi the Second, and you went home with him.” How could he not tell me he was a prince. I just slept with the Prince and lied to the Royal Guards about it. I prayed that he wouldn't walk through the door and greet me as if we knew each other. Thank god he didn't I worked the whole shift without him showing up. I headed home and watched some tv when my show was interrupted with news about the Prince. "Prince Alexi has been found, apparently he spent the night with someone. Our sources say there was girl in his hotel room last night." Shit I just made his life worse, they don't know it's me but soon word will get out. "Our source caught a picture of the girl and Alexi together in the parking lot of the diner." I was on the news making out with the Prince, could this get any worse.

3 months later
How could I let this happen? What was I going to do? I haven't heard from Alex in three months, and in those three months I found out I was pregnant, I haven't slept with anyone since Alex. I googled him when I found out, I found the addresss to his Kingdom but I never went. He deserves to know about his child, so after my shift I packed a bag and drove to his Kingdom of Alia. It was so much bigger than the picture, guards stood everywhere. There was a ceremony going on I watched with the other people I could see Alex, I saw his face once he saw me in the crowd. "Princess Bethany welcomes her first child Princess Brooklyn Bethany Joy Garner." I waited down by the crowd until Alex came out the door, "Mackenzie what are you doing here?" He said pulling me aside. "I have something to tell you." He saw someone coming and pulled me behind some big bushes, "What is it?" I heard someone calling for him in the distance. "I'll tell you this quick you seem busy. I'm pregnant." He stepped back letting go of my hand. "And it's mine?" He questioned, he seemed more shocked than believing it wasn't his. "Ok come with me." He pulled me inside the castle with him, I didn't know what he was doing. "Alex what are we doing?" He continued pulling me into a room and closing the door. "You can't be pregnant we only did it that one time?" I crossed my arms, "That all it takes sometimes, it was a mistake coming here you're obviously busy with your royal life." He took my hand and pulled it to his chest, "Mackenzie no listen it's just my parents have been hounding me since I got back, come meet them we'll tell them the news." Meeting his parents the King and Queen Alia, I wasn't ready for that their son knocked me up that would ruin them. "Alex you realize if word gets out that I'm pregnant it would be a scandal I can't do that to your family." I watched his eyes light up which means he had an idea. "Marry me?" He asked just staring at me seriously, "What? Marry you I don't even know you that well."

"You are worried about a scandal, if the press asks we can tell them you are one of the suitors my parents picked out for me to marry. It's believable, we just need to convince my parents."

He actually wanted me to marry him, I didn't think it would come to this. How could I marry a man I just met? Yeah he's the father of my child but I don't love him, I thought about it before I gave him an answer. "Fine but you have to tell you parents first if they agree then I will marry you." He smiled touching my belly, "You hear that your mommy and daddy are going to be together." He was now excited about the baby, I know I didn't love him now but that doesn't mean I won't sometime down the road, he's going to be in my life for the next 18 years. He smiled, then pulled me aside so he could introduce me to his parents. I stood infront of the door that would soon result in my marriage hopefully. At least this way I know the scandal won't get out and my baby will have a good life. Alex went in first to warm them up, I heard them talking inside. "Mother I have some news, and before you say anything this is the best thing for everyone involved." He opened the door I stood behind I walked forward meeting him. "This is Mackenzie, she is the girl from the news a little while ago. There is a way we can fix this situation, she is going to pretend to be a suitor, and I will pick her to be my future queen. That way the word of scandal doesn't get out and I can raise my child in a safe and loving environment." Their faces shifted from neutral to shocked, "Yes she is carrying my child. I'll have Bethany help her get dressed and line her up with the other suitors tell them she is the newest the suitor who had family business hence why she wasn't here before. I will pick today." I was about to be future Queen of Alia before I became a mother, I knew this would be a good life for my baby, and I could eventually grow to love Alex. His parents agreed, and Alex walked me to greet Bethany who helped me get dressed into something more fancy. Once I was dressed, I lined up with the other suitors on the balcony, waiting for Prince Alexi to choose me. "Presenting their Royal Highnesses King Fredrick and Queen Ariana, and their children Princess Bethany, and Prince Alexi." Everyone bowed, Alex stepped forward. "Today I will be picking on of 8 suitors to be my queen when I am crowned King." He looked at the suitors then smiled at me. This was it this was the moment my future would change.

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