A Witch's Love

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Luna is struggling to adjust to her new life living with her aunt, her best friend's antics, a crush on the most popular boy in school, and the school's bully sudden interest in her all while learning how to become a witch. Things were complicated enough, but what happens when a love potion goes wrong? Will she be able to fix things in time? Will she even want to? Mark is the top of his class, the goalie for the lacrosse team, and one of the basketball team's stars, he's also extremely good looking, so why is it that he could have any girl except for the one he wants? That's right, it's because he is her bully. Mark finds himself drawn to Luna but can never act the way he wants to in front of her. When a love potion finds its way to him, will he fall under its effects or will he use as a way to get close to the one he loves?

Romance / Humor
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Gone for the Week

Isaac opened the back door to Luna's home. He found her aunt Phoebe in the kitchen flipping pancakes in the air like a pro chef.

"Oh, Isaac. I made a fresh batch of lemonade for you. It's the one with the white lid. Drink the blue one and you might sprout roots." Phoebe laughed while she flipped the pancake onto the plate. She sat the plate of stacked pancakes onto the center of the table.

"Thanks for the heads up." He made himself a mental note that the white lid equaled good and the blue lid equaled bad. She may have laughed her warning off but sprouting roots was a possibility if you drink the wrong thing in this household.

"My mom asked me how you kept your petunias so healthy and vibrant but gave me a patronizing stare when I told her it was magic. She acted like I was mocking her."

"That's how most normal mortals will react when you tell them about magic." He opened his mouth to testify but she gave him a playful stare. "You're the exception, my dear boy."

Looking good, Luna thought to herself. She stood in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She wore a simple admirable blue tee-shirt dress with black leggings. Her long, straight black hair cascaded down past her shoulders. She ruffled her bangs to give them a little more volume before placing the matching admirable blue headband onto her head.

After twirling around to make sure everything was in place, she grabbed her backpack and headed downstairs.

Isaac was already in the kitchen stuffing his face with aunt Phoebe's homemade pancakes. Upon seeing Luna, he whistled. "Nice."

"A special occasion?" Her aunt asked before turning to the sink to wash this morning's dishes before they could pile up.

"No...Nothing special." She sat down at the table, lowering her head to hide the blush that was creeping across her face.

Isaac slammed his fork against the table. He had that 'I had an epiphany' look on his face. "We have joined classes today. I should've known that the only reason you would wear a dress would be for Adam."

"Shirtdress." She corrected him. "And he is not the only reason I would wear one. I wore one to homecoming."

"Only to impress him. Which was a total failure."

Aunt Phoebe sat a glass of milk in front of her. Mischief shown through her brown eyes as she winked at Isaac. "Are we talking about that Adam? The captain of the lacrosse team?" At Isaac's nod, she wrapped her arms around herself. "That boy looks good enough to eat. Makes me wish I was back in high school." She took a seat next to Luna and poured some strawberry jam onto a plate of pancakes. "On second thought, I could just wait till next year, when you all will be entering college."

Luna groaned. She loved her aunt but she could go overboard with her teasing sometimes. She shoved the bites of pancakes into her mouth, ready to be at school.

Even though she was embarrassed by her aunt, she had to admit that her words hit pretty close to the truth. Adam was really the only reason that she looked forward to school, well for today anyway.

She actually happened to like school. So much so, that she had the highest GPA out of all of the students. Yeah, she was what some would consider a nerd.

"You know I love you aunt Phoebe, but hands off." She was only half teasing.

Her aunt laughed. "He is cute and all but a little young. I might settle for that teacher of yours."

"Oh, my." Isaac fanned himself. "Mr. Traskey is hot. And my parents don't understand why I'm failing chemistry."

Mr. Traskey was the new chemistry teacher this year. He was a really good teacher and Luna looked forward to his classes. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for her best friend and most of the student body. Oh, they looked forward to his class, they just weren’t there to learn.

Luna couldn't see why everyone made a big deal out of his looks but that was probably due to the fact that she only had eyes for Adam.

She stood up and took her plate over to the sink. "We're going to be late." She told her best friend, trying to bring her aunt and him out of their fangirling.

Isaac sighed then slammed the last bite of his food into his mouth. "Oh yeah, my mom said I could stay over while you're gone. Though, she doesn't actually know that you're leaving." He told aunt Phoebe.

"That's great. Even though I really wish you wouldn't lie to your parents, dear." Aunt Phoebe tisked at him.

Isaac had the bad habit of lying to his parents. Luna didn't really approve of it but she understood that it was sometimes needed. Mrs. Entousky could be really suffocating sometimes.

"What time does your flight leave?" She asked as she kissed her aunt goodbye.

"Three. You two better behave for the week." She gave both Luna and Isaac a hug. "I have a list of spells and potions for you to work on, and;" She pointed a finger at Isaac. "You don't go trying anything. If you're not sure what it is, then ask Luna."

Isaac saluted. "Yes, ma'am."

"Have fun at school today." Aunt Phoebe waved goodbye to them as they rushed out the back door.

. . . . .

Luna sat at the lunch table playing with her food while she waited for Isaac. Twirling spaghetti around the prongs of her fork she sighed. She was feeling angsty for the day to end. Well, not the whole day, just the school part.

Days like today showed just how much more love for Adam she had then for school. Today after classes ended was lacrosse practice. Adam was the captain and the star attacker.

Luna loved watching him play. He always became so focused and determined when he was out in the field. He also looked really good out there running around.

"Wipe the drool up that you're getting everywhere."

Luna looked down at the table having fallen for Isaac's joke. "That's not funny and why would I even be drooling?"

Isaac placed his tray on the table and plopped down beside her. "You had that blank yet starving look on your face that you get every time that Adam is around. You were daydreaming about him again." He waved his fork in her face, knowing her all too well.

Luna sighed and took a bite of her spaghetti. It was really just noodles since the school did not provide meatless sauce. "I can't help it if he looks tastier than the school's lunch."

"Who knows, he probably is."

Luna felt her cheeks heat up at his words. "Why do you have to say stuff like that. You're supposed to be innocent like me."

"Just because I'm innocent doesn't mean I want to be. There just isn't anyone out there who can handle all this." He waved his hand up and down his body in a diva-like manner while wiggling his eyebrows.

Luna laughed at his theatrics. "I think you mean that you're too picky."

"Ha. Says the girl that has literally liked the same guy since preschool."

Luna pushed her tray away, not really in the mood to pretend that the stuff was edible. "I miss when food here actually tasted good." She sighed wistfully.

"Blame the school system and the government. I know I do." He waved his fork in the air, a noodle hanging in between the prongs.

"Okay, so who do you blame for you being late?" She teased.

He sat the fork down onto the plate then turned a wide grin on her. His hazel eyes shone brightly with enthusiasm. "I was solving a problem for the lacrosse team." Luna raised a disbelieving eyebrow. She was pretty sure that no one on the lacrosse team needed his help, except maybe with homework and he wasn't the best person to go to for that kind of problem.

He leaned in close to her and whispered in a conspiratorial way. "They needed a place to throw tonight's after practice party. I told Carl to tell them to have it at your place."

"You did what!" Oh, no. This could not be happening. Her aunt literally just left for the airport. There was no way she was going to let a party happen. "No." She bit out. She was frustrated with him for pulling something like this. "Not happening. Call it off."

"What, I thought you would be excited? It's your chance to get close to Adam." He pleaded with her.

She shook her head at him, telling him that she was the opposite of excited. She wasn't going to break her aunt's trust like that. Her mouth dropped open when she realized a bigger problem. One much more serious than a forbidden party. "Witches."

"What?" Isaac asked in confusion, not following why her bloodline came into play.

"The house is filled with magical potions. That's not the kind of place to hold a high school party or any party for that matter. What if someone drinks a truth potion or a growth potion that’s for plants?"

Isaac's face fell as the implications hit him. He knew better than anyone the dangers of potions after mistaking the weed potion for bubble bath, he literally turned green from head to toe. He only returned to his normal color when her aunt cast the cleanse-all reversal spell. It was a quick and easy spell that was meant to be used when people accidently got a hold of a potion.

He jumped up from his seat. "I have to cancel it."

"Cancel what?" They turned to face the newcomer. Standing at a tall six foot four with a bronze tan was none other than Adam. The skin around his eyes crinkled when he flashed her a smile. "Looking forward to tonight, moon girl."

"It...it's...Lu...Luna." She called to his retreating form. He knew her name! Well, close enough.

She turned to face Isaac with new determination. "Skip practice. We have to go home and hide all the potions."

"Wait, we're having the party?" At her vigorous nod, he sat down.

After school, they'll run home and hide everything. They'll also have to make a trip to the store to get drinks and snacks. This might just work.

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