A Witch's Love

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The Party

Luna rushed into the house with Isaac in tow. "I'll pack everything up while you go to the store."

"What should I get?"

Luna shrugged. How was she supposed to know, she had never been to a party before, much less thrown one. "Chips, one of those veggie trays, oh and alcohol." Oh God, she can't believe she just said that.

"I can't believe you just said that. Wait, how am I supposed to buy alcohol? I'm definitely not of legal age."

"I got you covered, but first." She went into the kitchen and grabbed the envelope her aunt had left on the table. In it was cash for emergencies and groceries. She handed it to him. "Use this to buy everything."

Luna motioned him to follow her up the stairs. In her aunt's bedroom hidden in a safe in the closet were passports and IDs. Aunt Phoebe liked to be prepared in case someone ever found out they were witches and they needed to escape. Her aunt watched way too many documentaries on the Salem witch trials.

She took out an ID and handed it to Isaac. "This will help you with the alcohol."

He held the ID up beside his face. "I don't think I can pass for Patty from Iowa."

"It's magic. All you have to do is say 'I am Patty,' and a glamour will change your appearance to look like the photo while the ID is in your possession." She informed him. He really should have known better.

"Really! That's so cool. I am Patty." He looked down at himself, his smile faltering when his appearance didn't change. "Is it broken?"

Luna shook her head. She had felt a rush of magic flow from the card and cover Isaac's body even though she couldn't see it. "It worked."

Isaac left after that, taking her car into town. While he was gone she got busy. Starting with the kitchen she removed any of the magic items that people might accidentally use.

She grabbed the cooler from the storage room and started packing things from the fridge into it. After it was filled with the cold potions she opened the freezer to fill it with ice. Grabbing the ice cube tray that her aunt invented she dropped the ice cubes into the cooler. She didn't completely understand the science that was behind the magic but she knew that the tray was able to grab onto a water molecule from inside the freezer then multiply it by a thousand until an ice cube formed. There was no need to feel it with water and the reaction was instantaneous. It just needed a water molecule, the ice tray, and temperatures below freezing.

Once everything on the first floor was moved into the storage room she magically locked it and moved on to the upstairs. She magically locked her room and her aunt's. No one can enter the rooms, the only ones with access are her and Isaac.

She moved onto the bathroom. Gathering everything into her arms she deposited them into the guest room in one trip. Making sure to close and lock the door, she headed downstairs. Isaac pulled into the driveway a few minutes later. She walked down the steps to the car. "Need any help?"

Isaac jumped at the sound of her voice. "Don't sneak up on me!" He breathlessly screeched.

Luna held her hands up in front of her. "Sorry. I didn't mean to." She apologized.

"Whatever." He leaned into the backseat and pulled out some bags and a case of beer. "Can you grab the other one?" She did as he asked and followed him after closing the car door. They deposited everything onto the kitchen counter and put one of the cases of beer into the fridge while leaving the other one out.

"What time is this thing supposed to start?"

"Whenever practice is over." He glanced at his phone and grimaced. "Which was over twenty minutes ago."

There was a loud knock on the front door. She nervously grinned at Isaac as she went to let the guests in. "Looks like we finished just in time."

. . . . .

Luna was leaning against the wall of the hallway upstairs trying to catch her breath. Music blared throughout the house. How had she let Isaac talk her into this?

Inhaling a deep breath, she brushed the hair out of her face. She couldn't stay up there hiding forever, plus she wanted to see Adam.


He was downstairs talking or maybe even dancing. Maybe she could even dance with-nope. With her nerves and the fact that she didn't know how to dance, it was probably safer to just talk to him.

With a newfound determination and a goal in sight, well, a person, she pushed herself off of the wall. Slowly, she made her way down the steps. The living room was packed with drunken writhing bodies. It was way more than the twenty people who were supposed to be there. And to top it all off, someone brought their own beer, three cases of it in fact.

She found Isaac sitting on the bottom staircase. "I figured you would have joined them by now." She teased him.

He scooted over to make room for her. "No one here wants to talk to me or dance with me." He sighed. "It sucks."

Luna felt eyes on them. Simon, a boy in her history class, was staring at them. He stood by the couch with a sea of bodies between them.

"Did you ask Simon?" She patted Isaac's shoulder and pointed to where the boy stood. "Not sure why he's here. I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about parties as I do."

Isaac shook his head. "I didn't even notice him. He looks a little out of place. I'll go cheer him up with my presence." Luna laughed. Before he left he leaned down close to her ear. Was it her imagination or did Simon's face darkened? "I saw Adam heading toward the kitchen."

"Thanks." She sat there for a few moments before she got up. She looked over to where Isaac was and saw that he had Simon laughing at something. Shaking her head, she headed for the kitchen.

A tall figure blocked her way. "Excuse me." She tried to pass by them. The person grabbed onto her arm, stopping her in her tracks. She looked up to find the scowling face of Mark. She tried to pull her arm free but Mark's grip on it was ironclad. "Let go." She growled.

He leaned down, his face just inches from her. "Where do you think you're going?" His breath fanned across her face as he growled the question. His dark brown eyes looked into hers for a second before he looked away. A smirk curled the edges of his lips. "Following Adam like a lost puppy, why else would you throw a party." His harsh words a bitter teasement.

She hardened her stare and glared at him. "It's none of your business Kwon." She addressed him by his last name. They weren't close enough for her to call him by his first name nor did she want to be.

His eyes met hers for a moment, something flickering deep within their depths. With a growl, he released her arm. Without wasting a second or giving him the chance to change his mind she marched past him.

Something cold poured onto her, covering her hair, splashing onto her dress, and dripping onto the floor. The strong, bitter smell of alcohol burned her eyes and nose. "What the hell!" She whispered deathly quiet. Anger seethed through her. She turned to face Mark, the red cup that was in his hand now empty.

"What the hell?" She growled again. She turned a dagger-like stare onto him. What did she ever do to him to deserve this?

"Oops." His stare roamed up and down her body. "Looks like that pretty dress of yours might stain."

"What the hell Mark!" Isaac pushed past the writhing bodies, only a couple of people watching as the scene played out. As soon as her best friend was by her side, she felt the anger evaporate. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes. Mark's contorted features softened for a fraction of a second.

Luna gave Isaac's hand a quick squeeze before she pushed past Mark and headed for the stairs. Once inside her room, she leaned her back against the door and let all her tears out.

Why did Mark treat her like that? This entire school year he had been nothing but a jerk to her. He had spoken some harsh words to her in the past but nothing like tonight.

Once the tears dried out she grabbed a change of clothes and headed for the shower. After she was satisfied that she no longer reeked of alcohol, she got out and changed.

When she entered downstairs, she found that everyone had left. Isaac was in the kitchen cleaning up. He informed her that Mark had forcibly made everyone leave by telling them that the after party had moved to his house. She was glad that everyone had left, she just hated that it was Mark who had helped her out, even though he had probably spared no thoughts to her and just wanted a change in venue. It just sucked that she didn't get to see Adam.


When Mark arrived at the Ravenwood’s, he found that the news circling through the lacrosse team was correct. There was in fact a party going on and Luna was hosting it.

He entered through the front door. Music blared from the surround system and the smell of alcohol filled the place. Why was miss goody two shoes throwing this kind of party?

A hand slapped him on the back. "Mark, my man, you made it." The drunken slur of Adam's voice rang in his ears, somehow audible over the music. That answered his earlier question. Whereever Adam was, Luna wasn't far behind. What did she see in this idiot?

Adam held up a red plastic cup. "For you man."

Mark didn't need to sniff it to know what it was. He shoved it in Adam's chest. "Don't want it."

Adam shot his hands up in front of him and shook his head. "Keep it. You deserve it." He stumbled away leaving Mark to himself.

His eyes scanned the room but the black haired girl with skin the color of moonlight was nowhere to be found. However, he did find her best friend hunched over on the bottom step of the staircase. As he walked by, the boy tried to start a conversation with him. Mark shot him a glare watching as Isaac backed down, looking at the room wistfully.

He made his way to the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks. Adam was there bent over some girl. Her back was slammed up against the counter. She giggled when Adam started kissing her neck.

Mark backed up and turned around. Hair as black as night brushed passed him. He moved so that he was in front of her. "Excuse me." Her voice was feather light but loud enough to be heard over the music. He grabbed a hold of Luna's elbow stopping her in her tracks. She looked up at him, confusion written all over her features. When she saw that it was him, the confusion twisted into a scowl.

Even with her features turned into a scowl and impossibly silver eyes hard she still looked like a goody two shoes. "Let go." Her voice was lowered into a growl. She jerked her arm, trying to pull it out of his grasp. She was stronger than he thought. He increased his strength, careful not to hurt her.

He leaned down close to her. His heart rate accelerated with her being so close to him. "Where do you think you're going?" It was a rhetorical question. He knew she was heading to the kitchen to find Adam. There was no way he was going to let that happen. He knew it would crush her if she saw the person she was crushing on with another girl.

He forced a smirk to his lips. "Following Adam like a lost puppy, why else would you throw a party." His words were harsher than he meant them to be.

Her silver eyes flashed before they hardened. "It's none of your business Kwon." Ouch. She had used his last name and to top it off she made it sound like it was a curse word.

She hated him, she actually hated him. That was the only reason why she would call him by his last name. With a growl, he released his hold on her. Even if there was a small chance that she didn't hate him, she would after tonight. There was no way in hell he was letting her enter that kitchen.

He glanced down at his hand. He still had that cup that Adam had given him earlier. Before he could stop himself, he emptied the contents of the cup onto her.

"What the hell!" Luna's voice was a deadly whisper. She turned and faced him. "What the hell?" She snarled a bit louder.

Her hair was soaked. The beer dribbled off the ends and landed on her dress. The dark blue material was now splattered with black dots. "Oops, looks like that pretty dress of yours might stain." The dress was pretty and it looked really good on her. Too bad he just ruined it.

"What the hell Mark!" Her little sidekick appeared beside her. It was like a dam had burst open with his appearance. Luna looked up with tears pulling in the corners of her eyes. His heart fluttered then sunk as it began to feel heavy. She blinked several times real fast before bolting past him and up the stairs.

Her little sidekick raised a finger at his chest. Mark swatted it away and went into the kitchen. He threw the now empty cup away and grabbed Adam by the back of the shirt. "What the..."

"Parties over." He cut him off. He stormed out of the kitchen dragging Adam behind him. Marching up to the surround system he turned it off. There were some complaints as people looked at him in anger. "Party at my place!" He shouted into the crowd. Oh, he really did not want a party at his place but he wasn't going to leave them there and that was the only way to get them out.

He stood in front of the fireplace still holding onto Adam as he waited until everyone had shuffled outside. When the last person left he shoved Adam in front of him and pushed him out the door.

Adam threw his fists into the air. "Woo-hoo! The party continues."

"Not for you." Mark slammed the drunken boy into the car before slamming the door. He was going to take the idiot home and if he was lucky enough the others would grow bored and leave his place before he would get there.

Before he got into the car, he spared one last glance toward the house. The light in Luna's room was on. He will figure out how to deal with that problem tomorrow.

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